Tattooing With Cremation Ashes

Everything You Need To Know About Tattooing With Cremation Ashes

Tattooing With Cremation Ashes Can Be Done With No Problems

Can cremation ashes be used in the tattoo ink without a problem? We have seen tattoos with ashes infused be performed by artist from all over the world, since we brought the Cremation Ink ® service to a much larger global population.

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What Is The Risk Of Adding Cremation Ash To The Ink?

With the proper treatments of ink and ashes beforehand and well-maintained tattoo aftercare, you should not have any problems when tattooing with Cremation Ashes. Due to our multi stage processing of your loved one's cremation ashes, we make sure you have a contaminant free, sterile and truly infused tattoo ink. The infusion of the ink and the ashes is matched on a molecular level, so that the ink carries both the pigment and the ashes at the same time when being applied as a tattoo. This makes sure that as long as you can see you tattoo, your loved one is with you forever.

Make sure your selected tattooist has a good track record for a clean environment and a good tattoo portfolio. Check the images of the healed tattoos and make sure they have a strong portfolio of work and that way you will have everything in place to ensure you do everything to the best standard, exactly as your loved one deserved.

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Tattoo Of Ashes In Clients

Many studies have found that thousands of years ago, the tattoos were originally made of fire ashes that were rubbed into a prefabricated or created wounds. So the use of inert pigments have been utilized for hundreds of years, back to the beginning of the original process of forming a tattoo mark on someone.

At Cremation Ink ®, we have pushed the boundaries of this format and taking a modern and sterile approach. At the apex of the industry our research and development of specialized skill in achieving the true infusion of your loved ones ashes into high quality tattoo ink.

For the past 10 years we have been featured in multiple international newspapers, covering our professional attitude and approach to this bespoke service of ours. We have a constant list of clients who want to utilize our experience in the service of tattooing with Cremation Ashes and now that we have opened up the service for the whole world, it doesn't matter where you live in the world, you can get a safe and expert tattoo ink created with your loved one's ashes combined into it, for you to use with your favorite tattoo artist.

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The true essence of a memorial tattoo cannot be higher than having a small part of that person with you until you die.

So, What Does The Tattooing With Cremation Ashes Process Necessitate?

When you order, we will ship a kit to you for you to place the ashes safely into. We only need the amount of about a table spoon per ink bottle. Send them into us and they will be processed and followed by a chosen member of staff through the whole process. We take a small part of the ash, using specialist machinery to reduce the ashes molecular size and atomic conformity. We remove all the contaminants from the Ashes to ensure we are working with an inert product. We are going to sterilize your ashes; this sterilizing process ensures a sterile result is available, even if the ashes have been absolutely incinerated and ‘sterilized’ by the body burning process. Your loved ones ashes are then interned with the tattoo pigment and we create your tattoo ink bottle. To reiterate again the amount used is usually a teaspoon volume.

Any ashes that you send us and that are not used in the process, will be returned to you at the same time we return your Cremation Ink ®. We are proud to say, what you send us, we will send back to you. At no stage does of your loved one's ashes get placed in a bin or dis-respected, ever.

Cremation Ink ® is not a fly by night company trying to make a fast buck, we have been working in this industry for over 10 years and pride ourselves on the level of respect we give not only your loved one's ashes but also you.

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The Healing Process

The use of the high quality inks for cremation ash tattoos greatly facilitates the skin healing process and there are minimal levels of crusts (if any). Large and heavy inks, standard pigments commonly found in your standard tattoo studio, if used to make a memorial tattoo will create large and then heavy crusts in most cases, as well as an obvious sterility or health risk. That’s why you need a professional service, the one provided by Cremation Ink ®.

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Tattooing With Pet Cremation Ashes

We hope this has given you a short guide to tattooing with cremation ashes. We also have tattooed dog cremation design with their loved ones ashes incorporated into them, on many clients and even horse cremation ashes. (If you want to actually tattoo a four-legged friend, always make sure you cremate your pet and make sure to inform the pet crematorium of your use of some of the cremation ashes and they will process them more than standard pets ashes, supplying in most cases a more smaller ashes particle, making the process easier for the production of your tattoo ink.

Who ever you have lost, four legged or two legged, we are here to make sure you get the perfect tattoo, infused with your loved ones ashes.

tattooing with pet cremation ashes

Conclusion On Tattooing With Cremation Ashes

Theoretically, if your loved one has been cremated, we can easily combine our tattoo ink and your loved ones ashes to give you the ability of getting the ultimate sign of respect for your loved one.

Tattoos are the one thing you will be buried or cremated in, truly taking your loved one with you for the rest of your life. At Cremation Ink ®, we are proud to announce that we are now offering these cremation ashes tattoos service remotely.

After our years of experience in this bespoke field, we offer a safe and clean ashes infused tattoo ink that will be loved, not only by you, but also by your chosen tattoo artist.

tattooing with cremation ashes

Tattoos With Ashes

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