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Are Cremation Ashes Mixed Uk?

are cremation ashes mixed uk

The modern crematoriums of the UK make sure that no cremation ashes are mixed. The process is well governed and is as follows:

Once the body if removed from the altar, it goes into a processing room where the casket is placed in an automated cycle cremation chamber and initiated. Once the cycle has taken place, the chamber is left to disperse the heat and cool. Once this is achieved the remains are removed from both the under tray and the chamber, with some crematorium using automated cleaning features to ensure every element of the remains is removed and the chamber is spotlessly clean for further clients.

The remains are then placed in a ball mill which will reduce the remains to a conforming overall size. The ashes are then placed in a plastic bag that has all id references on them to maintain protocols and the placed in a temporary urn, ready to be shipped to where they are to be delivered to the bereaved.

Are Cremation Ashes Mixed With Others?

are cremation ashes mixed with others

There are protocols in the modern crematoriums in place where the body is identified and tracked through the whole process. They can track the ashes through the whole cycle of delivery. Also due to the systems in place that follow, one automatically cleaned chamber is used per client, with the cleaning cycle removing all elements and then being placed straight into a dedicated clean ball mill.

This is emptied into plastic bags where the id of the client is already registered and then the remains are placed into a bow with the details on again. No one wants to bear the thought of their loved one’s ashes not actually being theirs, that’s why these protocols are in place to ensure the bereaved get the remain of their loved one.

Are Cremation Ashes Sterile?

are cremation ashes sterile

No, they are not, only after processing by Cremation Ink ® are they truly sterile. The heat of the cremation process will remove and destroy all bacteria and so yes, they are sterile, but everything in a crematorium, whilst exceptionally clean, is not sterile. There is no sterility protocol in place in a crematorium and they don’t have to adhere to any sterility laws or regulations. The ball mill that is used to reduce the size of the remains is not sterile and they are not placed in a sterile bag. When we process the cremation ashes to create our Cremation Tattoo Ink ®, we sterilize the ashes multiple times throughout the process to ensure that the ashes are perfect for putting in your tattoo.

Are Cremation Ashes Allowed On Planes?

are cremation ashes allowed on planes

Cremation ashes do not fall under any aviation laws around the world currently. The issues are not the airlines but customs and whether the country of departure excepts deceased remains to leave the country without paperwork and if the customs on the place of arrival have no issues with undocumented ashes coming into their country.

The other problem is there isn’t really a form of paperwork that you can show them that allows this as there are no actual laws on allowing ashes onto a plane. It is up to the customs broad understanding of stipulated laws. The best technique is to not tell customs of your intentions if you really need to take them on a plane, well that what some of our overseas clients have told us, when traveling to the UK for ashes tattoos.

Cremation Without Ashes?

cremation without ashes

If the desire is to pay for the cremation, but you don’t want the ashes back, this could be difficult. The funeral director must by law keep the ashes for 50 yrs. if no one collects them. And you may ask why, but as an example a funeral director once told us that they had a woman collect cremation ashes of her dead father after 46 yrs. The mother for some unknown reason waited till she was herself passing away, to reveal to her daughter where her fathers’ ashes were. The ashes must legally be kept for 50 yrs. and thus if you don’t pick them up, they will either be at the crematorium of funeral home for the next 50 years.

Cremation Ashes In Glass?

cremation ashes in glass

As well as our bespoke service of placing cremation ashes into tattoo ink for you to use at a tattoo studio of your choice, some people do other things with the ashes. Ashes in glass is one of them. This can be done in two ways either via a sandwich of glass with the ashes placed in the center to be on display or where the ashes are rolled into the glass, the ashes becoming infused within the molten glass itself. Both ways with today’s artisans make for fantastic pieces of art, whether it be small like a necklace, or larger like vase.

Cremation Ashes To Diamonds?

cremation ashes to diamond

Utilizing the same processes and similar equipment to reduce the ashes into a much smaller molecular level, the ashes are placed in a former to produce a pill of the ashes to be used. This is then placed into a machine that invokes incredible pressure on such a small area, trying to replicate the pressures under the ground where diamonds are formed.

They also at the same time, use incredible levels of concentrated heat, to recreate the temperatures within the earths core. The process through the pressure and heat over time forms the carbon into a diamond. They will them pass it to gemologist who will polish the diamond. We have seen multiples of these, and they are incredibly expensive to have done, but they do look like perfect diamonds.

