Is It Safe To Put Ashes In Tattoo Ink ?

In this article we will go on to explain how you can make it safe to put ashes into tattoo ink, so you can get the best commemorative tattoo.

Are Ashes Tattoos Safe ?

If you’re wondering if it’s safe to out cremation ashes in tattoo ink, the answer is yes if done by a professional service like Cremation Ink ®.  Is it safe for your local tattoo artist to plonk some ashes in the tattoo ink and away they go, then no this isn’t safe at all, as we will go onto discuss and explain?

is it really safe to put ashes in tattoo ink

Are Cremation Ashes Sterile?

Cremation ashes are not sterile. You may think they are after going through such extensive heat and temperatures, but the whole cremation process is orientated around one sole parameter, reduction of the body. Even if your lost loved one is going through the aqaumation process where they use alkaline and vacuums to speed up the decomposition process.

What can take up to 100 years and more, can be done in matter of hrs with the aqaumation proceeds, but hey we digress, the cremation process is aimed at reduction only.  The bones are still held together after the cremation process, especially things like the leg bones etc.  These are then all scrapped out, ensuring none of the remains are left in the chamber.

After Cremation ?

They are then placed in a crematorium ball mill to reduce the ashes down to a set level and size, then poured into either an urn or a plastic bag, that is then placed in a box, ready to be forwarded onto the responsible person, whether that be the funeral director of the client. 

These ashes still contain a large number of contaminants that would cause serious issues with a tattoo if the ashes were just placed into the ink, even if they were run through a sterilizer first.

Your Local Tattoo Artist

Cremation Ink ®, gives your local tattoo artist the ability to do cremation ashes tattoos in a safe manner, knowing they have got a premium product to use and that the memorial tattoo they do, will last the test of time.

safety of putting ashes in tattoo ink

Your Local Artist

Adding ashes to tattoo ink isn’t safe if left to your local tattoo studio to just place some in there.  Why, well the reason is that the contaminants that are in the ashes need to be removed via extraction and vaporization to atomize the contaminates and then these need to be removed without effecting the ashes. 

The under-safety issues of ashes tattoos are when they are no done to a professional standard, they are renown for causing ongoing issues to the client, whether it be through infections, skin issues or for the even less fortunate, destruction of the tattoo itself, destroying the tattoo that was done with such good intention to honour your lost loved one.

is it really safe to put ashes in tattoo ink

Safe Ashes Tattoo

All contaminants in the ink need to be removed and the cremation ashes need to be made safe for human implementation.  With Cremation Ink ®, this is achieved with specialized machinery from the DNA extraction field and others to achieve the end result of an inert ash.

how to find out if it is safe to put ashes in tattoo ink

Once the ash is inert and all contaminated have been removed, then they are fine for infusing with the inks.  But if the ink were to be normal tattoo ink, the ink would become mud like in nature and too thick to be used.  At Cremation Ink ® we produce a very low viscosity pigment rich ink, that when the set amount of ashes are introduced to the ink, will bring the viscosity of the ink to that of traditional tattoo ink.

Cremation Ink ®, Loved By Tattooist Around The World

That’s why Cremation Ink ® is loved by tattooists, globally. When they work with it, it flows well into the skin and heals really nice with no underlying issues.

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