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As a symbolic milestone, tattoos can give a person a sense of control over overwhelming feelings and essentially ease some of the psychological pain associated with the loss of your loved one.

Cremation Ink ® Reviews

Cremation Ink ® comes into this field if you want some of the ashes of your loved one infused into tattoo ink.  You can even get Aquamation ashes placed into tattoo ink by Cremation Ink ®.

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We originally come from a team from Bubblegum Ink which has been reviewed around the globe by national newspapers for our endeavours and state of the art techniques in using cremation ashes into tattoos.

Cremation Ink ® Around The Globe

Its humbling to see the like of the San Francisco Times and Tv channels doing segments on our service, but the underlying issue was, that the globe wanted to be able to use the service and before we developed Cremation Ink ®, it was only available to people in the UK.

  • Daily Mail UK
  • San Francisco News
  • Daily Express
  • Premade items
  • The Metro
  • BBC
  • Lad Bible

As a team we set about creating a laboratory environment, where we could provide the service on a remote basis, creating protocols and techniques that gave us the ability to give the client and safe and high-quality ashes infused tattoo ink, but also a product that would last the same time span as traditional tattoo ink. 

A lot of financial investment was needed to set up the operation and provide the standard of service that we strive to supply, which is the best. Our team created a formula where we can guarantee that the ashes are infused into the tattoo ink, so as long as you can see your tattoo, then you know your lost loved one is with you forever.

Cremation Ink Review

Some of our best reviews are from tattoo artists themselves.  As all our staff originate from the tattooing industry, with the Director holding many international tattooing awards, we are aware that we need to provide the best possible quality ink to our tattooists, so they can rely on the quality of our product.

Cremation Ink Review Video

On the main page of the Cremation Ink website, there is a video created by one of the best international tattoo artists for us that he made as a visual review for us. Personally, he stated that the inks were fantastic to use and he loved how easy it went in the skin. This is the quality of ink we provide for our tattooing community, striving to not only make the client happy, but also the tattoo artists that use our products.

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As we deal internationally with clients from around the globe, we get varying reviews and feedback from our customers. Some related to having their tattoos done with their loved one’s ashes infused into them, and other just expressing themselves on how glad they are that our service is available around the globe.

Cremation Ink Reviews And Photos

Tattoo photos of completed work of art with our inks, shows us we are doing a good service, but be aware we dont put them up online Why because they are private, its the result of working with someones departed and some one who is grieving. It's just basic respect.

Our inks get reviews posted by clients a lot and these are attached to the actual inks themselves in the shops page, but if a client sends us an image of the great tattoo they have had done and ask us to share it on the site, we will but we respect the privacy of the client and don't ask and never will. Commonly they just want to show us that they have finally been re-connected to their loved one and that's what we care about.

Cremation Ink ®

As more and more tattoo artists send their clients to our services from around the globe, slowly but surely, Cremation Ink ® will be the number one easiest choice for getting a tattoo with your loved one’s ashes infused into them.

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