Commemorative Tattoos

It's an amazing way to show your love for friends, family, colleagues - workers, friends and even your own family members. A commemorative tattoo is one of the ultimate ways one can show respect for a lost loved one.

Commemorative Tattoos

Many people cope with deep grief by finding ways to feel connected to the deceased. One of the most popular methods is honouring loved ones who have been lost, while still feeling close to them. How better to remember the amazing life of a loved one than with a tattoo commemorating them?

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You have hundreds of options, with images that remind you every time you see them, but here are some important things to keep in mind when you choose an image that reminds you of him for the rest of your life.

Choosing Commemorative Tattoos

Memorial tattoos should reflect the personality and interests of the loved one you remember, but they must also be something you can wear proudly on your own skin. If he or she was religious, a religious symbol is a great idea (again, nothing that really has nothing to do with religious symbols). You can also integrate your design into a variety of other shapes, such as a cross, lobe heart or even a crucifix.

  • Writing
  • Love Hearts
  • Their Signature
  • A Note From A Card
  • Hand Prints
  • Music Albums
  • Favourite Quote

If it’s a lost pet, a paw print or a resemblance of their name tag, or what a lot of people do, is get a copy of their true pawprint, hair and all and get it replicated into a tattoo design.  Very bespoke and very unique.

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Commemorating The Lost

When placed in a place where other people can see, commemorative tattoos can be a deliberate conversation starter. Many memorial tattoos have a start and end date, which makes it clear that they represent a life that has come to an end.

Memory Tattoos

Memory tattoos are a sign of love and reverence so great that it deserves a grand gesture. When you lose someone, who will never be forgotten, you write them into your skin to remind you when you lost them.

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A meaningful tattoo reminiscent of a parent can serve as a reminder of the first unconditional love and special relationship you have experienced in your life. The image of a parent / child running away surrounded by angel wings and clouds also shows a parental homage to a loving father in the simplest of simplicity.

Tattoo Ideas

The choice is endless, replicating your lost loved ones tattoos is another fantastic way to remember them, a quote, or a favourite lyric. One of the most dedicated examples is to get your tattoo artist to replicate their signature.  As everyone’s signature, in most cases, is unique, then this will be a very fitting commemorative tattoo to have done.

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Pet Commemorative Tattoos

Many animal lovers welcome the idea of bringing animals across the rainbow bridge, as they help to keep their beloved animals alive even after they disappear. It's fascinating to add the pets name to your body, especially if you have their ashes infused into tattoo ink by Cremation Ink ®.

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Admittedly, it is best to wait until you have taken time to grieve and grieve for your loved ones before deciding on a tattoo design. However, choosing the right design for a commemorative tattoo can be as important as choosing one for personal enjoyment. When it comes to making tattoos out of ashes, there's nothing wrong with keeping some of your loved one with you forever.

The Best Commemorative Tattoo

Just remember, always get a commemorative tattoo to remind you of the good times you had with your beloved.  Having a tattoo that expresses the dark side of grief is never a good thing as the pain associated with the loss of the loved one will linger and you’ll be constantly reminded of the dark days and never the mazing days and life you had with your beloved.

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