Ashes in Tattoo Ink Is Legal ?

Everything You Need To Know About Whether Ashes In Tattoo Ink Is Legal

Ashes In Tattoo Ink Legislation You Must Know.

‘The Ashes in tattoo ink is legal‘ info is worth knowing, and two main reasons explain the laws of tattooing, which for some jurisdictions can be frustrating to say the least. Remember putting the legal basis of whether tattoo ink with ashes in is allowed in your particular state, tattooing as a basic modern artistic choice can be completely banned in some place around the globe.

The first reason is for lawmakers who hate tattoos as well as who consider them immoral or simply wrong. These lawmakers can use their powers to make tattoos illegal or give you restricted choice;

The second and more common reason is a concern for health and safety.

are cremation ashes in tattoo ink legal

The Origins Of Tattooing 

Many ancient cultures made their own tattoo pigment inks from natural materials in the medieval times. One of the simplest recipes was the mixture of wood ash that has been completely burned with water to create a raw black ink. The charred black ash from the scorched wood makes the black ink very dense, where as now days as things move on, the modern tattoo ink utilizes pigments to achieve the plethora of colors that are now available to the tattooing industry as a whole.   

Other Concerns On Legality of Tattooing As a Whole Are:

The in-house equipment used by some ‘tattooist’, especially, ‘scratchers’ as they are refereed to in the trade (have a go home tattooists), can be very un-sterile and unhygienic at the minimum.  Bad tattooing practices can cause the ink to be too deep or hard to control, resulting in scars and an ugly tattoo.

Unsafe cheap Inks:

Almost any liquid or colored powder can be injected under the skin to make tattoos. However, this does not mean that this is a good idea. At best, an improvised ink can look bad, disappear quickly, and leave a scar. In the worst case, it could hurt you.

That's why Cremation Ink ® only provide the highest quality, sterile tattoo inks for combination with cremation ashes.

is placing ashes into tattoo ink legal

Tattooing Is Legal In 50 US States.

Oklahoma was the last tattoo controversy that is still banned there. However, since November year 2006, it is legal to obtain tattoos, including getting ashes infused in tattoo ink if the tattooing ink is processed by a professional service such as Cremation Ink ® in all 50 states.

Again, it may be that the laws of the city, not the state laws on tattoos, determine whether you can get ink in your hometown.

The fact that tattoos are legal in a particular state or city does not mean that anyone can start a shop. In many places, a tattoo artist must have a license, and also the shop must pass the inspection either by state or local officials.

Saying that, some places only require the artist to register with the state.

cremation ashes in tattoo ink is legal

The Local Tattoo Laws Of Your State.

To find local tattoo legality, start with your chosen US Local state website. Every state has a health department, and many have a tattoo section. In some states, tattoos are handled in unexpected departments, such as those in charge of restaurants. 

For the UK, where tattooing is legal in all aspects, it is covered by environmental health.  BUT, a local tattoo studio just placing some ashes into your tattoo ink, is a very grey area, with most if not all environmental health districts banning it, unless it performed with ink that has been treated and processed already by a professional service. 

At Cremation Ink ®, we have work tirelessly with varying environmental health authorities to make sure that they recommend our services as a way of a local client achieving their desire of having their loved one ashes placed into their tattoo, via the tattoo ink.  This way the governing body knows that the best protocols and practice is in place to protect both their clients and keep their local tattoo studios within the law.

ashes in tattoo ink is safe

Other Concerns Related To The US States.

Many things should be considered when putting ashes in the tattoo ink. As laws vary according to state, things can get confused quickly. For instance, if maybe you are in another state, you could get a tattoo. However, if you are under 18, this can be a bit complicated.

Since tattoos for minors are highly regulated and the age of consent varies between states, the local state authority may not allow you to get a tattoo from your state. 

Within the UK there is a given misconception that a person 16 plus can get a tattoo if they have permission from their parents.  This is WRONG, to get a tattoo in the UK, you need to be 18.  If the studio has tattooed anyone underage, they risk getting closed down very quickly by environmental health. 

As regards ashes in tattoo ink legality, very few good tattooist will not want to risk loosing their license.

Remember,  that the tattoo artist risks their license and may even be prosecuted for violating the law. This is where Cremation Ink ® comes in;

Due to us processing and caring for the ashes and also giving you a product that is high quality and sterile and safe for use in a tattoo, we can get you your ashes tattoo done, with the confines of the law and it will in no way impede the legal boundaries of the given state or county or given that cause any problems with the legal standing of the tattoo artists.

are ashes in tattoo ink legal

The Legal Rights And Processing Of Ashes In Tattoo Ink.

After the cremation ashes procedure, all that remains of your loved one's body is almost completely tri-calcium phosphate (TCP), the key component of bone. Based on the individual’s environment and contact to certain stuff, medicines, minerals and heavy metals are also present.

These minerals comprise sodium as well as potassium that naturally occur in the human surroundings, as the components of the cremation ashes are natural. 

You have to send your ashes to an ink specialist to do the rest of the work, such as sterilizing and processing with modern technology. At Cremation Ink ® our specialist equipment removes all the medicinal, heavy metal elements and other contaminants still held within the cremation ashes. This ensures you have a safe tattoo where your body is not impregnated with contaminants from the cremation ashes.

ashes in tattoo ink legal

Conclusion On Ashes In Tattoo Ink Is Legal

When using the service of Cremation Ink ® all legal aspects are covered due to us handling the ashes and processing them into a safe product for human use.

Therefore, is the place where your ashes can be refined, treated, and then mailed to you, so you can use them with a recommended tattoo artist near you to achieve your goal and style of tattooing. Your in our safe and experienced hands when it comes to the care and professionalism shown to your loved ones ashes. 

They were the best thing in your life and obviously deserve the best. 

Tattoo Ink With Ashes

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