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Getting a Tattoo with ashes of your loved one infused into them is now an international service offered by Cremation Ink ®

Tattoos Infused With Your Loved One's Ashes

Getting a tattoo with ashes is especially loved by tattoo fans, but now days, even clients who have never had a tattoo before are ordering bottles of cremation to get a tattoo of their loved one with ashes in the tattoo.  Our service is professional and we are recognised as experts in the field of providing our service of creating tattoo ink with your loved one’s ashes in.

finding an artist to do tattoos with ashes

There are other options you can do with the ashes when you get them back from the Crematorium as well.  Let’s go on to discuss some of them now.

Scattering Ashes At Sea

Scattering your loved one’s ashes at sea is an old boating tradition.  Commonly at the same time as scattering the ashes at sea, wreaths and loose flowers are placed in the water as well, to easy their travels.  Do try and make sure you are going on a calm day, family and friends suffering from seasickness is not going to make any one happy.  Seasickness tablets before you start out for everyone is always a fantastic idea.

If the open seas are not for you, then scattering ashes in running water or a lake is a beautiful way to go.  One of our clients told us a fantastic story orientated around this.  She had reserved a small amount of ashes for her cremation tattoo ink and the rest she took to a steep waterfall where her late husband loved to go.  Even though it took them a long time to get to the top when they got there, there were some young people tightrope walking from one side of the waterfall to the other.

Talking to one of them, she told them why she was there and they commented that they would if she wished take the ashes to the dead centre of the waterfall and sprinkle them in.  she was ecstatic, but un-beknowns to her, two of the guys had drones and they all burst into action and they did a ceremony and the ashes were walked to the centre and poured in.  She was over joyed, but even better 23 weeks later she was sent eh video from the drones all edited to make a spectacular video of the scattering of her husband’s late ashes.

Bio-Degradable Urns

If the idea resonated of going back to nature, then a biodegradable urn may be for you. You place the ashes in the bio degradable urn and intern them in place of your choosing. As nature takes effect, the ashes and the urn gradually biodegrade and ‘soak’ back into the ground. A great idea for anyone who has lost a nature lover and someone who always had an affinity with their footprint on the earth.

tattoo with cremation ashes

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At Cremation Ink ®, we discuss various ways to either commit to your lost loved ones wishes or feel that a certain thing would be the right thing to do with their ashes.  If you’re after more information non the ideas you can achieve and get done with cremation ashes. Feel free to look around the site.

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