Tattoo Artist That Use Ashes Near Me.

Finding a tattoo artist that use ashes near me has never been easier than with Cremation Ink ®

UK Ashes Tattoo Artist

If your based in the UK, the most recognized tattoo artist that uses ashes is called Bubblegum Ink Ashes Tattoos. Getting lots of enquires and website hits every day, they are recognized due to their specialist techniques in using ashes in tattoos. They have been featured in a multitude of international newspapers around the globe and across the web.

tattoo artists that use ashes near me

The original issue with ashes tattoos was that across the globe, attempts at placing ashes in tattoos never really turned out good or causes real issues, whether it be issues with the tattoo, after, or health concerns. This has now become a thing of the past with the professional and safe processes that Cremation Ink ® implement, producing a safe and long lasting tattoo ink, infused with your loved one's ashes, for the ultimate memorial tattoo to honour your lost loved one.

Where We Started

Bubblegum Ink got approached by a couple to get a tattoo done with their grandad’s ashes into the tattoo ink. They had fantastic allies in being able to make this happen and that was that most of their regulars were from the huge pharmaceutical company Astra Zenica in Macclesfield, giving them access to the top equipment and minds in all aspects from microscopic testing to DNA testing, the list goes on. 

With access to a wealth of consultants as well, due to family ties, they could research the medicinal sides as well. 

If that wasn’t good enough, they also had good friends whom owned funeral homes and could lead them through all the principles and actions in the crematorium.

The Tattoo Artist That Used Ashes With Success.

6 months of collecting data and with testing and research, gave them a system of protocols to follow that would ensure that the ashes would be safe to use and would hold with the tattoo ink.

When it came to the tattoo ink, they spent months talking to original old school tattooists on ways to formulate their ink. In the original days all the tattooist created their own inks. Some were good at it; some were experts at it and that’s who they dealt with.

Finding The Solutions

So, they had the two pieces of the puzzle, a dedicated ink formulation and viscosity flow match to the ashes integration quantities and they had got the ashes to an inert state through vaporization and other techniques, which is sterile and perfect for amalgamation with the ink pigment and in doing so creating the commemorative tattoo ink.

tattoo artist ashes me neartattoo artist ashes me near

The day of the tattoo for the two clients went fine and they even invited a local paper to do a little low down on the project.  This in turn the next day turned up all around the globe.  With Tv shows phoning for interviews and the media pushing the story, Bubblegum Ink passed everything over to the two clients.  Yes, they had committed a long time on making it happen, but it was the clients tattoos and the client’s grandads’ ashes that was for them, the story.

tattoo artist the use ashes very close to me

International Ashes Tattoos

Over the years the press still calls them, occasionally an ashes tattoo from Bubblegum Ink will get shown on social media and the media jump on it again.  Bit the more publicity they got the more inquires they got and still get from around the globe.  But being based in Cheshire in the UK, they could help with the international enquires.

The Best Commemorative Tattoo Ink For Tattoo Artists

So they decided to develop and build a company where the client can go on the website and buy the ink, they send us the ashes and we send back the ashes infused tattoo ink, so they can go locally and get the ashes tattoo their after. 

The business model is moving leaps and bounds, clients alike, as well as tattooist know that with Cremation Ink ®, they are getting the best expert service, with years of experience and state of the art machinery, tailored to giving you the highest quality and safest ashes infused commemorative tattoo ink available on the market today.

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