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What Do Cremation Ashes Come In?

what do cremation ashes come in

Cremation ashes are usually supplied in an urn which is selected from the funeral director’s choice. Now with the advance of the internet and sites such as Amazon, urns are now available to everyone at a more reasonable cost. A cardboard urn with the ashes in a plastic sealed bag is one of the common ways its is delivered from the crematorium to the funeral director. In the case of pets, a simple earn with the ashes in a plastic bag is usually handed directly to the bereaved.

What To Put Cremation Ashes In?

what to put creamtion ashes in

Many people go online now to find something to intern the cremation ashes into. There are plenty of options available as storage vessels for cremation ashes to be placed in, it all boils down to choice, budget and with respect to what the deceased would of wanted. There is even the option of what is called a Bio Urn, where the ashes are placed in biodegradable urn and you plant it in the ground. With regular nourishment and care, a tree will slowly grow from where you placed the urn. The cremated ashes will slowly be in taken by the growing tree and your loved one will be a true part of nature.

What Looks Like Cremation Ashes?

what looks like cremation ashes

When you get some sand from a beach dune and you let it run through your hand, the heavy parts fall to the ground and the smaller particles blow in the wind. That how it reacts and behave, having a very similar molecular size, with the coloration of the light grey embers that you find at the edge of a wood fire. If you go to our telling you how we put ashes into tattoo ink page, the first image is of some cremation ashes.

What To Do With Cremation Ashes?

what to do with cremation ashes

If you look through this site, you’ll notice its orientated towards our service of placing your beloved’s cremation ashes into tattoo ink. A service that we do for clients from all around the world. On top of this we also cover some of the various other options of what to do with cremation ashes. Your can turn some into a diamond, have the ashes mixed with oil paints and a picture painted of either them or a memory that celebrates their life. Mixed into resin and formed into jewellery, mixed with glass and a necklace formed, the list goes on.

What To Do With Cremation Ashes UK?

what to do with cremation ashes uk

A huge proportion of our clients comes from the UK & USA, as Cremation Ink ® is known for its experience and expertise in this field. With the UK & USA populations experiencing a huge surge in consumers as well as a much higher level of tattoo studios to choose from, our service fits in nicely with the remembrance of a lost loved one, with the quality of professional tattoo results.

What To Do With Cremation Ashes Catholic?

what to do with cremation ashes catholic

The Vatican issued a decree in 2001 that said that they viewed cremation as, “a contemporary phenomenon in virtue of the changed circumstances of life.” The church has no issues with the concept of cremation, the issue is the cremation ashes. The belief is still that the ashes must not be separated or scattered, instead they should be kept as whole, placed in a vessel and interned into a place of religion, such as a church or graveyard.

How Do Cremation Ashes Look?

how do cremation ashes look

They look like very fine sand, with a light grey appearance although in some cases there is a slight yellow hue to the ashes. But for the most part, light grey with darker grey speckles as well. There are images of cremation ashes within this site.

How Are Cremation Ashes Packaged?

how are cremation ashes package

They come from the crematorium in a plastic sealed bag within a cardboard Urn. The funeral director will then place the ashes in a loose format into the vessel of your choosing. You will usually be given the option to have the urn sealed if you wish. If you have no choice and have decided to scatter or feel the expense of an Urn just for the scattering process is not applicable, then they will be handed over in a plastic bag, contained in a cardboard box.

The ones not in an Urn, that we have sometimes seen when clients have brought them to us always resemble a deeper and slightly bigger kleenex tissue box. With regards to pets, then for the most part, cats and dogs are given back to the bereaved in either a trinket urn or again one of their choosing.

How Are Cremation Ashes Buried?

how are cremation ashes buried

If your loved one’s ashes are to be buried in a church or graveyard, then the church will try and insist on the ashes being buried in an Urn of some form. A natural urn, like wooden is one of the best, as it is good for the environment and over time will biodegrade back into the earth taking your beloved ashes back to nature. If this doesn’t appeal to you but you still need to use a natural urn, place the ashes in a plastic bag, so that when the box disintegrates, then the ashes will stay in the same spots and remain untouched.

How To Divide Cremation Ashes?

how to divide cremation ashes

Ask the funeral director to make sure that the ashes are in a plastic bag in the main Urn, so it is easier for you to handle the ashes and that the ashes get handled the least. Then the best way to divide cremation ashes, if an equal division of the ashes is needed, is to get the number of urns for each person. Then take the ashes out of the main Urn and weight the urn, put the ashes back in the urn and weight the urn again, jot down this measurement.

Take the weight of the Urn from the urn / ashes figure and this is the weight of the ashes. Divide by the number that the ashes are to be shared into and that is the divided total. Then just place each person’s urn on the scales and slowly on a draught proof room, place the ashes int the urn till the desired weight is reached. This may sound extreme but is the best way to stop family arguments etc with regards to the division of cremation ashes. Remember these are low times for everyone so a peaceful resolution on division of the ashes is best for everyone.

How To Plant Cremation Ashes?

how to plant cremation ashes

Depending on what you want the ashes to do, whether you want them to disperse into the ground over time or stay put. Most people will use a wooden urn and place the ashes in it loose if they wish for the ashes to disperse into the ground. If they wish them to stay put, then a ceramic urn, (if the place of burial approves it) or wooden urn with the ashes in a plastic bag will keep the ashes from dispersing and staying in place.

