Mixing Tattoo Ink With Ashes

A Brief Guide To Mixing Tattoo Ink With Ashes

Explaining Mixing Tattoo Ink With Your Beloved’s Cremation Ashes

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People mostly think about cremation, because it has become popular. However, most of them do not have an idea of what to do with the cremation ashes once they get them back. The most traditional idea is to scatter the ashes or keep them forever in an urn.

If you want a new idea, which is more meaningful than the above, you should consider a tattoo infused with the cremation ashes. If you want to memorize your loved one, tattooing would be the most endearing ideas to forever keep them close. This means you will not only be carrying a precious tattoo dedicated to the person forever with you, but their body’s ashes infused into the tattoo to keep you bonded together forever.

If the idea is appealing to you, we at Cremation Ink ® are here to help and make this happen is a safe and easy way. Mixing tattoo ink with ashes of your loved one is a great idea to forever keep their memories with you. The common name for the process is called a memorial or commemorative tattoo.

We gave a brief overview in the article Tattoo Ink With Ashes, but will expand on it even more here, for you to learn more.

how to mix ashes with tattoo ink

How The Commemorative Tattoo Process Works

With a tablespoon's worth of cremation ashes in our high quality tattoo ink, we can make you a tattoo ink, combined with your loved ones ashes, free from contaminants and safe and sterile for use in your tattoo design. We have years of experience in this bespoke service, always following strict protocols and lab standards to ensure you get the best product, exactly what your loved one deserved.

Once you make an order, we send you a kit to safely send back to us a tablespoon worth of ashes per bottle ordered. When we receive the kit back, one of technicians will be assigned the ashes, and they will follow the ashes through the whole process, so that only your loved ones ashes are processed at one time. The various processes will reduce the molecular size of both the ashes and the pigment color requested, all contaminants will be removed from the ashes and they will go through varying stages of sterilization. They are then combined with the tattoo pigment of your choice and we formulate and create a high quality tattoo ink with your loved ones ashes combined. We then ship this back to you with any remaining ashes that were no used in the process. We commit a lot of expertise and knowledge into what can only be described as a very affordable quality product.

how to mix tattoo ink with ashes

Our company has a team of specialists with years of experience on the use of specialized equipment designed specifically for the process of mixing tattoo ink with ashes, as well as full protocol procedures and sterilization processes, specifically aimed at making sure your get the best and highest quality tattoo ink, exactly what your beloved deserved.

We ensure every portion of your ash is accounted for, nothing is wasted, thrown away or dis-respected. All of the shes you send us will be returned to you, either infused in the ink or what is not used is packaged up and returned to you at the same time as we return your tattoo ink.

While the cremated ash tattoo looks and feels like a normal tattoo, the ink is rich, high quality, sterile and for the tattooist you choose, very easy to achieve any artistic style.

mixing cremation ashes with tattoo ink

Most Commonly Asked Questions About Mixing Tattoo Ink With Ashes

We always welcome questions from people considering getting us to work with their loved one's ashes.

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions:

Is Mixing Tattoo Ink With Ashes Safe?

There is no potential for an issues when using Cremation Inks ®, due to the multi-layer treatment we use on your loved ones ashes, to not only make sure the ashes are respected and treat properly, but also to make sure the ashes infused tattoo ink is safe for you as well. The ashes will be made inert and sterilized by the processes we use. What you receive is a high quality tattoo ink with 100% infusion of your loved ones ashes, that is safe and easy to use.

What ashes that are not used and placed in the tattoo ink, is always returned to you.

how to mix tattoo ink with cremation ashes

We have never experienced any complaints from our customers, thanks to the excellent work done by our expert team.

"Make sure you use a reputable tattoo artist to get your tattoo performed. Make sure the studio is clean and they run a sterile environment and adhere to licensed bylaws for the art of tattooing in your chosen state or city."

Your chosen tattoo studio will be more than willing to boast about their own sterility within their tattoo studio. Make sure the beds are always cleaned after each client. Hang around the shop and watch as they finish a tattoo, taking note of the cleaning processes involved ready for the next client. This precaution will help make sure that you have a fantastic and clean tattoo experience with your chosen tattoo artist.

mixing tattoo ink with cremation ashes

Why The Popularity Of Commemorative Tattoos?

Commemorative tattooing is growing in popularity thanks to its personal nature. It gives the user a close embrace and long-term connection to their loved one. We all have different reasons for getting tattoos, but this should be the most personalized and most meaningful one.

It keeps the memory of a loved one with you for your whole life. As our love for tattoos expands and the acceptance of visual tattoos has thrived, cremation ashes commemorative tattoos are now loved more than ever. Where as before there was no way to get on in a safe and clinical manner, thanks to Cremation Ink ®, this can now be a reality.

Tattoo Ink With Ashes

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