Tattoo With Cremation Ashes Near Me

If your searching to get a ' tattoo with cremation ashes near me ' on the search engines, then this article will give you all the help and advice your going to need.

Getting A tttaoo With Ashes In

The good news is that with Cremation Ink's service being available now on a global basis, that any tattoo studio or tattoo artist can do a tattoo with cremation ashes in the ink.  Once the client orders a bottle of Cremation Ink, we will send out a small kit to get the ashes back to us in safe manner.

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We only need a tablespoon worth and also don’t forget, we always return all the ashes to you.  So even if there are surplus to what we need to infuse in the tattoo ink, we send them back you at the same time.

When We Receive The Ashes

Once we receive them, we treat and process the ashes to make sure they are safe for integration with the tattoo pigment, (your safety and respect for the ashes are our main concerns), and after the various processes, we return your ashes infused tattoo ink back to you for you to give it to your chosen tattoo artist to use.

Tattoos With Cremation Ashes near Me

If you trawling Google maps searching ‘Tattoo With Cremation Ashes Near Me’ then it’s safe to say you have chosen the many other people around the world inspired to re-connect with their lost loved one.

As well as it being a very symbolistic thing, its also a very psychical thing as well, as a part of your lost loved one will truly be with you forever.

The Grieving Process

For a lot of our clients, it acts as a next step in the grieving process.  The loss of a loved one is always a very traumatic event and there is a compounding feeling is there being a void in your life.  The good times you spent together are dulled by the heavy emotions of losing them. As time moves on and if you loved one was cremated, whether through heat cremation or water cremation, then you sit facing a pile of ashes, where your heart used to be.

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If they had any requests, if time was on their side before they passed, then honouring their wishes is a fundamental thing to achieve.  Even after death, there still that adventure they requested to commit to and in a psychological way, share.  You may have other thoughts on what to do with the ashes and on this premise, there is a huge list of things that can be done with them.

What To Do With The Rest Of The Ashes?

To name but a few, place some in to shotgun shells, have some mixed into an oil painting, glass statues.  You can even have them, send into space for a journey beyond the stars.  A fantastic idea that they have escaped the confines of Earth and are now adventuring into the great void of space.

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What About A tattoo With Their Ashes In ?

This is where the bespoke services of Cremation Ink ® come in.  Being the international leading experts in amalgamating cremation ashes into high quality tattoo ink, we help people all around the globe fulfil the wish of re-connecting with their lost loved one.  Whether it be a dog, cat or your favourite grandad, we can help you make your wish of getting a tattoo with their ashes infused into it come true.

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