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Ashes Tattoo

Ashes tattoo guide by Cremation Ink ®

Ashes Tattoo - Getting A tattoo With Cremation Ash In The Ink.

Getting a tattoo with cremation ashes infused in the tattoo ink, can be a meaningful way to remember a loved one who has passed away. Ashes tattoos are becoming increasingly popular and a lot more accessible with the services from Cremation Ink ® and also as people find more creative ways to memorialize their loved ones.

Unlike traditional tattoos, an ashes tattoo is made with a small amount of cremated remains infused into the high-quality tattoo ink, allowing you to carry a piece of your loved one with you for the rest of your life.

When considering an ashes tattoo, it is important to think carefully about the actual design. This is a permanent way to commemorate a loved one, so you should choose something that will be meaningful and special to you. You can opt for a traditional tattoo design, or you can get your local tattoo artist to create a custom design to represent the unique relationship you shared with your loved one. The world of tattoo design is endless with incredibly talented artists all around the world using Cremation Ink ®

Once you have chosen a design, book yourself in with your chosen tattoo artist and then they can open your Cremation Ink ® and once setup, create your given design to memorialize your loved one and with the ashes infused into the tattoo ink, your loved one will be with for all time.

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The Ultimate Memorial Tattoo To Honor Your Lost Loved One

Theres no denying, a memorial tattoo is a beautiful way to honor the life and memory of a lost loved one. It is a lasting tribute that can help to keep their memory alive, and can provide comfort to those who are grieving. The ultimate memorial tattoo is one that is designed specifically to represent that person. It should be something that symbolizes their life, their personality, or their relationship with you. It could be a tribute to a hobby they enjoyed, a quote they often said, or a symbol that reminds you of them. Some people choose to have a portrait of their loved one inked onto their body.

Other people prefer to have something more abstract, such as a heart, a flower, or a cross. No matter what design you choose, it is important to find a tattoo artist that you trust and feel comfortable with. Take your time to research and find someone who has experience with tattooing and a strong portfolio. We get photos from our global clients on a regular basis and the difference in design aspects is across the board, so really your only limit is your imagination. Also with the fact Cremation Ink ® is not just available in solely black or white, but a full color palette, this gives you the ability to make whatever tattoo design you think of come to fruition.

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Ashes In Tattoo Ink

Just placing ashes in tattoo ink with your local artist is the main reason why some people frown on an ashes tattoo. There is a plethora of reasons why just placing ashes straight into a tattoo ink pot is such a bad idea and the reason why so many tattoo studios around the globe, who have their client’s safety and pride in their tattoo work utilize the experience and skills of Cremation Ink ®.

On other pages we expand on the issues faced with low standard tattoo studios just placing cremains into an ink pot and telling you, 'Don’t worry, you'll be fine'. You won’t be, any studio that does not implement a professional third party with experience in tattoo pigment, and ashes safety protocols as well as ashes infusion, sterility, molecular matching and so much more, is solely looking after themselves and putting your health, safety and more as a dangerously low priority. You deserve the best, as did your loved one, so use the best.

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Cremation Ink ® - The Safest And Easiest Way To Get A Tattoo With Ashes In.

At Cremation Ink, we give you the ability to get your loved one’s ashes infused into very high-quality tattooing ink, thats is safe and has undergone a multitude of processes and protocols to make sure your getting the best possible service and also as Cremation Ink is setup by long term tattooists, we know exactly what your tattooist will love to work with. The ashes-infused ink, is light fast (doesnt fade over time), bright and the tattooist can use all their experience and techniques to create you your ultimate memorial tattoo.

Linings, shading, as well as solid packing, the infused inks are easy to use and go into the skin without excess trauma. With the tattoo healing exactly the same as a standard tattoo, it’s easy to see why we keep getting recommended by high quality tattoo studios to their clients. Either you can receive the ink or we can forward the ink direct to your chosen tattoo studio. Quality and experience counts when it comes to all aspects of getting a safe and no-fuss ashes-infused tattoo ink and thats why Cremation Ink is globally recognized as being at the apex of the industry.

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Help With Some Of The Common Questions Online About Getting A Tattoo using Ash-Infused Ink.

