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Getting A memorial Tattoo

You’ve lost a loved one and your contemplating finding a tattoo studio that will do you a memorial tattoo to commemorate your beloved.  There is 2 versions today of memorial tattoos, one is your standard memorial tattoo and one is the Ashes infuse tattoo.  Let’s cover the standard memorial tattoo first.

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Memorial Tattoo Design

The design is one of the main elements of a memorial tattoo.  For a simple memorial tattoo, people inscribe their skin with the names of the person they have lost.  Adding dates, similar to what is inscribed onto headstones is another way tot e bring thing into context.  The addition of a love heart expressing the nature of the emotion attached to the tattoo.

Memorial Tattoo Images

Some people expand the concept of their memorial tattoo and start to include images that raise an emotion.  If you always smile inside if remembering a moment of your loved one, say, holding a sunflower, then a sunflower tattoo is very fitting.  The idea is the as well as a way to commemorate the loved one who has passed, the tattoo symbolism being to embrace a fond memory that ties you and them together, even after they have passed.

Make It Personal

Personalization of your memorial tattoo is another design aspect to contemplate. Tattoo artist these days can replicate most things to the finest details.  If you’ve lost a human, then a signature or a poem them wrote, or the insert they doodled on a card they sent you, all can be used to make your tattoo design unique.

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If it’s a dog or cat, or as we have come across before, a pet goat, a copy of their paw / hoof print will make for a very personalized tattoo design.

Local Memorial Tattoo Artist

The worlds your oyster when it comes to tattoo designs and above shows some of the design and basic of a normal memorial tattoo. These can easily be done by your local tattoo artist, so search google maps for memorial tattoo artist near me should work out fine. There are a few experts around the globe who specialize in them such as Bubblegum Ink in the UK.

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Ultimate Memorial Tattoos Near Me

There is a version of the memorial tattoo which is seen as the ultimate way to pay homage to your lost loved one.  That’s by having some of their cremation ashes mixed into the tattoo ink, sow hen you geta tattoo then the person is always with, not only mentally but also physically.  This means they will be with you forever.

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The ashes need to be treated to remove all the contaminants that are still in cremation ashes and they also need to go through a lot of other processes with high tech machinery to make sure the ashes infused tattoo ink is safe and created a fantastic long-standing tattoo. 

Thats where the experts Cremation Ink come in, they have been doing this service for over 12 years and are seen as at the top of the industry at not only the standard of ashes infused ink they produce, but also the professionalism and quality ink they produce.

Memorial Tattoo Ink

Recommended by tattoo artists around the world, Cremation Ink ® is the professional service for infusing cremation ashes with tattoo ink. 

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