Dog Ashes Into Tattoo Ink

A Look At Placing Dog Ashes Into Tattoo Ink

Remember them for what they showed you about humility, true love and most of all how to destroy the new dog bed and how to get away with it!

Your best four legged friend, has always had a way at pulling at your heart strings, as well as pulling at their lead, so this article will be thorough, with happy images to keep everyone from crying. Your dog was apart of your life, yet for them in most cases, your were their whole life, so with that in mind, we will keep you informed in this article, whilst celebrating the fantastic lives of dogs.

ashes from dog for a tattoo

We have done this hundreds of times for clients who have lost their dogs and feel that a memorial tattoo with the lost loved one’s ashes infused into it would be the best way to celebrate their life.

Before we started Cremation Ink ® and were tattooing ashes into to clients using our advanced techniques, we were featured all over the world in the media, when we tattooed Treo’s ashes into his owner. Treo and Dave Heyhoe were a team in Afghanistan who searched out bombs planted by insurgents.

A book followed called 'Its all about Treo' and as age progressed Dave always expressed and interest in getting Treo’s ashes tattooed into him, when his best friend finally passed. I personally knew Treo, the black lab, who used to come around and play with our dogs, so it was a humble day when we found out age had caught up with Treo.

We made Dave’s wishes happen and placed the ashes infused tattoo design on his leg where Treo would always be at heel. There is more to read on Dave and Treo on our studio site, here Dog ashes tattoos

placing dog ashes into tattoo ink

Here are some links to press articles on Dave and Treo if you want to read more on Dave and Treo's story: Press releases on Dave and Treo’s ashes Tattoo.

Dog ashes Tattoo

Its very hard losing a dog, as a lot of people see them as ‘just’ a dog, and yet the bond that is achieved between a dog and its owner is loyalty and love. They are your confident and no matter what time you return home, they are there with a happy enthusiasm and a drooling happy face of love, now that their best friend is back home.

placing dog ashes into tattoo ink

Many people share more of a bond with their dog, than they do with people close by, a dog has no agenda and is ready for an adventure at any time, it's a characteristic not commonly shared with most two legged friends. They shared your adventures and guided you on ones you probably didn’t expect.

Your Four-Legged Shadow

We are going to make an honest statement here about YOUR dog. They were amazing. Its that simple, we have never met a dog owner who has not got admiration for their dog, however old that puppy is. The adage that you live part of your life in the presence of your dog, as with the dog, in most cases, its their whole life. They live life to the full and your the biggest part of their adventure.

dog ashes tattoo ink

After working and hearing of the loss of client’s dogs, the common consensus is that clients are not having a dog ashes tattoo to mourn the loss of their loved one, they are having it as celebration of the time and bond they had together.

From portraits, dogs leads, names, paw prints, dog tags to tennis balls, all the designs are a way for them to personally remember the happy times with their loved one. Maybe it’s the common denominator in dealing with the loss and pain of losing your four-legged amigo. There a lifetime of memories wrapped up in that furry ball of fun !

dog ashes tattoo

Can You Put Dog Ashes In Tattoo Ink?

The simple answer is yes you can if they are processed by Cremation Ink ®. Its the same principle as covered in more detail in the article Tattoo Ink With Ashes. Lets cover it in more detail.

The cremation process will destroy all aspects of the DNA left in the bone fragments. A lot of our clients tell the crematorium what they are contemplating and then the crematorium will make sure the ashes are easier to manage.

Don’t be misled that due to the excessive heat of the cremation process that the ashes are truly inert and sterile. Everything after the ashes are removed from the heated area is not sterile. Therefore, we always truly sterilize the ashes for your safety. We remove all the heavy metals, medicinal trace elements and other harmful contaminants from the cremation ashes to ensure they are safe to use.

tattoo ink with dog ashes in

Your loved one’s ashes will be carefully handled and respected by our team. Instead of your local tattooist, just plonking some in the ink pot and thinking a bit ‘may’ have gone in the tattoo, your loved ones ashes truly need to be handled by one of our experienced team members, to make sure that the ashes are free of toxins, truly sterile and the molecular size of the ashes is applicable to complete infusion with the tattoo Ink.

We have vast experience in the field of placing dog ashes into tattoo ink and if you have any inquires, then we are the help and guide you at what is a difficult time in your life.

dog ashes tattoo ideas

Tattoo with Dog Ashes Design Ideas.

We have included on this site, some common tattoo ideas for remembering your best friend, giving you an idea of some of the common tattoo designs that spark the interest of clients having ashes infused tattoos. Find the link at the top of the page.

Tattoo Ink With Ashes

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