Having such a large presence online, we notice that there are questions that keep popping up that never seem to be answered. So, the easiest solution is for use to give you our help and advice on certain aspects of both tattoo ink infused with cremation ashes and also cremation tattoos as a whole.

Having been involved in this very bespoke industry for over 15 years, we can make sure you understand everything, so that if you’re considering and ashes tattoo, then Cremation Ink ® is the best choice, where ever you are based in the world.

Let’s start with some of the simple ones first.

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What Are Cremation Ashes Tattoos?

Cremation ashes tattoos, or ashes tattoos, are a unique way to memorialize a loved one. This type of tattoo uses ash from the cremated remains of a person to infuse into the ink used for a regular tattoo. Once the ash has been turned into an ink with the help of Cremation Ink ®, it is then used just like any other kind of regular tattoo ink to create a tattoo of your choosing to memorialize your loved one.

Cremation ash tattoos are becoming increasingly popular, now that they have the inherent safety and expertise of using a professional service to get their ashes tattoo ink formulated. As more and more people seek out ways to honor their loved ones, ashes tattoos are becoming more and more popular. Really, if you think about it, its rea such a meaningful and beautiful way to remember someone, it’s no wonder why getting a cremation ashes tattoo is now so sought after.

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What’s a Tattoo With Cremation Ashes ?

Years ago, a tattoo with cremations ashes in them, was seen as such a bad idea due to the issues the cremation ashes tattoos faced when done at your regular tattoo studio. Without the processing and treatment of the residual remnants still held in the ashes, with also the fact that a crematorium does not keep sterility in mind, then years ago theres was always issues with ashes tattoos and in such they had a bad press.

Also, with the fact that ashes placed in the ink would sink to the bottom, really you would only ever get the bad residual remnants that would disperse in the ink through the micro wicking effect of the ashes being placed in the ink. If the tattooist could get the mud like ink into the tattoo machine, the design was limited and the after effects of the tattoo was always large scabbing, health impacts to the client and eventual rejection, with a lot of times a very unsightly scar replacing what you so once treasured.

This is why Cremation Ink ® is changing both the image and professionalism of getting an ashes tattoo. They are now safe and carry no health concerns. Your tattooist can use all their ability, no longer limited by the quality of the ink and be safe in the knowledge that by using a professional service, they are both protecting their work and standing in the industry, putting their client’s safety paramount, exactly as nay professional tattoo artist would do.

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What To Do With The Cremated Remains Of My Loved One ?

When your loved one departs, there is always a deep sense of regret, grief and a multitude of emotions wrapped up with the loss of your loved one. There is a completely understood desire to keep them close to you. The issue is what to do with the ashes to memorialize them. There is a lot of options in today modern ecommerce world, from having some encased in a ring, or other jewelry, made into wine, (that really is an option), diamonds, fireworks, vinyl records, really the world is your oyster, but what if something happened and you lost the ashes or you did feel that the connect was reestablished by jewelry or in a vinyl record.

Thats why people have immersed themselves in ashes tattoos, now that the services of Cremation Ink ® have made the process safe and with no limitations on the abilities for tattoo designs.

The simple truth is you will never get any more personal with the one you lost, than having a part of they added to your skin and you will never lose or forget them, with them being with you 24 hrs. a day for the rest of your life and beyond.

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What Are the Pros and Cons of Tattoos With Ashes ?

If done the right way, there is no real 'con' towards an ashes tattoo. Getting the ashes of your loved one infused into tattoo ink by Cremation ink ® and then getting your tattoo design done by a reputable tattoo artist avoids any of the possible negative connotation that could be associated with your ashes tattoo. With our service of putting cremated ashes into tattoo ink, means your safe and your tattoo will be exactly like what is capable with the normal tattoo ink available to your local tattoo artist.

The 'Pro' aspect of having a tattoo done with your loved one’s ashes infused into them, is they will be with you forever. Always close and nearby. There are many things you can buy in the world, but an ashes tattoo is the only thing you can guarantee to buried in yourself.

The famous peat bodies found thousands of years on after death, still bear the tattoos they had all those thousands of years ago, so whilst it may seem a fair statement to make, you will take your love for your loved one with to the grave and beyond.

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What Are Some Memorial Tattoo Ideas?

