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Everything You Need To Know About Getting A Safe Cremation Ash Tattoo

How safe is a cremation ash tattoo?

This is a frequently asked question that people have about when they contemplate getting a tattoo with ashes. The simple answer is with Cremation Ink ®, YES.

Cremation tattoos are increasingly popular in society, and in this article, we analyze strategies to have a Safe cremation ash tattoo that you should know and how they work.

When you lose a loved one, it is common to have something that makes you feel you have a part of him forever. So in today's modern society, cremation ashes tattoos are becoming common place, with Cremation Ink ® now making this possible and safe for everyone.

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You can have a Safe cremation ash tattoo ! 

The cremation ash (Cremains) is used by more and more people to get tattoos to memorialize their lost loved one. You can only have a safe cremation ash tattoo if you follow the recommendations of the experts and use a professional company to process the ashes and infuse them into the tattoo ink, like Cremation Ink ®.  Whilst some people believe that just placing sterilized cremation ashes into tattoo ink will mix the ink with the ashes, it will not.  They don’t mix together as the molecular dynamics of the ashes as well as the possible heavy metals still in the ashes, having this done by a local tattoo studio can break local zone laws as well as prove to be a real health risk. 

The inks not mixing with the ashes, means that the idea that the ashes are being made a part of your tattoo is just wax lyrical, when done by a local tattoo artist just plonking some ashes into the ink pot.  The ashes are too heavy to be pulled out of the ink by the tattoo machine. That is why we at Cremation ink ® have utilized our years of experience to ensure you can take to your favorite tattoo artist a truly infused tattoo ink, that’s sterile, free of heavy metals, medicine remnants and other contaminants and will be completely incorporated into your tattoo.  Matching the molecular size of both the tattoo pigment and the ashes, means that you have a superior ink, worthy of you lost one and one that is the best out there on the markets, just like your loved one deserved.

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Commemorative Ashes Tattoos

A tattoo reminder is a way to remember a deceased loved one, but any tattoo artist can bring those lasting honors a step further by using the ashes of the loved one as part of the tattoo with the help of Cremation ink ®. For many years, our team have helped our clients get the perfect tattoo that truly has their loved one infused in the tattoo.

Obtaining a tattoo with ashes is, of course, a personal decision, and although anyone getting an ashes tattoo to remember a loved one have their own way of dealing with the loss, it seems more and more people are getting this particular tattoo, it could be done from the cremation ashes from your grandma, partner, dogs, cats, etc.

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Following a client through the decision to get a safe cremation ashes tattoo;

A mother of three that decided to get a commemorative tattoo for her daughter, who passed away a few years ago when she was only 13 years old.

” She truly came out of my body, I gave birth to her. I created her in the first place, and now that she’s gone and her very physical being is no longer with me, the ashes may mean she’s returning to my body. I'm now with her again all the time, which relieves some of the pain in her loss“

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Another User Experience After Getting A Safe Ash Tattoo

Doris stated:

“I truly miss James every day, I did this cremation ash tattoo to have a part of him (my son James) with me the rest of my life, i feel reconnected to him now part of him is back with me, I know there are people who say I’m being soppy, but I think everyone can choose freely.

The pain of his loss is still there. If you lose someone like James, who holds a big place in your life, it’s hard to deal with on an ongoing basis. But knowing that part of him is with me gives me some consolation, “

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Safe Cremation Ash Tattoo: This Is How It Works

A safe cremation ash tattoo is when you add a small amount of ash to the normal tattoo ink. It needs to be sterilized, free from heavy metal residue, medicinal remnants and other know contaminants, still present in cremation ashes. Everything, both the ashes, the tattoo pigments and even the ink bottles, are subject to a multi-layers sterilization process to ensure complete sanitation and professional results in providing a safe cremation ash tattoo. The ashes molecule need to be matched to the pigment size and then the ashes ink is made. The result is an ink infused with ash that is then injected into the skin.

Cremation Ink ® is the only worldwide company to give you all that with a very affordable price, providing you, not only safe cremation ash tattoo ink, but also a resulting ink that is easy for your tattooist to use and stays bright, vibrant and with you forever, just like you want it to be.

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Your Chosen Tattoo Artist For Your Cremation Tattoo.

Once you get back your Cremation Ink ®, make sure your choice of tattoo artists is clean, has a great portfolio and is proud of their tattoo abilities. Any good tattooist will be glad to show you their tattoo portfolio. Do be aware that some tattooist will use Photoshop to enhance their tattoos so the pictures look better online.

With this knowledge try and visit the studio themselves and also make sure you feel comfortable with the tattooist. A gloomy miserable environment is no place to be having your tattoo with ashes done in.

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A Growing Success

Due to experts at Cremation Ink ® making this service applicable world wide, the industry and our worldwide recognition is going from strength to strength. With ongoing world wide press coverage, appearing in the world wide publications, we are now recognized as the experts in cremation ashes infused tattoo ink.

We always show your loved one's ashes the respect they deserve and we only every work with your ashes alone when processing them. They are special to you and we truly embrace that and treat your beloved's ashes with the upmost respect that they deserve.

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After all, it’s up to you to get a cremation ash tattoo. Many people, even if they actually like tattoos, adore the idea when they think about these types of tattoos under their skin. For some, the cremation tattoo is the best place to honor their lost as they will truly be with them forever. There's one thing to remember, if your after getting a safe cremation ash tattoo, your in the right place. Use Cremation Ink ® to honor your loved one and your assured of a safe tattoo.

“Knowing that they will be with me till I pass away and beyond, Makes me feel more whole”

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