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This article will help you in finding the best things for healing tattoos

Best Guide On Healing Tattoos

To keep the skin around your tattoo healthy, you should continue to use high-quality lotions and moisturizers and keep your skin healthy. This phase can be longer for some people who heal more slowly and do not take as long to heal than for those who do not heal. When should you expect to exfoliate: Why does the tattoo look cloudy for a while and why does it cause a slight sensation as it heals?

To ensure long-term health, everything you need to do should be done as soon as possible after the first few days.

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There is no set time it takes for a new tattoo to heal, but tattoo care on days 1 and 2 is crucial to initiate the healing process.

Some tattoos seem to have completely healed within a few weeks, although it actually takes a few extra weeks or more for the layers of tattooed skin to return to normal.

Healing Tattoo Process

In reality, the healing process can take weeks after the top layer of skin has healed. In fact, the full healing of layers of broken skin can take up to four months. It may take more or less time for your tattoo to heal than your friend's.

  • Keep Out Of Sun
  • Keep Away from water
  • Dont Pick
  • Leave Any Scabs Alone
  • Keep Moist
  • Use Bepanthen
  • Keep Clean

Your artist is a professional when it comes to your skin and tattoos. You don't have to go to the doctor just to see and wait for it to heal, the artist can also tell if there is something wrong with the tattoo.

Keeping Your Tattoo Covered

Some professional tattoos have now moved away from the days of clingfilm wrapped in swaths around your arm. They have moved onto dedicated skin film especially made for the tattooing industry. The advantages of this are that the skin is always from the start covered for a week and also the film is waterproof, meaning there is not cross contamination issues with lotions etc. 

After the week remove the film and treat the area with Bepanthen, yes, the baby nappy cream, for best results.

Healing Your Tattoo

We strongly suggest using Bepanthen. Its fantastic for fast healing of tattoos and preventing scabs from forming.

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Using Bepanthen For Healing Tattoos

It will take a few weeks for your beautiful new tattoo to heal perfectly, but continue to use Bepanthen to see if the tattoo has really healed through all the layers of skin. Your tattoo may appear slightly cloudy for a few weeks and after one to two days it may look completely healed, everyone is different. Normally it takes about 1-2 weeks until your tattoo has fully healed. A tattoo that appears to be "completely healed" usually looks like it will heal completely in about 2-3 weeks.

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Cloudiness In Your Tattoo During Healing

The initial cloudiness that some people can experience as the tattoo heals, comes from the scar issue formed by the initial tattoo.   If an area has needed working to pack colour, then this is the most likely area where this could be experienced.  As the skin heals back to its original state, then the grey-wash look to the tattoo will dissipate at the same time.  Your tattoo is not damaged, destroyed or some other catastrophe, it’s just healing and for most people its just a natural phase of the healing process.

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Be Kind To Your New Tattoo

Although the tattoo appears to be healing, you should avoid swimming and sunlight until it has fully established itself in the skin, which can take several weeks after the dressing is removed. Protect your tattoo from impurities and infections by using as mentioned above, Bepanthen baby nappy lotion.  Don’t use other lotions as these will cause issues.

During the healing time of the tattoo, it is important to take precautions and avoid certain activities and behaviours to prevent infection and poor healing. During this time, you should keep your tattoo as clean as possible to avoid infection.

Nearly Healed

Once you’ve got over the healing process, your tattoo will look vibrant bold and if colour was implemented, then very colourful.  The only care you now need to give it, is to keep a sun lotion on it under bright sunlight and enjoy your tattoo.

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