Cremation Ashes In Tattoo Ink?

cremation ashes in tattoo ink

Due to Cremation Inks ® ongoing expertise in this field, we class out selves as one of the leading world suppliers of cremation ashes infused tattoo ink. We have worked with clients providing ashes tattoos for over 10 years and have a team that is dedicated and respectful in all the handling and aspects of working with cremation ashes. Feel free to look over our site for more details on the process and how to get an Ultimate Memorial Tattoo.

Cremation Ashes In Blown Glass?

cremation ashes in blown glass

There are two methods for this style of ashes incorporating that the glass blower can utilize. The first is to roll the glass in the ashes whilst in the process of blowing the glass. This will keep the ashes embedded in the surface of the glass. The other is placing the ashes into the blown glass itself and either placing them down the blowing tube or forming a bubble, cutting the glass, placing the ashes inside and then reattaching and forming a closed glass lid for the client. Both look stunning and are a beautiful tribute to a loved one.

Cremation Ashes To Plant In A Tree?

cremation ashes to plant in a tree

A company called bio urn has made a great way to utilize some of your loved one’s ashes, especially if they were a lover of nature. The ashes are placed in the bottom of the bio degradable urn and then the top placed back on. The top includes everything that a tree needs to grow, including a seed of the tree of your choice. This is placed in a place you or your lost one loved and with general watering and care, a tree will grow and overtime the roots will feed and take into the tree the ashes. A beautiful long tern visual monument for your loved on and nature.

Cremation Ashes In Fireworks?

cremation ashes in fireworks

There are varying companies online that offer the service of making fireworks with your loved one’s ashes inside them. They range from making rockets to large pyrotechnic creations that will need an expert to release. They will form the gun powder and the pyrotechnic elements and in the center of the ‘explosive’ will be an area with your loved one ashes in.

The self-fire rockets are one of the most popular, giving you the ability to pick and choice both display aspects and yet still be able to pick your own time to release the ashes filled rockets. We have spoke to many a client who have used parts of the ashes to make fireworks with and they feel it’s a fitting way to celebrate a life and scatter the ashes over a much larger area.

Cremation Ashes On Flights?

cremation ashes on flights

Most clients we have spoken too, when it comes to taking their loved one’s ashes onto a flight, they have spoken to their flight operator with regards to any issues that could arise from the flight, i.e. customs etc. The most common way that people have taken ashes onto a flight is to place the ashes in the planes hold and not take them through customs, due to the possible checks by customs. There is the ongoing very small risk of the ashes going astray with your bags, so if you so want to take them through customs, contact the appropriate customs to see what paperwork is going to be needed to make the traveling with the ashes through the customs areas on both sides, easy.

Cremation Ashes In Resin?

cremation ashes in resin

This is a process that you can do yourself, although some people leave it to experts who deal in this gift. Take two part ultra-clear resin, making sure it will take at least 24hrs to go off (you get a better cast with longer setting resins) and get a resin mold and resin mold release of your choice. Get a large bowl and a couple of mixing spatulas or better an egg whisk. Place the two resins in the bowl at the suggested quantities, then thoroughly mix for the stated time.

Then place your ashes into the mix and thoroughly mix them in till the density of the ashes in the resin are what you like the look of. Get the resin mold and coat the inside in the resin release spray. Now pour the content into your prepared mold and leave it in an out of reach area. If it says it will be set in 24 hrs, wait 3 days to make sure the mold is set solid. Remove the mold and wipe down your cremation in ashes piece.

Cremation Ashes To Jewellery?

cremation ashes to jewellery

Today’s modern jewellery artisans can create a vast array of designs in varying elemental metals. Whether silver matches your look or the luxury of gold, cremation ashes can be incorporated into most aspects of the jewellery design. For most people the ashes are held in resin or glass and then an intricate design befitting of the lost beloved are used and a gold jewellery fitting is fitted around the glass or resin to hold it firm.

Cremation Ashes To Gems?

cremation ashes to gems

The standard principle for using cremation ashes to create gems is to replicate the pressures and heat of the earth core which forms the gems in the natural environment. The cremation ashes are reduced in molecular size and the fitting into a sphere that can withstand vast pressures. Dependent on what kind and color of gen is involved for the client, depends on what other elements they add to achieve the desired stone and color.

Due to the clinical nature of this technique, the gems in most cases have perfect clarity and no occlusions within the gem stone. The process is very time consuming and very expensive, but if its something you are thinking of doing, it is available on today’s modern market.

