Cremation Tattoo Artists Near Me

Its easy to find a ' Cremation Tattoo Artists Near Me ' with the help of Cremation Ink ®

Ashes Tattoo Artists Near Me

While the popularity of cremation tattoos slowly expands, as more and more people hear of the service, your average tattoo studio needs to be aware of the risk involved and also why using the third-party professional company, Cremation Ink ®, will benefit them, their studio and the client in the long run.

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The first thing to remember if you searching for cremation tattoo artist near me on google, that with Cremation Ink, we infuse the ashes into the ink and so you can use your local or favourite tattoo studio to get your work done.  No more trying to find a local tattoo studio that ‘may’ have done one before, with, mixed results, with Cremation Ink ®, every tattoo artist, when using Cremation Ink is a cremation tattoo artist.

Cremation Artists Near Me

Not only can you get tattoo ink infused with your lost loved one’s cremation ashes, there is a plethora of other arty things you can do with cremation ashes.

You can get an artist to incorporate some of your loved one’s ashes into oils for painting and get the, to do a design or portrait you love.  The artist places the oils on the palette board and tips some of the ashes onto the paint.  They then use a pallet knife to fold the ashes into the oils and get painting.

Cremation Ashes And Glass

Glass incorporating ashes is also a very popular technique when wanting a more permanent reminder of your loved one.  There seem to be two methods, one is where the glass is blown into a bulb / ball shape and the ashes are tipped into them and then the glass is closed of and the other is when the glass is rolled into the cremation ashes and then designed into a piece of art.

Ashes Jewellery

Obviously, we have all heard of ashes jewellery.  Bespoke pieces of jewellery are common, with the ashes either set in resin and the resin mounted into some bespoke jewellery, or the jewellery itself is in a container form and the ashes are kept ‘as is’ in these containers.   Prices vary on cremation jewellery, so do look about to find the best price for it.

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The list goes on, get them, placed inside a statue, commission one if your wealthy enough, we know of a bronze bust that someone commission, life size, that is full of the lost loved one’s ashes and is also a stunning portrait of the lost loved one themselves.  A fantastic way to memorialize someone and also acts as a permanent urn.

Safe Cremation Tattoo Artists

That’s just some of the art things that can be done with cremation ashes.  When it comes to tattoo designs then, the world is your oyster and is only halted by the abilities of your tattoo artist.  Using our third-party service, Cremation ink ®, removes all the heavy metals and residues that are still in cremation ashes, (something your average tattoo studio can’t do) and gives you a high-quality tattoo ink that is infused on a molecular level with your loved ones ashes.

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Cremation Tattoo Artists Close To You

When you receive your commemorative tattoo ink back from Cremation Ink ®. Take it to your local tattoo studio to get them to do the commemorative tattoo your always wanted, and your lost loved one deserved.

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