About Cremation Ink ®

We provide years of experience in this field of tattooing Inks And Ashes.

Your Loved One' Ashes Are In Expert Hands

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About Cremation Ink ®

We have been active in the field of this very bespoke market helping clients to get tattoos with their loved one’s cremation ashes in for 10+ years.  The Cremation Ink ® director P Cutler has been in the tattoo industry for over 16 years, winning international awards for his tattooing and also global recognition for his pioneering work within the cremation ashes tattoo industry.

Now with a team of 5, we work with clients from all around the globe, professionally combining cremation ashes with our high quality tattoo ink.

Cremation Ink ®

The ashes tattoo ink has developed leaps and bounds, with us now being able to make our bespoke service more mainstream.  With our vast experience in this field and our devotion to customer care and understanding, Cremation Ink ® is leading the way in you being able to get the ultimate memorial tattoo where ever you are in the world.

We are not a corporate entity pumping out a generic product, but people who have vast experience in this refined and respectful element of the tattooing industry, to such a degree that we have been featured in multiple international newspapers and more. 

We use our vast experience in this field and our laboratory facility to make sure you get the highest standard of both sterility and quality ink, with protocols in place to make sure you get back all the ashes of your beloved one.

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Our Experience

"Expertise, professionalism and dedicated care"

For over 9+ years now we have mastered and refined infusing cremation tattoo ashes into to tattoos, always following our protocols of respect in handling the ashes of your loved one. 

You are in capable hands with our vast experience in infusing cremation ashes into tattoo ink.

The Beginning

The director and founder of Cremation Ink ® has over 18 years’ experience in the tattooing industry and has won multiple international tattooing awards.  He was approached about placing ashes of a clients deceased grandfather into their tattoo.  He wouldn’t do it without comprehensive research, so investigated the varying aspects of making this happen for the clients. 

After ongoing tests, various meetings with funeral directors, crematoriums, NHS test Labs, as well as cancer consultants and microbiological and sterility experts, he was able to utilize this knowledge to make sure the client received exactly what they wanted, but in safe manner.  This in turn lead to varying UK and international coverage which catapulted this bespoke and revered form of tattooing and our team into the main stream media.


We have been the driving force within the field of cremation ashes tattoos ever since.

Our Ashes work within our tattooing Studio in Cheshire UK;

We have worked with multitudes of clients over the years and they have always praised us for our respect and understanding at such a difficult time in their life.  Many have traveled long distances and some come from overseas, as we are seen as the experts in the field.

This is why we have created Cremation Ink ®, it gives you more choice in your area, where ever you live in the world and gives you the ability to have the ultimate memorial tattoo with any tattoo artist you choose.  

Below are some of our Facebook reviews with regards to memorial tattoos, for our tattoo studio Bubblegum Ink.

Check out what our ashes tattoo clients say from our studio

Ryan Stephen ‘John Nelson’ reviewed Bubblegum Ink – 5 star 

Had a Memorial tattoo (with dads ashes in) made up with it, thank you to the very friendly staff, would recommend to anyone 

Caroline Preston reviewed Bubblegum Ink – 5 star 

Absolutely love our tattoos! Outstanding artist with incredible knowledge and vast experience in his craft. Great with people too. Highly recommend to anyone 

Danny Fairweather reviewed Bubblegum Ink – 5 star Had a memorial tattoo done. Great price and an excellent tattoo. Very friendly atmosphere. Would highly recommend it.

The above are recommendations for our ashes tattoo service in the UK and also goes to highlight the level of respect and care we show a loved ones ashes.

" When you use the services of Cremation Ink ®, you are using the skills and experience of the most qualified people in the industry. "

Your loved one's ashes are in experienced and professional hands with Cremation Ink ®

Cremation Ink ® is a Limited Company called CREMATION INK LIMITED, Company # 11501627. CREMATION INK LIMITED is registered as a company and its registered offices are CREMATION INK LIMITED, 88 Hill Village Rd, Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands, B75 5BE. Contact us on the form above for any questions and information that is needed.

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