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Turning Ashes In To Tattoo Ink

If you’re after turning ashes into tattoo ink, you need to remember its not the best option for a tattoo studio to just place some in the tattoo ink as the contaminants that are still in cremains are still in there. Even if they have been autoclaved, they are still in there. At Cremation Ink ® we utilize technique that vaporize the ashes in such a way to extract all the contaminants to make the ashes safe for implanting in a tattoo. 

Add that to the fact that we then use them in our high-quality tattoo ink, then you have fantastic and safe ashes infused tattoo ink to give to your local tattoo artist to use when you are getting your memorial tattoo.

placing ashes into tattoo ink

The remaining cremation ashes can be used or scattered in varying way and we explain many of them at Cremation Ink ®.  Here are some other ideas to do with your loved one’s cremains.

Scattering Ashes At A National Park

If your loved one enjoyed the solitude of nature or loved hiking and getting back to the silence and beauty of the wild, then scattering their ashes at a national park

is one way to facilitate this.  If it means getting on a plan with the ashes to get there, do have a word with both sets of customs to explain what you are trying to achieve and you should get the green light. 

Find a vantage point that has a stunning vista and scatter the ashes there.  Do be aware the direction of the wind, as when you scatter the ashes, this is the direction the ashes will go in.  Wet your finger and slowly turn it around, when it feels colder, then on the other side of that is the direction the ashes will go in.

Skydiving And Cremains

Not for the faint hearted if you’re the one doing the scattering, but you can book to do a skydive and you take the ashes sup with you and as your in free fall you release the ashes into the atmosphere.

Cremation Diamond

Cremation Ink ® use some of the processes from this technique. You can get your ashes turned into a diamond. Through forced heat and compression and treatment of the ashes, you can get a lab diamond created of your loved one’s ashes. Its very expensive and bespoke, but if you can afford it and want it, you deserve it.

turn ashes into tattoo ink

Cremation Ashes In Fireworks

The ashes are packed into a rocket or a variety of fireworks, for you to set off when the time seems right.  The idea of firing off into the sky and bursting into a lightshow appeal to many people judging by the number of companies that offer this service.

Launched Into Space

Oh yes its going to cost, as its priced by the gram, but you can get amounts of your loved one, placed into a rocket and when it is blasted into the stratosphere, the ashes are released to drift off into open space.  Perfect for the traveller at heart, space is the last frontier.

turn cremains into tattoo ink

Viking Burial

You can get a bit of your Viking on with a re-created Viking boat that you can set fire too and set free.  Okay, it won’t be a full 40 man ship your setting fire to hopefully, but smaller version appropriate for the freight it is carrying.  With Viking culture have renaissance currently there are a lot of people up taking this idea.

turn cremation ashes into tattoo ink

Cremation Ashes Ideas

Too many to links to place here, but feel free to look over this site as there are large amounts of ideas to do with cremation ashes, as well as links to some of the top companies offering these services.

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