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Anywhere you go in the world today, you’ll find tattoo studios.  Where you are in the globe , if you get your

phone out and search for tattoo shops near me, then google maps will give you

directions to any of the local ones.

Tattoo Shops Close To You

Even in Japan, as an example, where for many years due to the association of Japanese traditional tattoos and the Yakuza mafia, tattoos were banned outright.  Yes, they were still being done in the underground studios but it wasn’t allowed on a main street basis.  Where as now, the streets openly have tattoo studios as the modern cultures start to come to the fore-front.

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With the fact that tattoo equipment can be packed in a tattoo case and artists can travel the globe doping their work if they are recognized for a certain style, this means tattooist make guest spots in chosen studios around the globe as well.

Find Tattoo Shops Near Me

In some places it just a case of looking at the shop signs.  In the UK, places like Camden in London have tattoo studios nearly every 5 shops, upstairs downstairs, in the side streets, they are literally everywhere.  Also, there is now a movement for placing tattoo studio in local council estates shopping areas, the tattooist solely tattooing the fixed local community. 

It’s true in the UK, the main high street doesn’t have many tattoo studios, this is due to excessive rents and much higher bills, that wouldn’t justify a tattoo studio being there, in the side streets or fixed positions, tattoo studios abound.  Small insular communities of 5000 people can be serviced by up to 9 tattooists.

Helping You Find tattoo Studios Near Me

There is also a growing group of tattooists who offer their services on a mobile basis. Whilst for the most part the work is for some not the best, they do serve a purpose. Drunk at a festival, you can easily pass over one hundred pounds to a mobile tattooist and get some pile of rubbish tattooed on your face. 

They don’t care as once the festival has finished, they are gone with the taking and so the liability.  You on the other hand have to try and get your head round why you’ve come around from a drunken stupor to find your sporting a bad version of the Hangover tattoo on your face.

Tattoos Are For Life

With the common use of lasers for tattoo removal, people are led into a false sense of security that they can just get the tattoo removed, if they don't like it. Be aware that a lot of the more technological advanced tattoo inks available on the market today, can not be removed at all with a laser, so you may be stuck with the holiday tattoo for life.

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Holiday Tattoos

Holidays, oh the best time to get a tattoo for some and really the worst time.  Sorry to be practical for a moment, but a tattoo needs to be kept out of the sun as it heals to make sure it heals correct and unless you’re getting a tattoo in a cold destination, for the most part you’re getting on the beach after in the sun soaking it all in, whilst your holiday tattoo is slowly disintegrating. 

Holiday tattooist are a breed of their own, coping with drunken revellers who want incredibly bad tattoos is in their blood.  They are immune to the mayhem, and do it for the dollar. The words,” i got it in Magaluf” or “I was drunk on holiday…” are pound signs for all tattoo removal experts around the world, (if they can be removed).

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Cremation Ashes Tattoo Ink

That our basic run-down of the pros and cons of local tattoo studios.  Pick the one that suits you best, especially if your using Cremation Ink ® and getting your loved one’s ashes integrated into your tattoo.  You want to remember your tattoo for all the positivity it should bring.

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