Cremation Ashes In Water?

cremation ashes in water

If you decide to spread the ashes of your loved one onto water, then you’ll find that a lot of the ashes will float on the water. This is due to the molecular size of the ashes. If they are not large enough to break the waters tension, then they will float, and the heavier parts will slowly sink to the bottom. The incorporation of a clear feature such as glass with the cremation ashes in the water, then this technique of displaying your loved one’s ashes will be too cloudy to be classed as beautiful, resembling grey tea when shaken. We do occasionally get asked if ashes can be utilized within a water display, but always recommend against it.

Cremation Ashes In Concrete?

cremation ashes in concrete

Cremation ashes in concrete is sometimes used to incorporate cremation ashes within the actual concrete, which is then placed in a mould for the client to keep either indoors, or utilize the waterproof aspects of the concrete and have a statue made with their loved ones ashes incorporated to keep out side or place outside in their loved ones favorite place. It can be done quite easily at home, adding the ashes in part with the concrete (gravel 3-4 parts/sand – 4 parts/cement – part/ Cremation ashes – 1- 2 parts). Don’t over do the amount of cremation ashes to not affect the structural integrity and enhanced lifespan of the concrete.

Cremation Ashes In Ocean?

cremation ashes in ocean

Where as the burial at sea of a body is wrapped up in a world of legal paperwork and jurisdiction, the scattering of ashes into the ocean can be just as beautiful and inspiring. Make sure that is the boat is moving, then the ashes are scattered from the back and try and do it on a calm day. With regards to burial at sea, the tide will take the flowers a lot farther than you would imagine. Flowers from burials and ashes scatterings at sea in Gibraltar, would commonly be found over 200 miles away washing ashore on beaches in Mojacar, Spain, as our friends witnessed multiple times whilst living in Spain.

Cremation Ashes To Stones?

cremation ashes to stones

Cremation ashes to stones is the incorporation of stone powder, cremation ashes and resins to bind the ‘ingredients’ together. This is then fitted into a mold to make bespoke design for the clients choosing. Granite and marble are the favorite powders to use for this service. Now the internet is only making set designs available, but as this market slowly expands, you’ll find more designs incorporating and made from stone becoming available.

Cremation Ashes In Shotgun Shells?

cremation ashes in shotgun shells

For the country lover in us all, placing cremation ashes into shotgun shells and having them shot back into nature is the same concept as fireworks, just in a smaller container. At night on the anniversary of the beloveds passing, the firing of the shotgun shells will look amazing against the night sky. Whilst a very bespoke service, there are a few companies online who can fulfil your requirements for placing cremation ashes into shotgun shells.

Cremation Ashes To Rings?

cremation ashes to rings

Seen as a ring is seen as sign of endearment, it’s a popular choice, getting a small amount of ashes placed in a ring to carry your loved one’s ashes round with you. Not as permanent as getting cremation ashes into tattoo ink, which with the help of a skilled tattooist, can give you a permanent reminder of your lost loved one, getting ashes placed into a ring is still a beautiful choice to remember a loved one. Also, many people get multiple rings made to give to each member of the family. This not only bonds the living but the lost one to the extended family units as well.

Cremation Ashes In A Tattoo?

cremation ashes in a tattoo

At Cremation Ink ® we have years of experience in placing cremation ashes into a tattoo. Now with the ability of this service being available worldwide, we are working with clients from multiple faiths and varying countries. The acceptance of tattoos added with the expansion of peoples scope on what to do with cremation ashes, means we can supply you very high quality tattoo ink with your loved ones ashes truly infused into the ink, which gives you the ability to choose any tattoo artist you wish to do you memorial tattoo design. Check out our site more for more information on not only the process, but also about us and our vast experience in this bespoke industry.

Cremation Ashes To Glass?

cremation ashes to glass

There are two main techniques for incorporating cremation ashes into tattoo ink. The first is to form a hollow in the glass egg and insert to ashes, sealing them in there in the process. The other is the incorporation of the ashes into the actual glass, either by introduction or rolling the glass into the ashes themselves. Both make for beautiful remembrance pieces if an ornament or glass trinket is what you are after. With the ever-expanding skill of the glass artisans, placing cremation ashes to glass is becoming slowly popular with some clients. Whilst the price is high, there is no degradation of the glass and so the piece can be kept throughout the generations.

Cremation Ashes To Tree?

cremation ashes to tree

Cremation ashes placed inside an urn which has the seedling of a tree in is now available. We recommend to our clients, that the ashes that we do not use when we put ashes into tattoo ink, that they either place them back into the urn or use them in a bio urn, as they are called, as not only are you adding your beloved back into nature, but you are also starting a great natural memorial for your beloved.

“The sign of a good person is someone who plants a tree, knowing they will never enjoy its shade.”

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