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Searching online for a local ' Tattooist Near Me ', then this article will give you some help and advice on your search.

Local Tattooists

If you’re searching for a tattoo artist near me on google or another search engine, then especially if your new to the area and finding your local tattoo artist, or a studio you have heard about has come to mind and you feel is worth a visit, there are some little thing to take on board to take note to make sure that they are the tattoo studio for you. 

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Remember for the most part, the tattoos you get from them will be with you for ever and on this basis a good understanding of the back working of a tattoo studio is fundamental in helping you pick the right tattoo studio.

The Studio

First impressions count and always have done.  If there are yellow stains on the wall, that’s a goods sign they are smoking in the tattoo studio after hrs.  if they don’t respect their tattoo environment then there’s that not a good sign.  Does the place look tatty or worn, is there paper every where or does the place look messy?  Sure signs their work will follow suit. 

A good indicator is to have a look for rips or staining in the carpet, be like your gran and have a look for dust on the skirting boards.  If you can see heavy dust, then this is floating around in the air when you are getting tattooed.


Try and see if you can see your next possible tattooist stripping down and rebuilding for another client. This process for all tattooist is fixed in our minds, we do this without thinking, so we also would have a problem anyone watching. This routine will show you where they are cleaning between clients, station break down and build and the likes. The use of chemicals to clean surfaces is a must. 

You become that used to the smell of heavy Dettol, that the smell no longer irritates our lungs, we use it that often.  The cleaner the better, look for dirty nails on bot the tattooist and the staff, might sound obvious as well, but look for overflowing bins.  A good tattoo studio will also have a end of the day cleaning routine as well and this can be seen with empty or part full bins and not debris and rubbish been seen lying around.

Tattoo Studios

For the best part, as well as following this guide, for some they will just feel right at home in a certain tattoo studio. Trusting your gut over fake Google reviews will avoid you getting a tattoo your going to regret.

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The Ambience

This is a preferred choice as you may like loud heavy rock music to complement your tattoo time, or for some a chilled music environment.  Put the music aside as we are talking about the feel of the environment.  If the staff are missing around on phones whilst you’re waiting and staring into blank space, its not a good sign.  Buried in a pc monitor is a reality of the job, so be patient with the PC people, as they may be putting the exact end to a 2hrs design, that finally in a couple of minutes they’ll get to the end of. 

Staff attitude is another, if every one looks depressed or humbled, then this is a sign of either a tyrannical boss, or some other back ground feature that’s driving the staff down.  A good studio will banter between their staff and the tattooist, as well as the client on the bed.

A great ambience where everyone is bubbling away is a fantastic and rewarding place to get tattooed.  I should know as I have always strived to have harmony in my studios, as this harmony and repour with the clients is what always keeps them coming back.

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Tattoo Portfolio

The rest is up to you, review their portfolio, look out for image manipulation. It’s unfortunately rife in the industry with bad tattooist filtering out the mistakes, and they keep repeating this process with every tattoo design, till they hope they will finally get better or good enough to stick and un-tweaked image on social media or the likes. An image of a tattoo with a little bit of blood or reddening is an honest image. An image where they have photo-shopped it so much its covered in white pixel dots and the client in the image has even and their nipple photoshopped off clear signs to look out for.

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We come from tattooing heritage, having won awards internationally as well as at home, so we have some experience in this field, over 30 years’ worth actually.  So, when we say Cremation Ink ® is made by tattooist for tattooists, we know what we are talking about.

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