Commemorative Tattoo Ink

Thinking of purchasing your own bespoke bottle of commemorative tattoo ink, infused with your loved one's ashes, then this site, article and Cremation Ink ®, is for you.

What is Commemorative Tattoo Ink ?

Nowadays when tattooists around the globe think of commemorative tattoo ink, the main company that comes to mind is Cremation Ink ®.  It’s a company formed by expert commemorative tattoo ink creators.

commemorative tattoo inks

The commemorative tattoo ink is tattoo ink that’s has your loved one’s ashes infused into them.  This way you can take the created tattoo ink to your local tattoo studio to get the tattoo your after, done by the tattooist you’re like the work of.

Creating Commemorative Tattoo Ink

When Cremation Ink ® processes the ashes you send them, the cremation ashes are reduced in particle size, as is the tattoo pigment, so they match.  Both the ashes and the tattoo pigment go through multiple sterilization and extraction processes to ensure that both elements, as well as some other usp defining processes, the tattoo ink and also the ashes are safe to infuse together and will create a safe and high-quality commemorative tattoo ink.

  • Experts In Our Field
  • Years Of Experience
  • Bright Colours
  • Safe To Use
  • High Pigment Levels
  • Loved By Tattooists
  • Heals Like A Normal Tattoo

For the tattooists; Commemorative Tattoo Inks, created by Cremation Ink ® in black and white are a very strong, tested formula that can be used to mark, pack or shade, black and grey tattoos. As with all the colours we produce, they can be used for lining, shading and packing and can also be watered down for producing grey washes.

We suggest using pure rose water to make the wash, as it keep the organic nature of the commemorative tattoo ink, produces a smooth gradient and heals really soft.

Commemorative Tattoo Ink Local Artist

Once you have the ink and have selected an artist, the rest of the process looks exactly like a normal tattoo. This is essentially the same process you would go through if you got tattooed, but with the commemorative tattoo ink by Cremation Ink ®. 

Its exactly the same for your artist to work with, as it is with any normal tattoo ink.  It can be used for shading, lining and also packing, basically any technique employed in tattooing, so the scope for your artist to create any style or design your after, is hugely expanded.

Is Commemorative Tattoo Ink Safe ?

With the processes employed by Cremation Ink ®, everything is based around protocols that protect you and your safety. The created tattoo ink has the exact same safety treatments that all tattoo inks on today’s market have and also the ashes go through a multitude of processes to make sure there is no safety concerns in it being infused into not only the commemorative tattoo ink, but also so it’s safe for impregnation into you via a tattoo.

commemorative ink

When someone passes, understandably there is huge feeling of loss and a incredible feeling of loss involved.  It’s that feeling of your loved one not being with you anymore and not being a part of your life.  The ashes are one of the only true aspects of the beloved’s existence and it’s easy to understand how people strive to keep their loved one with them forever by using commemorative tattoo ink created by Cremation Ink ®.  The tattoo design aspects are up to you, the client. 

You know what design, memory or thing triggers the most emotion in you about your lost loved one and orientating a tattoo design around this can keep the memories always fresh and embrace a feeling of being re-connected to your loved one.  Also, with the departed’s actual ashes being an integrated aspect of the tattoo, then you know that both mentally and physically they will be with you forever.

Commemorative Tattoo Ink

By Cremation Ink ®

Our commemorative tattoo ink is rich and full of pigment, making for a bright, longstanding, safe ashes tattoo. With years of experince in this bespoke service and now available to be delivered anywhere in the world, Cremation Ink ® makes ashes infused commemorative tattoo ink availabe to everyone, where ever they live.

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