Ashes Into Tattoo Ink

What We Do To Create Cremation Ink ® With Your Loved Ones Ashes.


The process of placing ashes into tattoo ink

The process of placing ashes into Cremation tattoo ink utilizes modern advanced laboratory equipment and much higher sterilization techniques. 

The ashes are reduced to the molecular size of the pigment that it is to be incorporated with and then sent through varying processes to achieve complete and safe sterilization. 

Utilizing techniques from the process of converting ashes into diamonds and other techniques, we achieve carbonization of the molecule. 

Then the ashes are infused with the pigment being used, making sure there is a match in the molecular molecule sizes of both the pigments and the ashes.  This gives the ashes a complete infusion within the tattoo ink. 

The ashes infused tattoo ink is then processed again via liquid sterilization to complete the process of sterilization protocols, to ensure a perfect, safe ashes infused tattoo ink. 

We only work with one set of ashes at a time per member of staff to ensure the ashes you send us will be the only ashes being processed to make your bespoke ink.

Any ashes you send that are not used in the processes will be returned to you at the same time as your Cremation ink ® is mailed to you.

We only need a Tablespoons worth of Cremation ashes per bottle of tattooing ink.  


process of ashes into tattoo ink

Once we receive your loved one’s ashes, one of our technical staff will process and register the arrival of the ashes.  They will then follow the ashes through the whole process to ensure that there is no cross contamination and that every element of the ashes you have sent to us is respected and cared for. 

Any ashes that are not used in the process, will be returned to you.  This is our guarantee. 

With an in-house tracking system in place, your loved one’s ashes will be in safe hands.  We have always had protocols in place to ensure that only your loved one’s ashes will be processed into your chosen tattoo ink color and bottle and that two sets of ashes will never be processed at the same time, ever.  


ashes delivery

Upon purchasing our exclusive service, we will send you a pack for you to package and send us your loved ones ashes.  The kit is very easy to use and with a very simple guide, we will help you to make sure you send us the right amount needed for ink infusion.  Post it to us and we will respectfully start the process for you. 

The process once the ashes arrive with us, usually takes 5 to 9 days depending on the workload of the lab. Once complete we will send the ashes infused tattoo ink bottle/s and any of the unused ashes back to you by special delivery tracked and signed for, to ensure it reaches you in a safe and track-able manner, first class international, anywhere in the world.


handling the ashes (2)

We have been offering this service and integrating ashes into tattoos for 10 plus years.   The one thing we always adhere to is respect for what we are handling and to make sure your loved one’s ashes are shown the care and consideration they deserve. 


about cremation ink (3)

Our tattoo ink utilizes only the highest quality tattoo pigments to ensure that you receive the best that your loved one deserves.  Coming from the tattooing industry, ensures that we supply inks that your tattooist will love. 

The infused inks can be used for lining, color packing or shading and is created to give your tattooist the ability to utilize the full breadth of their artist capabilities. 

The colors stay sharp after healing and will not breakdown with UV saturation.  This will keep your loved one with you for many years to come. 

Even with the ashes infused, we deliver a low viscosity infused ink that is easy to work with and one your chosen artist will find very easy to use.

Cremation Ink ® Color range.

cremation ink colour spectrum

We understand that you are as individual, as the next client.  On this basis we have a range of colors that incorporate the main color spectrum that is needed to achieve any tattoo design style. 

Being limited to a small color range, can encroach on your tattoo design, so our range gives your tattooist the ability to achieve any tattoo design and style you choose. 

Bright, vibrant and long lasting, our infused ink color range gives your tattooist the option to achieve any color range in the spectrum.

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