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When the day comes and has passed, a lot of people want to memorialize their four legged friend with a commemorative tattoo, using commermoratives tattoo inks. Cremation Ink ® is here for you to make this happen in a safe and respectful manner. Read on to find out more.

Commemorating Dogs

Dog owners always have a special place for their dog in their hearts.  It’s the fact that for the most part, we have chosen them as a puppy, brought them through their terrible teens, where they have eaten everything and destroyed the furniture into a fantastic companion.  We have then looked after them into older age and pondered to them as they start to show the signs of ageing. 

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We know it’s going to happen someday, as a dog will normally pass before the owner does, but we try our best to offset the decision for another day.

Dogs Steal Our Hearts

They do they steal our hearts as they are so open with theirs.  Always a wagging tail when you arrive again, to them every moment spent with their best friend is the best time in the world.  Even the old timer, when they can no longer get up, has a wagging tail for you, but you know time is ticking.

Our Best Friends

And why not put off the last day, one more stolen day with our best friend is another happy day, so when unfortunately, there’s a defeating call from the veterinarian or we have to make a decision for the better of the dog, its easy to understand how a lot of people grieve for the loss of their dog, even when we knew it was for the best.

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That shadow that follows you around the house, their little quirks that drive you mad, yet when they are no longer there to try and steal the remote or some other form of mayhem, it’s a sad memory that hard to replicate or replace.

Hard Decisions

Never beat yourself up for making a needed hard decision.  As long as it was in the best interest of your dog, then you did the right thing, however hard it feels.  As many a dog owner says once a dog passes, they have moved over to the rainbow bridge, to the eternal park, with an eternal lifetime of things to chase and keep them amused.

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Dog Ashes

There needs to be a decision on if you’re burying your beloved or getting them cremated. There is also now a very common third option called Aquamation, where with the help of alkaline and vacuum chambers, the decomposition process is speed up from years to hrs. The result is the same as ‘ash’ that can be used to spread and scatter or keep in an urn, or as some people now choose to do, get a dog ashes tattoo

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This is when they send a small amount of the dog’s ashes off to Cremation Ink ®, who process them and make sure they are safe and inert and free of contaminants.  We only work with one set of ashes at any one time, so you know we are keeping your ashes safe and showing them the respect, they deserve.

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Dog Ashes Tattoo Inks

  • Your Dogs ashes are integrated into a very high-quality tattoo ink.  Where ever you are based in the world, you can take your cremation ashes infused tattoo ink from Cremation Ink into your local tattoo studio and get a Dog ashes tattoo that your proud of and keep not only the memory of your dog with your forever, but also a true part of them.
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