Cremation Tattoos

Cremation Tattoos are safe and heal great when they are done with Cremation Ink's tattoo Ink. The Service infuses your loved one's ashes into our high quality tattoo ink, to create the ultimate tattoo ink for you to use with your local tattoo studio.

Cremation Tattoos That Last Forever

As we know, cremation ink uses your loved ones ashes and infuses them into tattoo ink, you  can go to your local tattoo studio and some Cremation Tattoos.  A fantastic service provided by the experts in the industry.

But for a lot of you this will be your first time in a tattoo studio, so let’s explain the process of getting a cremation tattoo.

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Getting Cremation Tattoos

If its your first time trying to find the right tattoo studio for you to get your Cremation tattoos, here are some keys to finding the right tattoo studio for.  Do they look clean?  Obvious, but dirty nails on the assistant on the counter or overflowing bins are an instant no, no.

What is the ambiance of the place like? If you’re getting Cremation tattoos, you don’t want to be getting them in an environment where ever ones miserable, an upbeat attitude and calm environment means the staff are proud of their studio, so it should be a great environment for getting your Cremation Tattoos.

Whats The Artists Portfolio Like ?

The artists portfolio. Have look for arty filter on the social media posts etc as this is a s sure sign that the tattoo image has been covered up. If they need to adjust the images to sell the tattoo image, then this is a non no. Ask if you can have a look and any healed work they have done.

The easiest is to ask members of staff, as all long-standing tattoo studios regularly tattoo their staff, so you will have a great idea on the quality of the work that the tattooist is doing.  Try to make sure you see tattoo work that is done by the tattooist in the chair and not a member of staff who ‘used to work here’.

Tattoo Conversations

Talk to them about what you’re doing and point them to cremation inks website if need be.  If they jump on the chance and say, “oh we can put ashes in ink”, they are jumping on the customer for the cash, as its obvious with a brief overview of Cremation Ink that just placing some sterilized ash into a pot is not the way to go and is actually irresponsible for both them and your health.

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Tattoo Time

So, you’ve all agreed to get the tattoo done and your bottle of ashes infused ink has turned up in the post.  Its time and you’re going to get your tattoo. So, what to expect?  Well, every artist has a different way of working but for the most part, it goes something like this.  Your skin area where you’re getting the tattoo will be shaved to make sure all the little hairs have been removed. 

The skin will then be cleaned with a lotion or Dettol or even pure alcohol. This makes sure the skin is pristine and also removes all the trace oils from your skin. Your design if it’s very simple, will be drawn on with a pen or marker. If it’s a bit more complicated then a prepared transfer will be placed on your skin so as when it is removed, it has left the outline of the design on your skin.   If not already prepared, they will prepare a station with the tattoo machines, the ink pots and some form of lubricant. 

Vaseline is very common to be used.  The Vaseline through the process will be wiped onto the skin the make the tattoo process easier and less painful.  In the long run it will also aid in the healing process, as the ‘burn’ sensation of a tattoo is actual from the friction of the metal going in and out of the skin, the Vaseline will reduce this friction, so healing is improved.

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What Do Cremation Tattoos feel Like ?

They will pour your Cremation Ink ® into a little pot and get you ready for your Cremation tattoo.  It’s not as bad as you think, if you get a box of old school pink head matches and run the sandpaper from the side onto your skin, that’s exactly what any tattoo feels like. 

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Once you relax into it, knowing it’s not as bad as you’ve been winding yourself up about, then just let your artist get on with it, talk to them, some are nice but silent, some will waffle all day long, but in the end, you’ll be a proud owner of a tattoo that memorialized your beloved and also re-connected you with them, both mentally, and physically.

Healing Your Cremation Tattoo

No extra due care and attention on healing is needed, follow your artists advice and if all else fails use the good old nappy cream called Bepathen, one of the favourites for healing any tattoo.

Hope you enjoyed that little run down on Cremation tattoos and there are even more snippets of advice and help across this site.

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