Commemorative Tattoos Near Me

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Commemorate Tattoos Near You

Cremation Ink ® has managed to make it possible for you to get a commemorative tattoo near you, now possible with their international service. Using our service your favourite local tattooist can do you an amazing ashes tattoo, using our safe and professionally processed commemorative tattoo inks from Cremation Ink ®

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Commemorative Tattoo

But first let’s approach the subject itself, a commemorative tattoo, what actually is one. Whilst you may think that a commemorative tattoo or a memorial tattoo are the ultimate tributes to your lost loved one, well people are now incorporating their loved one’s ashes into the tattoo ink itself and getting a commemorative tattoo done that has their loved one cremation ashes infused into the tattoo itself.

Grief after the loss of a loved one can be a deep dark place, especially the fact that your loved one will no longer be a part of your life.  So, its’ understandable that there's a deep urge to re-connect to them and with Cremation Ink’s service, this can be achieved in not only a mental capacity, but also in a physical capacity.

Cremation Ashes

The ashes are bound and infused into the tattoo ink and in doing so, they form together with the pigment molecules that make up the tattoo pigment itself.  Vegan friendly additions are added to enhance the flow and stability of the ink, obviously all premium grade and this is sent back to you, as well any of the ashes you sent that were not used in the process.

Our Service

For the price of the service and the processes involved, it a great deal and the tattooist globally love working with the inks.

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Defining Commemorative Tattoos Near Me

Well, before hand trying to find an artist that would work with ashes had always been a challenge, if not for the vast majority, impossible.  With o experience in working with ashes, as well as not only a safety concern for their client if the tattooist themselves attempted to do a commemorative tattoo.  Now even tattoo artists around the globe have grasped the concept of getting the ashes processed by the professionals at Cremation Ink ®.  This leave them to getting the design ready and making sure that their client is taken care of.


Commemorative Tattoo Artists Near Me.

The ashes infused ink can be sent on the clients request direct to the tattoo studio they are using.  This for some tattooist is stipulated due to the fact that then the tattooist has a protocol trail for the ashes / tattoo ink.  Some clients request the ink beforehand and then go around finding the best local tattoo artist to do the tattoo they want.

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Finding The Right Artist

Just make sure the tattooist has strong portfolio and is not a newbie tattoos artist just cutting their wings.  Professional tattoo artists are more than proud to show off their portfolio.  Make sure the studio is clean and a good attitude in the shop.  A sullen shop with an unhappy artist and staff is a sure sign that the ambiance of the studio is not the best environment for a commemorative tattoo.  Happy and friendly will not only relax you, but also mean a lot more to you when you’re getting the actual tattoo done.

Commemorative Tattoo To Be Proud Of.

Armed with your ashes infused ink and your chosen commemorative tattoo artist, you get exactly what you want.  A stunning tattoo that will last a life time and your loved one with you, re-connected, forever.

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