This is a hard question to answer as you know everything about your lost loved one. Some of the common ideas we see are signatures take from old credit cards or seasonal cards. Some people choose to gather a lot of written documents scan them and create a message, maybe their favorite lyrics, from a collection of cut and paste words they wrote. Very personalized and very thoughtful. Some replicate their lost loved one’s own tattoos adding poignant dates or words to add to the design.

For dog ashes tattoos, as another example, its quite common for the local pet crematorium to be open to the request for a pawprint from there lost BFF. Scanned to protect the integrity of the original pawprint, the tattoo artist can then replicate this print onto you. With the feedback of images coming into Cremation Ink ®, we can assure you that our client use the ink to explore all the tattoo design aspects in creating their own memorial tattoo designs.

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Cremation Tattoos: What Are They ?

Simply put they are the only way to keep your lost loved on with you 24hrs a day for the rest of your life. You lost them once, but with an ashes tattoo using Cremation Ink ®, you will never lose that part of them again. They help to heal and are a step in the healing process of grief. You will never 'get over' the loss of a loved one, to be honest 99% of people who think you just get over grief, have never truly experienced the deep bond and connection associated with this level of loss.

Whilst Cremation Ink ® is an ashes-infused tattoo ink, it’s a lot deeper for a lot of our clients than that. An ashes tattoo can be a very powerful experience, bringing two loved ones back together, both physically and mentally and connecting them two broken hearts back together again, forever.

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Why Are Cremation Tattoos Becoming More Popular ?

The simple reason for people who get tattoos with cremation ashes infused and mixed into the ink is due to Cremation Ink ® and the global coverage we have had with our bespoke service. After the main team who setup Cremation Ink ®, from Bubblegum Ink in the Uk started to perfect and standardize the strict qualities and protocols in our ashes tattoo services, the media caught attention of it and started to write articles on the service and the bespoke nature of ashes tattoos.

After setting up Cremation Ink ® bringing our service to wider global population, as well as media attention, tattoo artists around the globe recommend us to their clients. The beauty of the service we provide for you at Cremation Ink ®, is not only aimed at making sure you have a safe and professional ashes infused tattoo ink that you can use with your local tattoo artist, it’s that Cremation Ink ® produces very high-quality ashes infused tattoo ink which your tattooist loves. We have some of the most talented and respected tattoo artists in the world using our products, so you know you’re getting the best service that can be provided, especially considering how affordable a bottle of Cremation Ink ® is.

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Why Do Some People Want To Get Cremation Ash Tattoos?

Some people want ash tattoos as a way to memorialize and honor their loved one who has passed away. A cremation tattoo is created using a small amount of cremation ash, which is infused with the tattoo ink before being applied to the skin. The preparation of the ashes and the tattoo ink is provided by a third-party service provider, Cremation Ink ®, to conform to health and safety and also legal aspects associated with getting a memorial tattoo.

This type of memorial tattoo is becoming increasingly popular with the introduction of the service provided by Cremation ink ® and more and more people are opting for this type of permanent tribute to commemorate their loved one. Overall, ash tattoos are an increasingly popular option for those looking for a unique way to remember their loved one while still paying homage by getting a regular tattoo.

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Tattooing With Ashes: How Does It Work Exactly ?

When you have decided to get your tattoos done with cremation ashes, go online to our store and choose your chosen tattoo color. We offer a full set of primary colors, meaning your tattooist can mix and formulate every color of the rainbow if the tattoo design warrants it. Once ordered, we send out a kit to the cremation ashes of your loved one to us in safe manner. When we receive your order one of technicians will solely work with them through the whole process.

Simplifying the process, although it is explained in more details on this site..... The Process, we reduce them to a very fine consistency, clean them and sterilize them between processes, till we get an inert ash, which then runs through another process to smooth the particles, making them appropriate towards implementation into the skin. We then match the particle size of the ash toward our own high quality tattoo pigment, creating an ashes-infused tattoo ink which your tattooist can use, exactly the same as regular ink. There are other processes involved as well as processes dedicated to the lifespan of the ink and preservation of the suspension etc.

This is then sent back to you, including and ashes you sent that were not used in the process and as your cremation ashes have already bee professionally cleaned etc., then your chosen experienced artist can work their magic to create you your unique memorial tattoo, carrying with you forever the ashes of a loved one. An amazing way to pay tribute to your lost beloved.

