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Everything You Need To Know About Memorial Tattoos With Ashes

Memorial Tattoos With Ashes Are The Way To Go Now

With the death of a loved one or treasured pet, people often choose to remember those they have lost forever with Memorial tattoos with ashes. These types of tattoos have become a great growing trend in the world of tattooing recently, and it’s not strange for a person to have a nice looking piece of ink dedicated to his/her lost beloved.

When we talk about tattoos with ashes, there is finally a professional company that makes this a realization, whilst showing ultimate consideration and care towards your loved ones ashes. A safe and sterile tattoo ink that’s fantastic to work with and loved by tattooists world wide, Cremation Ink ® is bringing this tattooing style to the fore front with their experience in this bespoke service.

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Tattoos Were First Found On The Ancient Otzi The Iceman.

While Otzi the Iceman tattoos seem to be expedient, the idea of marking the body was possibly created accidentally within a ritual! When colored material is placed under the skin surface, tattoos are formed. A wound rubbed with makeshift natural colors would have left a lasting mark. This mark stays with the person on most occasions for the whole of their life and beyond as shown by the 2000 plus year old remains of Otzi.

In the time of Otzi the Iceman and ongoing, it probably did not take long for this idea to spread as people became interested in decorating their bodies.

Now we see tattoos in a plethora of styles, colors and some people are covered in beautiful ink styles. At Cremation Ink ® we have clients ordering various beautiful colors of ashes infused tattoo ink. We can imagine that there would be some competition to who had the most decorative Memorial tattoos with ashes, with some clients ordering enough bottles of ink to color a whole are of their bodies in.

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How Memorial Tattoo with ashes Works?

We expand on the process further in this site within multiple articles and here's a brief overview. The molecules of both the ashes and the tattoo pigment are matched in size and then mixed to from a a high dispersion quality tattoo ink that can be taken to most high quality tattoos studios for them to use in your commemorative tattoo.

All contaminants are removed and both the ashes, tattoo pigments and final ashes infused tattooing ink are subjected to multi-layer sterilization techniques.

With our experienced staff and years of experience in this field, its easy to see why Cremation Ink ® is at the apex of the tattoos with ashes industry, not only here in the UK, but also recognized worldwide for their professionalism in this bespoke service.

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Immerse Yourself In A Memorial Tattoo

We receive a lot of traffic on our website from people looking for information about Memorial tattoos with ashes and the use of 'cremains'. We try our best to answer every interested party to make sure they feel comfortable with everything and help them walk through the easy process of getting the inks to us for processing.

A short note for those unfamiliar with the subject: the memorial tattoo with ash is a tattoo type that is reminiscent of a deceased relative (person or pet), possibly with a name, a picture, date of birth and even death, or other personal symbols or simply religious designs.

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For the actual tattoo studio to not use our service and just place raw cremation ashes into your tattoo ink and tattoo them in, there are three main issues: law/liability, health, and ethical issues;


Some studios are governed by local laws which stop them just pouring un-treated cremations ashes remains into their ink. In the UK unless utilizing the remote services of Cremation Ink ® they will be breaking the law for them to do it themselves. Environmental health understand the health implications that a standard tattoo studio playing with someones ashes can cause and have passed bye laws to stop them doing it. By using Cremation Ink ® this gives your tattoo artist the ability to perform this service without breaking the law.


The health implications of just placing un-treated cremation ashes into tattoo pots in the local tattoo studio, is that they don’t know or have the expansion of experience of dealing with the ashes, sterilization implications, as well the removal of heavy metals etc.

At Cremation Ink ® we have years of experience in producing the highest quality tattoo inks with your loved ones ashes truly infused with the tattoo ink and thus your tattoo. All contaminants are removed and everything is treated to multi-layer sterilization techniques to ensure your cremation Ink is completely safe for using in tattooing.

Ethical Implications:

Not respecting the care and handling protocols of cremation ashes for a lot of people cause concern. Using our team, we make sure that your loved ones ashes are respected at all times and that they are all returned back to you after we have made your ink. What amount of your loved one's ashes not used in the process, is returned at the same time as the ashes infused tattoo ink.

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Why Are Commemorative Tattoos with Ashes Becoming So Popular?

Its easy, as we as a public embrace the tattooing culture as the norm, with the fantastic abilities of the tattoo artists around the world, the next obvious step is commemorative tattoos. Tattoos are one of the very few things that we will be buried in, so the comfort felt that your loved one will be with you after you pass, for a lot of people is a very reassuring feeling.

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Tattoos With Ashes

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