Dog Memorial Tattoo

They steal our hearts and rightly so, many people decide to to get a tattoo to be with them forever, to commemorate the passing of their best friend.

Dogs Are Amazing !

Dogs are amazing creatures, our private confidants, and for most people, their best friends.  They never judge or fear, our own private warrior ready to fight our emotional and psychical battles if need be.

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A dog has a fantastic sense of empathy and emotion and responds to our own emotions.  That why they make fantastic therapy dogs.  You can ease the stress of a bad day away with a cuddle from your best friend or enjoy time out with them on a walk, watching your dog interact with the world and you in a stress-free environment,

Why Can't They Stay Forever ?

But and this is the big but, they aren’t with us forever.  Whilst we are all of a dog’s life, a dog is a part of our life and at some stage nature and hopefully very old age will call and they move over the ‘Rainbow Bridge’ for them to run free as the free spirits they are.

  • Dogs are amazing
  • Dogs are explorers
  • Dogs are friends
  • Dogs are security
  • Dogs are daft
  • Our Four legged amigo
  • Our personal shadow

Getting A Memorial Tattoo For Your Dog

The hope and goal is that they let go at a grand old age, in peace with no discomfort, and when they die, there is a huge void in our life.  Like a shadow that’s disappeared or a space on the sofa, still ruffled from their nesting before sleep, when they are gone, they take a piece of our hearts with them.

To soften the blow and to ease some of the grieving, a lot of people get a tattoo of them to remind them of that special dog who they will eternally hold dear in their heart.

Dog Ashes Tattoo

Some take a more determined outlook and get a dog memorial tattoo that has the dog ashes infused into the actual tattoo.  This gives comfort in knowing that they will literally be with you forever.

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Whether it be a set of pawprints or their name, the fact they have a permanent visual reminder helps to reinforce the bond that was between the dog and their owner / best friend.  Having their feet pressed into moulds or copies taken from the dog, means you could have an exact copy of your pet’s feet tattooed on you.

Paw Print Tattoos

Whilst some people get the copy done after the dog has passed, you can be brave and do it as a project when they are still with you.  This isn’t being macabre as we all understand that a dog will pass before us, so a visual and memorial reminder of the day you tried to get foot prints of the dog and they ran off covering the house in paint may be a way to remember the free spirit of your four-legged shadow.

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Getting Your Dog memorial Tattoo

To do it proper, get some blank wallpaper and line a floor with it, remove all things you hold dear, such as kids, that special vase your mum bought you and the rest, as this is going to be mayhem, especially if your dog is a great Dane!

placing dog ashes into tattoo ink

Now that everything is lined, get some kids acrylic paint, have a bath ready for after, warn the kids and prepare.  Now place the dogs paw pads on in the paint, (in a smaller roller tray is better), then just let the dog walk about, one of the pawprints on the floor will be great to use for a tattoo design.

This Will Be Easy !

Now that’s in a perfect world, there’s every likelihood it could go this way as well.  You grab the paw gently; the dog susses your up to something and starts to wrestle n writhes like a snake has got them.  You’ll still try ever so polite, while saying things like good dog, while you try and get their foot to the paint, it’s in, but it’s gone right in the paint and the dogs onto you big now. 

You and your dog are now locked in a wrestling battle of paint-soaked paws, you trying to stop the paint getting everywhere and oh !! the paints gone over the dogs flown off and is now doing everything to avoid you, like you’ve just placed their paw in a bag of sharks, the kids are wanting to know how its going on the other side of the door and now you’re trying to stop the kids getting in, trying not to get paint everywhere and the dogs putting paint prints everywhere. 

You failed !

Now is the time to give up, the wrestling paint soaking king has your number, the kids are crying and there’s paint everywhere.  Let the dog out, and if you look over your furniture, the sideboards or even over your own jumper, you should find a print to use.


Ninja Time

Or you can do it at night like a ninja, the objective is to let them give up a paw print.  If you get one, hold it dear as that’s one hell of a day you’ve had and if you turn it into a tattoo, you’ll always remember the day you got the tattoo design to remind you of your professional wrestling four-legged friend.

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