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Searching the search engines to find where to get ritual tattoos near me ?, then this article will help you make the right decision.

Ritual Tattoos With Cremation Ink ®

If you have come across this due to searching google for Ritual tattoos near me, your hoping to find a tattoo artist who uses cremation ashes in tattoo ink in your local area.  That’s no problems where ever you live if you use the professional services of Cremation Ink ®.

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First let’s discuss what a Ritual Tattoo is. Ritual tattoos go by various names, a commemorative tattoo or cremains tattoo. The underlying principle is that your loved one’s ashes are part of the actual tattoo ink and are tattooed into you as part of the tattooing process.

There are some things to take on board before starting this process and we will fundamentally detail them so you understand why you should use the professional services of Cremation Ink ® to be safe and get a fantastic tattoo that will last.

Safe Ritual Tattoos Near Me

We have all seen the images of a cremation, lots of heat and flames.  Its true the body of your beloved, when they pass and are cremated, goes through a very long process to reduce the body to ashes.  Very high temperatures and for, usually, over 2 hrs.  But the process of cremation is not a sterile one.  No process from the crematorium, whilst respectful, is aimed at sterility, from raking out the remains, to processing the bones to regular sized ashes to bagging the remains up.

  • Body Preparation
  • Chamber cleaning
  • Introduce Body
  • Set Controls
  • Run Process
  • Remove Remains
  • Pulverise Remains

On top of that the bone remains still contain a lot of pollutants and contaminants, gathered overt time within the body. Medicines are inherent at leaving permanent trace elements in the banes and other environmental contaminants as well. They are not removed in the cremation process.

Healing A Ritual Tattoo

When you get a tattoo, as it heals it may take a very slight grey appearance, this is you body protecting that cell.  Your white blood cells come along to investigate the trauma to the area and if what they find is organic and is a ‘false alarm’ then your white blood cells encapsulate the internals of the cell, so as to not raise any more ‘false alarms’. 

If your white blood cells turn up and find a contaminate etc, then it will strive to remove it anyway it knows how and thus the local tattoo studio has causes you ongoing issues.

Safe Ritual Tattoos With Cremation Ink ®

You never get any issues with CremationInk ® as we follow set protocols and procedures that have been proven to let the tattooist to produce safe and long lasting tattoos with non of the issues that arise from a standrd tattoo studio just pourings ashes into tattoo ink.

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Safe Ritual Tattoos

Cremation Ink ® provide a service that makes everything safe. Your ritual tattoo will not reject or cause issues as the process we put not only the cremation ashes through, but also the pigments we use, are rigorous and time tested. 

We have been using these methods for over 12 years and have no incidents as the protocols we follow are always to the letter and with your health and safety paramount, we always show respect for the ashes of your loved ones and we strive to make sure that any ashes you send us are always returned in full, either infused into the ink or the excess returned to you as well.

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Professional Ritual Tattoos

There’s a reason we are classed as being at the apex of this industry, we provide globally the ability for you to get your loved one's ashes infused into tattoo ink and your local tattoo artist can provide you with a safe and long lasting ritual tattoo.

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