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How Much Does It Cost To Get A Commemorative Tattoo With Ashes?

Cremation Ink ® is surprisingly affordable, considering the investment involved and the ongoing fees in our postal services, where we always, where ever you are in the world, ensure we use the best special postal service to ensure you are always able to track your order to your front door, every step of the way. The other cost involved is all dependent on your tattoo artist. Trying to guess the cost of your chosen ashes tattoo design is hard as every tattoo artist charges different prices.

If you’re considering getting a tattoo done thats small, then this should easily cost under $100 and the pricing moves up dependent on size, placement and the fine detail involved in the tattoo. Check out your chosen tattoo artist's portfolio, some work only with black ink and some work with every color of the rainbow.

Match your design to the chosen artist’s portfolio and then make sure to go into the studio to book in. A positive vibe is always a benefit towards getting your commemorative tattoo, a studio with moody staff and a sulky attitude and environment, will not really be the environment you want, when having such a meaningful tattoo done.

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How Does Getting a Tattoo With Cremains Work?

Simplified into a list, this is probably best practice for getting a tattoo with cremains:

·        Get ashes back.

·        Look at tattoo designs

·        Decide on colors

·        Go to

·        Use the online shop to order colors

·        Kit to get the ashes to us arrives

·        Put no less than a tablespoon worth of ashes in the kit

·        Send back to us via the postal service

·        Look for local artists

·        Talk to your chosen artist about your design

·        Book in with artist

·        Ashes infused ink arrives back to you

·        Go to your tattoo appointment

·        Don’t forget to take the ink

·        Get memorial tattoo done

·        Follow artists given healing advice

·        You now have your loved with you forever.

One of the most endearing ways to remember your loved one.

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How Can You Find a Tattoo Artist That Tattoos With Cremains?

Thats the beauty of the service we provide. You are no longer restricted to a tattoo artist who did it many years ago, with little success or a frown from an artist at the idea, even though you love, that particular artists portfolio. Now with the service from Cremation Ink ®, your chosen artist is safe in the knowledge that the ashes and implementation into tattoo ink have been done in a professional manner, removing all concerns from them with regards to any issues that could arise.

Thats why Cremation Ink ® is used by some of the world’s leading tattoo artists around the world. We very commonly have tattoo artist direct clients to our services. For the artist, they know the ink we produce is very high quality, easy to use and goes in the skin really easily. With no issues out of the normal healing parameters for a standard tattoo, they can be assured that the tattoo is something both you and the tattoo artist will be proud of.

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How Is The Tattooing Process Different From Getting A Normal Tattoo ?

There is no difference at all with the process for the tattooing, when it comes time to apply a cremation tattoo. Tattoo artists offer a skill set and will proudly show off their portfolio of healed work. This is the key to a good tattoo artist, make sure you see photos of work that has healed and is not freshly done. That way you can see the end result and get a better idea of their capabilities. A good indicator is to look over the staff themselves. It very common for a tattoo artist to tattoo their staff if an appointment fails to show up. By looking over the staffs tattoos youll get a much better indicator of how the tattoos heal.

For the tattoo artist, they are not moving out of any boundaries with regards to the tattoo ink, as when formulated correctly by Cremation Ink ®, the tattoo ink will act and perform exactly the same as other high-quality ink.

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How Much Does A Cremation Tattoo Cost?

A tattoo with ash-infused ink should cost you no because it’s a memorial tattoo, as our service is there to prepare the ink, mix the ashes and do everything necessary to put your loved one’s ashes into the ink in a safe, professional manner in a sterile environment. This completely removes the possible extra costing associated with a memorial tattoo.

If you’re interested in getting a tattoo to commemorate your lost loved one, the price difference will be your chosen artist, some charge per piece, some charge per hr. and the quality of their work, you may need to part with a bit more money if your chosen tattoo artist is located in a very high-profile area and has an exceptional portfolio.

We really hope this has helped to answer a lot of the concerns and question that you may have with regards to getting a memorial design done with ashes within the tattoo.
We are always here for any question we have not covered, saying that, do look around the website as we aim to give you as much information as is possible about Cremation Ink for tattooing and getting an ashes tattoo as a whole on our website.
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