Putting Cremation Ashes In Ink

Everything You Need To Know About Putting Cremated Ashes In Ink

How Does Putting Cremation Ashes In Ink Work?

With the help of the specialist treatments given to your loved ones cremation ashes by Cremation Ink ®, you can easily get a safe cremation ashes tattoo. The reason for this is that ashes contain fragments of bones containing heavy metals, medicinal remnants and other contaminants and differing sizes of ashes particle. These need to be processed on a technical level and microscopically so that the tattoo pigment and ashes match in size, as well as a cleansing and sterility protocol, to make the complete tattoo pigment we supply you, combined with your loved one's ashes is completely safe for use.

Even after cremation, your loved ones ashes still contain a plethora of contaminants which make getting them tattooed into yourself a real health risk. When the ashes are processed the tattoo ink with ashes with Cremation Ink ®, all the contaminants are removed and the ashes infused with our high quality tattooing ink, make for a safe ashes tattoo with your own chosen artist any where in the world.

putting cremated ashes into ink

Is Putting Cremated Ashes In Ink Safe

If you were to get your local tattoo studio to just place some ashes they have put in an autoclave, into the tattoo ink, then NO the process is not safe, the ashes need a much higher level of both processing and sterility to be classed as safe for human impregnation, especially with regards to the high level of contaminants still present in the cremation ashes, even after being exposed to such high temperatures at the crematorium.

That’s why Cremation Ink ® was founded, with years of experience in performing this style of tattoos on thousands of clients in a safe manner, without any issues. We make the process safe for use by any tattoo studio of your choosing and the ashes once processed are inert and sterile and mixed with our high quality tattoo pigments, to make a tattoo ink that is truly infused with your loved one, easy for your chosen artist to use and you’ll never have any issues with the tattoo ink we produce.

putting cremated ahses into tattoo ink

Switchblade Tattoo studio , London;

"Don’t get it done by your local scratcher, just chucking some ashes in the ink pot ! This results in dirty ink that just fades, it’s also a lack of respect for your loved one; if you do, make it count. That’s why we recommend Cremation Ink ®. Ive talked to the staff on multiple times and always find them professional and experts in their field."

putting cremated dog ashes into tattoo ink

Make sure your chosen tattoo studio has a good solid portfolio of styles that fit with the design you have chosen. When it comes to design choice, we have a page dedicated to styles and common commemorative tattoo designs, but there are other places for you to look to find inspiration.

Pintrest is a common one and if the artist you have chosen is talented, then don’t bother with ‘tattoo design’ search, under art and find some inspiration that truly immortalizes your lost loved one.

Then when it comes to tattooing, make sure the artist and the studio are clean and well groomed, ( always a good sign of a proud tattoo artist ) and don’t dive straight in and have a tattoo done. Like most clients, they buy their Cremation Ink ® and then in the time it takes to process the ink, in that time span they look for their design and choose an artist locally that they feel comfortable with.

putting cremated human ashes in ink

Competent Artists Are Always The Best Choice.

" I have used the services of Cremation Ink and have found the ink to be of exceptional quality and very easy to use. The clients usually have the cremation ashes tattoo done as a way of remembering their loved one. Ive done commemorative tattoos showcasing portraits of lost parents and grand parents, dogs and a lot more and Cremation Ink has produced countless inks for our studio, and both us and the clients know the quality we are getting. As long as a professional service is used, there is never any problems with the quality of the Tattoos."

putting cremation ashes in ink

Reasoning For a Commemorative Tattoo.

“Nothing is deeper than a lasting memory engraved on your skin”, says one tattoo lover and Cremation Ink client. “I lost my mother and i feel that i’m still connected to her with my tattoo. Its my favorite and the design i chose, was a simple outline of a sewing machine. I smile now when i think about her and that sewing machine, so every time i catch a look at my ashes tattoo, i know she's with me now and everyday.”

putting dog ashes in tattoo ink

Conclusion On Putting Cremated Ashes In Ink

At Cremation Ink ®, we specialize in putting cremation ashes in ink and we have been doing so for many years, gaining vast experience and knowledge in this bespoke industry. We understand everything that is needed to treat the cremation ashes of your loved ones to produce a safe and vibrant tattoo that will last a lifetime.

Once you send us the cremation ash by mail, we will treat your loved ones ashes with the respect and dignity they deserve. What ashes are not used in the process will be returned back to you at the same time we send you your ink.

Your loved one is in safe hands with us.

Tattoo Ink With Ashes

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