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What we offer is simple, 25% commision on all sales that are made through your affiliate link with Cremation Ink ®

With tattoos now being such a common aspect of everyday life, its a great time to incorporate the affiliate program by Cremation Ink ® into your revenue income structure.

Expanding Your Revenue Income with Cremation Ink ®

Cremation Ink ® holds over 16 different tattoo ink colours for the client to choose from and in so, the ability to expand the clients order to enhance the commision return is easy to see. Add on the other family members who may also want to either use the ashes infused ink to rework an old tattoo design or have a brand new one to commermorate their lost loved one, this brings an expandable commision structure per client.

The client, once they receive their ashes infused tattoo ink, can then go to their local tattoo studio of choice to get their memorial tattoo done using our high quality tattoo inks.

Very High Quality Ashes Infused Tattoo Inks

How It Works

Join up to our affiliate program and input the requested information so we can setup our commission payment structure for you and also set you up with your affiliate link.

For each bottle of ink, the client has ordered, retain a tablespoon worth of ashes for our lab to work with to make the ashes infused tattoo ink.

When you make an order, use your affiliate link to access the shop and select the clients chosen ink colours. Add your shipping address for us to send the packet to, to get the ashes to us in a safe manner and also in the Notes section, add the clients desired return address for the excess unused ashes and their ashes infused tattoo ink to be returned to.

The client may ask you to have it sent back to you or to their own home address, adding this information to the Notes section, means we

can full accommodate the clients wishes.

Once you have made payment, we will send out to you a packet to get the ashes to us in a safe manner. Send it back with the client’s ashes in and we will then process and do everything to the ashes to make sure the client has a safe and high-quality tattoo, when using our ashes infused tattoo


Turnaround time from ordering is up to two weeks on getting them back to you, depending on the works load of the lab.

Every month our software calculates your commission and your paid, either via stripe or paypal, you get to choose how you receive your commissions.

Your reputation is based on offering your client the best.

At Cremation Ink ® we have worked in this bespoke industry for many years and with our service being so well received on a global scale, we have now decided to offer our services through our ever growing affiliate program.

As we are at the apex of this industry and respected by some of the top tattooist globally, so you can feel confident that your client is getting the very best service applicable within this field.

Joining our affiliate program is simple, just press the button below and fill out your details. You will get assigned an affiliate code URL - just put that in the search bar when you order and the commission will be placed on your affiliate account.

We Are Here To Support You Every Step Of The Way

We have a dedicated affiliates manager, who is always there for you to support your affiliate campaigns, requests for more advertising and so much more.

All queries will be answered within a working day model if possible.

We are there to help you with creating and maintaining a successful revenue stream. Your success is our success.

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