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Memorial Tattoos

As a symbolic milestone, tattoos can give clients a sense of control over overwhelming emotions and essentially ease psychological pain. As shown in this document on the Cremation ash tattoo inks, a small amount of incinerated ashes is formulated in tattoo ink and then a commemorative tattoo is created.

ashes cremation ink tattoos

Understanding Ashes Tattoos

What is the understanding behind an ashes tattoo? Well, a lot of people take on board and have tattoos as a memory of certain times in their lives, both good and bad. 

The loss of a loved one, can be a very emotionally time and the feeling of loss is compiled by the fact the person has lost the connection to the person. Over looking keep sakes, the person is no longer there. Having their ashes infused into tattoo ink, means they can go to, say their loved one’s favourite tattoo artist and get a ultimate memorial tattoo. 

Or for some they seek an artist whose work they particularly like and with the services of Cremation Ink ®, this gives them the ability to memorialize their lost loved one, but in a true psychical sense, have their loved one with them forever.

Once you have your ink and select your artist, the rest of the process is exactly like a normal tattoo.

Getting Ashes In Ink Near Me

A few tattoo studios around the world used to place ashes in tattoo ink and tattoo their clients, but the service slowly dissipated as the client found that the tattoo caused skin irritation and other health concerns. Yet one company never had issue and had clients and tattoo studios around the globe asking about their service.

So, we created and formed Cremation Ink ®.  All our main staff come from the tattooing industry and also the main studio that has been successfully doing cremation tattoos with no issues.  We formulated a lab and put together an environment and protocols to make sure the clients and the ashes were getting not only the best service and respect, but also that the end resulting ashes infused tattoo ink was safe to use and caused no issues at all.

Cremation Ashes Infused Tattoo Ink

That why tattooists from around the globe now use the services of Cremation Ink ®.

near me cremation tattoos

At every stage with Cremation Ink ® your loved one’s ash are looked after and on arrival one technician is given the ashes to follow and track them through all the processes.  What do the processes involve, the many, with a multi-layer sterilization protocol and processes to remove all heavy metals, medicinal remnants, as well as other biological traces left over from the cremation process.

Our Processes

We haven’t just started this technique, this is one we have refined for over 12 years and more and has been featured internationally in papers and online, with the likes of The Times, New York Post, all writing articles on what we have achieved and are now able to offer to our clients from all around the world.

Commemorative Tattoo Inks By Cremation Ink ®

Your loved one deserved the best and with Cremation Ink ®, they get the best.


Putting Cremated Ashes In Tattoo Ink

Tattoo Ink With Ashes

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