Cremation Tattoo

A cremation Tattoo is when you get your lost loved one's ashes infused into commemorative tattoo ink and then you get a tattoo with that ashes infused tattoo ink.

Is A Cremation Tattoo For Me ?

Cremation tattoos or tattoos with the ashes of a loved one can be an option for you. This relatively new method combines a small portion of your loved ones remains with traditional tattoo ink. It is a unique and long-lasting way to remember the lives of your loved ones and remember them in a meaningful way.

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If you are someone who likes skin art, it is increasingly common to get a tattoo in honour of a deceased loved one. A tattoo parlour, anywhere in the world, can use Cremation Tattoo Ink ® for tattooing, creating a lasting and meaningful tribute.

Cleaning And processing Ashes

Just as it is possible to mix ink and ashes to create a painting, it is also possible to mix ink and ashes to create a tattoo. The only difference is that the ashes need processing to remove contaminates and a refine high quality ink needs to be used when amalgamating the ashes and tattoo ink together to get a perfect cremation tattoo.  That’s where Cremation Ink's expert service comes in, we take care of all aspects of that to make an ash infused ink that’s safe to use and loved by your local tattooist.

What Is Cremation Ink ® ?

For the most part its exactly the same as any tattoo.  Tattoos are very commonly acquired after the loss of a loved one, a memory and time fixed forever in your skin, so the memory of that loved one stays with you forever.  Named commemorative tattoos or memorial tattoos in some countries, it’s a permanent reminder of your lost beloved.

Your Loved One's Ashes

If they have been cremated, then you can take this even further and have some of their ashes infused into actual tattoo ink. 

Cremation ashes are organic by nature, but the issue lies that they still contain a lot of sentimental contaminated that if these were just placed into some tattoo ink and tattooed into, would cause real health concerns and give your tattoo a very short lifespan.

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Contaminated Ashes

As an example, cancer patient cremation ashes have a huge number of medicinal contaminants in them, in comparison to the volume of ashes, even dogs’ ashes can hold a varying array of chemicals, picked up over a lifetime, that has never left the body and has settled in the microscopic honey comb structure of the bones. 

Even with the high temperatures, as well as the relentlessness of the heat in a cremation process, the ashes are not ‘clean’ by any form and especially not sterile. You need to remember the cremation process surround solely on concept, to reduce the body to ash. There is nothing in place throughout the process that is classed as sterile environment.

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Our Commemorative Tattoo Ink By Cremation Ink ®

Our processes produce an inert ash after we have processed it, containing nothing but the nature compositions of the ashes, with all contaminates extracted and removed.  Even though we use the best German ink pigment, they get processed as well, to assure that the product we are supplying you is as high grade as is possible, fantastic to use and even though it has a very high percentage of ashes infused into the cremation tattoo ink, it has a very exact viscosity level, applicable for all styles of tattoos. 

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This means you get a great product, has been overseen and processed by internationally recognized experts in this field and when you go to your local tattoo studio to get it done, then your tattooist will love it too.  Its perfect for all their artistic abilities and in so they can do you the best possible Cremation tattoo.

  • Safe
  • Sterile
  • Hygeinic
  • Long Lasting
  • Bright Colours
  • Easy Healing

Cremation Tattoos

Paying homeage to your departed love on with a cremation tattoo, is the ultimate mark of respect in honouring your loved one. They deserved the best, so use the best and use Cremation Ink ®


Tattoo Ink With Ashes

Mixing Tattoo Ink With Ashes

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