Tattoo Supply Store

Tattoo supply stores keep us updated with all the latest tattoo technology. Supply the tattoo community with all the bits they need to make a successful tattoo studio.

Tattoo Supplies

Your local or popular online tattoo store can now days supply you with a plethora of equipment.  Whether you be an apprentice of a seasoned tattoo professional, these online stores can be god sends, gathering all the lasts products and materials together for you to use.

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Go to a good tattoo convention and many of these online stores have store setup for you to also be able to buy bits you want or may be review the latest tattoo machine before you commit to buy it from them.

Tattoo Machines

Tattoo supply stores sell a great selection of tattoo machines, but for the best part there are two version being used today. A standard tattoo machine and a rotary tattoo machine. Simply put standard tattoo machine use coils and a bar to make the up and down motion of the tattoo machine.

Rotaries are very much taking over though, with a much quieter functionand also easier to use over longer periods of time, they are becoming the machine of choice.  With the ability to stop white finger, a common issue that tattooist working with vibrating machinery over a lot of years, they are easily becoming the machines of choice.

Tattoo Needles

Tattoo needles come in various formats and configurations, so many so we can’t really go into all of them of this would take forever.  The two main sets are normal tattoo machine needles for standard tattoo machines.  These come with long stem on the end to be fed through the grip to the top bar in the machine.

Tattoo Suppliers

A quick check online and you will find a huge array of tattoo equpiment, from the cheap tattoo machines, to high end machines. With tattooing you do get what you pay for and $1000 for a tattoo machine is not that expensive if its making you money everyday and you can rely on it to not just stop working.

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Cartridge Needles

The other format is cartridges that are plugged into the bottom of the machine. With specialized grips they can be used on both tattoo machine formats.  They carry a permanent bar and this presses down on the back of the cartridge forcing the needles in and out. 

Needle configuration come in varying size, liners, shaders and packing needle configuration, then the variant, different needle size, different tapers on the needles, different design configurations, all so each tattoo artist can find their perfect needles for performing whatever part of the tattoo design they are doing.

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Tattoo Inks

Tattoo supply store inks as you would expect come in a huge range of suppliers and colours.  Ink dedicated just to lining, inks already diluted to give a set amount of dilution for shading.  Black, yes, the colour black, has some 30 different suppliers, all very small variants of how they heal, how they go in the skin, how they age etc.  Some suppliers supply just the basic colour palette, so you can mix them to your hearts content, where as some companies will supply the spectrum with over 500 different colours in their range.

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Differences in how viscous the ink is, how they go in the skin, all these can be used to get the perfect result for you tattooist. Particular artists if they have a given styles or mix, they used, then they may release a ‘signature’ range so other people can emulate their colour palette.  Flesh tone ranges for colour portraits, the list is endless.

Tattoo Sundries

Your local tattoo supply store, holds all the extra bits you need, from bespoke tattoo furniture, going into the thousands of dollars, to latex gloves and aprons.  As an example, there’s a multitude of different tattooing aprons you can get, from basic plastic, to leather strewn wax lined denim ones, really the world your oyster.

So, if you after a local tattoo supply store have a look around the internet, or go to a tattoo convention and shakes some hands.  You’ll be surprised by the size and range of equipment you can get for tattooing.

Cremation Tattoo Ink

With all of us at Cremation Ink coming from a tattooing background, we know you’ll know that our service and commemorative tattoo inks will be second to none.

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