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Turning Ashes Into Tattoo Ink

If you want to turn ashes into tattoo ink, this is best left to the professionals. There are a lot of contaminants and processing that cremation ashes have to go through to be able to safely but placed in a tattoo, so your best using the experts at Cremation ink ® to get this done. Very affordable and delivered anywhere in the world, Cremation ink ® is your choice or ashes in tattoo ink. But what to do with the remaining ashes.

turn ashes from a cremation into tattoo ink

There are some novel ideas on what to do with them and we will go further into detail about them now.

Ashes And 3D Printers

As technology moved on, the market has opened up for utilizing cremation ashes with 3D printers.  Various approaches can be done, but the two main ones are the 3D print a hollow design and as the 3D object is being created to pour some ashes into the insides and they carry the process on to seal the ashes inside.  The other technique is to amalgamate the ashes with the actual material used to create the 3D design and so the piece itself is the ashes carrier.

  • 3D Printing
  • Wine
  • Frisbees
  • Shotgun Shells
  • Vinyl Records
  • Oil Paintings
  • Jewellery

Cremation Ashes Into Wine

Yes, believe it or not ashes can be incorporated into the wine making process to create a bottle of infused wine of your loved one. Whilst not so popular, as the thought of ingesting your loved one is not for most people, it does have a small following, so is worth noting.

Frizbees ?

Yes, your loved one can be plastic pressed into a frisbee.  The inventor of Frisbee himself had his ashes integrated into the plastic and made into frisbee’s to be given out to family and friends.

Cremation Ashes In Vinyl Records

If the old romance of a vinyl record spinning on the turntable was a passion for your lost loved one, then some of their ashes can be pressed into vinyl records. If your prepared to pay, you can get a certain recording and that is pressed into the PVC record. Words from the departed or poems from the departed being played for an eternal reminder of your beloved, is a very bespoke and novel idea.

Cremation Ashes In A Reef.

Engrained into the mix of concrete, the cremains can become part of a reef. If your beloved had a passion for all things under the sea, then they surely love to be part of a reef. 

There for eternity with the passing of nature, as their symbolistic stashes integrated structure nurtures the young fish and invertebrate as they grow up ready for the open sea.

tattoo stduio that use ashes liverpool

Cremains Into Ammo

Mixed in with gunpowder, your cremains can be integrated into bullets and shotgun shells.  Blasted out into the world with a big bang is an understatement if your ashes have been placed in 50 cal rounds.

Stained Glass And Cremation Ashes

Glass has a reserved history with ashes and as well as creating both jewellery and vases etc in glass with ashes impregnated into them, there is now the option to integrate ashes into sheets of coloured glass and be used to create a bespoke stained-glass window. 

Costly and time consuming, but it is a beautiful way to remember your loved one by.

Cremation Ashes Time Capsule

Not so much a capsule for the local school kids in 100 years to dig up, but a time capsule for your family, or with the help of a map, a gift to pass down the lines for future generations to dig up and find. Adding ashes as well as personal writings, mementos and the likes, brings back a departed generation for a future generation.

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