If they are to be interned in a graveyard, then the groundsman may dig a small square hole about a foot and a half deep for you, or if you are doing it yourself, get a quality garden trowel and dig a hole 1.5 feet deep, making sure the area is not water logged or in a state of disrepair. When you go to visit the place of internship, you don’t want to be walking through mud, or pushing back nettles to spend time with your loved one.

How To Transfer Cremation Ashes To An Urn?

how to transfer cremation ashes to an urn

The most refined way to transfer cremation ashes is to buy a large mouth funnel with a large width tube. Make sure the Urn is large enough to take the amount of ashes. The in quiet area and with the windows closed, (also no kids or dogs running around) and take your time and transfer the ashes to the Urn. Make sure to slowly pour the ashes into the funnel to not make the ashes go air born.

How To Preserve Cremation Ashes?

how to preserve cremation ashes

There is no real need to preserve ashes as they are by the nature of the cremation, dry and initially bacteria free. If the Urn is sealed, then there should be no issues in the preservation of the cremation ashes. If you want to suspend them to preserve then, you can mix them with resin to keep them in place, but for the most part and nice seal-able Urn should keep them in a preserved state.

How To Store Cremation Ashes?

how to store cremation ashes

The storage of cremation ashes is usually achieved by placing the ashes into an Urn. These can be bought from the likes of Amazon or eBay. If you want a secure sealing Urn, but the Urn of your choice isn’t seal-able, then a small seal of clear sanitary sealant (choose sanitary sealant as it anti-bacterial), then just run a simple thin bead of silicone underneath the lid and let it set. This should if done right make the Urn sealed but give you the ability that if further down the line you want access, then you can just cut the sealant and extract whatever ashes you need.

How To Spread Cremation Ashes?

how to spread cremation ashes

The spreading of cremation ashes can be a very emotional time. There are a couple of things to make sure of to make the day perfect. Where ever you have decided to spread the ashes, wet a finger and hold it up. When you can feel a chill on your finger, this is where the wind is coming from, make sure you turn the other way when spreading the ashes, this way they will spread in the wind and not all over yourself or any other people. The best way to spread them is imagine there is a young child ten foot away from you and you are under arm softly throwing a ball to him. This should be perfect in achieving what you want, which is a respectful and dignified way to spread your loved one’s ashes.

How To Handle Cremation Ashes?

how to handle cremation ashes

When ever we handle cremation ashes, we always do it with respect and dignity. You must remember that this is a dear loved one and this is the elements of a life. Care and compassion are the morals that funeral directors take when handling cremation ashes and this is justified in every way.

How To Dispose Of Cremation Ashes?

how to dipsose of cremation ashes

If you wish to dispose of cremation ashes, remembering they are the elements of a loved life, then find a place that is peaceful and beautiful and dispose of them there. This is the most dignified way to ‘dispose’ of cremation ashes, respecting what it is your holding and doing the loved one proud in making sure they are spread in a beautiful place.

Why Are Cremation Ashes Different Colors?

why are cremation ashes different colours

The different colors can be applicable to a few things, one of the most common ones is the age of the life that was lost, the cremation temperature and time and the coffin. All these elements come into play when it comes to the color of the ashes. There is no true defined color but most of the time the ashes will either be white or offset grey. Yellow ashes can be found, especially in the animal world and if they appear when a person is cremated then this is down to a lower temperature but a longer cremation.

Why Are Cremation Ashes White?

why are cremation ashes white

The high temperatures that are incurred in the cremation process will carbonize the molecule. For the most part the carbonization will render the bone fragments white. The same as when you place wood in a high temperature fire, there will be white ashes remnants in the fireplace. Obviously, the cremation process is a lot hotter.

Are Cremation Ashes Toxic?

are cremation ashes toxic

No, they are not toxic, but they may have heavy metal residue, medicine and other foreign bodies from the persons life and cremation process. Therefore Cremation Ink ® make sure that we take the sterilization of the ashes to a much higher temperature to ensure the ashes are free of all elements that may cause harm.

Are Cremation Ashes Good For Trees?

are cremation ashes good for trees

Yes, they are. There is an Urn called a Bio Urn where you intern the ashes into the base of the urn, place the materials back over the top, plant the Urn and a tree of your choosing will start to slowly grow. The tree utilizes the ashes as a fertilizer and integrates them into the actual tree. A beautiful and very respectful way of celebrating a life.

Are Cremation Ashes Mixed?

are cremation ashes mixed

No, the process denotes a clean system per cremation. Any modern western cremation will have one body in a burning chamber and set to a set automatic process. Once the process has finalized the chamber is left to cool down. Then the ashes that are left on the grill, including the under tray are removed and collected up. They are then placed in a Ball mill which gives the ashes the smaller regular sizing.

Once this is finished, then the ball mill is turned over on its stand and the ashes are collected into a (for the most part) plastic bag and then placed into a temporary transportation receptacle. The ashes are then shipped to either the funeral home or yourself. The whole process is made to make sure that your loved one’s ashes, are exactly that, your loved one and nothing else.

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