Dog Ashes In Tattoo Ink

Getting dog ashes in tattoo ink and then getting a memorial tattoo done to honour your four-legged best friend is the ultimate sign of devotion to your dog, (and they are worth it). We have worked with both civilian and military clients from around the world to make their wish of getting the ultimate memorial tattoo.

Dog Ashes memorial Tattoo

Getting dog ashes placed into tattoo ink is a professional process.  Cremation Ink ® regularly works with clients from around the globe who have lost their best friends and want their ashes incorporated into tattoo ink, so they can go to their local tattoo studio and get a memorial or commemorative tattoo done with the ashes of their ‘besty’ integrated into it.  It’s a great service and is loved by people around the globe.

why get a dog ashes tattoo

Taking away the inherent risk from a local tattooist just pouring dog ashes into tattoo ink, we remove any risk and we process them and make sure that not only are the ashes perfect and safe for using in tattoos, but are also fantastic and easy to use for your chosen tattooist.

Why Get Dog Ashes In Tattoo Ink ?

You loved them.  It’s that easy and they deserve to be remembered for ever.  A tattoo is one of the few things in life that will actually be with you forever.  Now that a bold statement, but even when they have dug up 2000-year-old mummies from peat bogs, they are still adorned with tattoos, so many years on.

Passing Away

Its hard loosing a dog, they are our confidants, those quiet moments of a silent cuddle when you need one, or a happy face, glad to always see you back with them, if you’ve had a bad day.  You literally spend part of your life with a dog, as both a companion as well as a friend.  Yes, they may be four legged and occasionally destroy things, but most dog owners say more private things to their dogs than they do their actual human friends.

dog cremation ashes into tattoo ink

The Rainbow Bridge

But there comes that time where as it is commonly expressed, then your dog has to go over the ‘Rainbow Bridge’, to the park of eternal playtime and every toy they would ever wish.  That’s when it can become very painful.  Some of us have had to make decisions that however painful for us, were for the best for the dog.  When they are suffering, however hard it is to bear, trying to offset the inevitable and trying to delay having to go through the emotions of loosing your dog, can be heart breaking.

  • Confidants
  • Adventurers
  • Heart Stealers
  • Toy Killers
  • Security
  • Best Friend
  • Always Happy

You know your dog and they know you; people often talk of the dog giving subtle signs that its time, or they are too weak to go on. You’ll know when its time. 

Then the painful part of the grieving process where there is a space in your heart, that was always filled by the joy your four-legged best friend filled.

dog ashes tattoo ink

The Hard Decisions

Its hard, it does get easier, but always upon always try and remember the good parts of their lives with you, try very slowly to put aside the decision that you had to make and remember the mischief and fun you both had together and slowly, very slowly, you’ll start to come to terms with loosing your friend, but they will always be with you in your memory.

Doggy ashes in tattoo ink

Get Dog Ashes In Tattoo Ink

If you decide to get them cremated, you can do what a lot of people do and get a tattoo to memorialize them and to keep them with you forever.  This is where Cremation Ink ® comes in.  If you got your dog cremated, then we can place some of these ashes into tattoo ink and you can get the commemorative tattoo they deserved done by your local tattoo studio.  A both mental and physical way for you to re-connect with your best friend and also keep them with you forever.

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