Ash Ink

Simplified, Ash Ink is placing Cremation Ashes Into tattoo ink after the ashes have professionally processed.

The below article explores Ash Ink more.

Ash Ink, Also Called Cremation Ink ®

An experienced tattoo artist uses Cremation Ink to maintain the quality of the tattoo when they are using ash ink and to follow best safety practices. Due to Cremation inks processing systems for the ashes and the integration into the ink, the tattooist knows there’s going to be no issues with the tattoo rejecting or issues in it healing.

Cremation Ink simplifies the process for every one involved. We sterilize a sample of your loved one's ashes, infuse it with high quality tattoo ink, in an ink bottle, so the artist can use it during the tattoo. Ash ink when created like this is safe to use, which is a common concern, as well as stopping any rejection of the tattoo itself.

Many people use Cremation Ink to create tattoos for pets or deceased relatives, in order to still feel connected to the deceased. This process and style of tattoo, keeps your loved one connected to you for the rest of your life.

Whats The Process For Ash Ink ?

Once the client orders a chosen colour, we send a kit to them so they can send the ashes back to us in a safe manner.  Once they are back at the lab, we dedicate one of our technicians to follow the ashes through the whole process. 

  • Expert Service
  • High Quality
  • Vivid Inks
  • Great colour range
  • Experienced Staff
  • Recognised Around The Globe
  • Trusted Service

The heavy metals and chemical and medicinal remnants are removed, as well as ongoing sterilization, the ash is reduced in molecular size to match the sizing of the tattoo pigment molecule, then infused together to produce a high-quality tattoo ink that’s infused with your loved one’s ashes. This produces a safe ashes infused tattoo ink.

If you think that an ash cremation would be the right thing for you, we recommend after acquiring your chosen ink colour and started the process, you consult several tattooists in your area to find the most experienced artist whose work you like.

That’s the advantage of Cremation Ink, you can choose your artist that you want to work with and have complete security in knowing the ashes have been professionally processed.

Is An Ash Ink Tattoo Right For Me?

Thats not for us to say, but judging that your reading this article, it a good indicator that youve already made the choice, your just getting the courage to jump in. This is quite obvious, given that tattoos are there forever and thats why your looking over the concept.

We get emails every day from clients all around the world, asking questions, thanking us for making their ash tattoo happen due to our ash inks. The main thing to remember is that as a tattoo is there forver, so having your loved ones ashes infused into the ash ink and used in your tattoo, keeps them with you forever.

If you or someone close is considering a cremation and you still have the ability to talk and spend time with them, we encourage you to carefully consider your own position on memorials and theirs and make the choice that you feel is right for you and your family.

Ash Tattoos And Ink

Getting a memorial tattoo infused with your loved one’s ashes is a beautiful way to show your love for a loved one and a great way to remember them in a special way, even if it is only for yourself.

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Many people cope with deep grief by finding ways to feel connected to the deceased, and a memorial tattoo infused with your loved ones ashes, is the only true way of keeping a piece of your loved one with you forever.

Why Is Cremation Ink ® so Popular?

We have been working in this bespoke field for years and have gained international acclaim due to our processes and techniques we use. Having system in place to ensure there can never be an over lap of two sets of ashes, we give each clients loved ones ashes personal care and take the ashes through our processes one at a time, thus ensuring there is accountability through every stage of the process. Add to that, that we always return every amount of ashes that were no used in the process to ensure, what you send us, you get back, either infused in the ash ink, or the remaining amount, returned at the same time.

We always show respect in what we are handling, your loved one, that's why we have such a solid reputation.

  • Professional Care
  • Expert Service
  • 12+ Years Experience
  • Created By Award Winning Tattooists
  • Bespoke Service
  • Respect At All Times
  • Dignity In Our Care

Tattoos made from human ashes is now becoming a lot more popular, now that Cremation Ink ® has now operates internationally.  Working with clients from around the globe, we help them fulfil their desire to have their loved one with them forever.

With death we suffer a profound dis-connection from our lost loved one and for many it's a bolt out the blue thats knocks them off their feet. Understandable, for many the connection has been garnished over many years and so when the connection comes to a sudden halt, there is a deep feeling of loss and grief attached.

Thats why our service for so many is such an appealing idea. The only thing that will survive time is a tattoo, so having their lost loved one integrated into themselves gives them, not only a psyhical re-connection to their lost loved one, but also a mental healing knowing they can't be taken away from them again.

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What If The Ashes Are Too Coarse ?

We get this question a lot, as some people feel they may need to have small ground up ashes etc for us to make our world recognized Ash Inks. Its fine, ashes come in a multiude of particle sizes, all being relevant to the crematorium that processed the body. There are a plethora of machines on the market that are used by the crematouriums to reduce the deceased's remains to a more uniform size and so we are used to dealing with a vast array of ashes configurations.

We use very specialist machines to reduce the ashes to the specific sizing we need to create our ash ink. Once their sizing has been analyzed and confirmed, then we carry on with the process of creating your tattoo ink with ashes.

Due to our many years in this bespoke field, we have encountered many different sets of ashes, which are not standard to the normal visualization of cremation ashes. We all as standard expect cremation ashes to be light grey in looks, when in fact they come in multitude of colours. Yellow, dark black and even orange, these are usually slightly coloured by the enviroment that the ashes were formed in and residual elements that are held in the ashes.

Elements that the magnets at the crematourium has not picked up can sometime be found, so don't be alarmed if you find any small elements in the ashes.

We have come across the following ashes colours;

  • Tinged Light Grey Ashes
  • Tinged Dark Grey Ashes
  • Tinged Pink Ashes
  • Tinged Orange Ashes
  • Black Ashes
  • Cream Ashes

Ash Ink Tattoos

We sometime get asked if there are any different ways that the client should look after their new tattoo, as it has ashes infused into it. The easy answer is no, with the integration we perform and the processes, the tattoo ink and ashes are infused. This way its like looking after a normal tattoo.

If your questioning what to use or you have forgotten what your tattooist has told you, as very cheap and effective treatment for any tattoo is to use Bepanthen nappy cream for babies. Not Sudocrem etc, make sure it's Bepanthen as it's been used to quickly and effectivley heal tattoos for years.

Cremation Ink ®

World recognized as the experts in the field of infusing cremation ashes into high quality tattoo ink.


Ash Ink Popularity

We over the years have had an incredible amount of people asking if they can this servcie done in their own country. Until then we only served the UK market. But with the international demand picking up to such a degree, we expanded our operation to facilitate serving the global demand and keeping true to our fundamental basics of always working one on one with the ashes and making sure our strict protocols are always adhered to.

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With our team, we now have working with clients and still do, from every part of the globe. The desire to get a physical re-connection with a lost loved one, is now more important than ever. Before when you lost a loved one, they sat in an urn on the mantle piece, a distant visual reminder.

Now with Cremation Ink ®, you can have a part of them with you forever. Strong words we know, but many a mummy has been dug out of peat bogs and found to still be adorned with tattoos after thousands of years. Having them infused into the tattoo ink, keeps that bond together that many felt they had lost forever.

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