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Getting A Local Ashes Tattoo?

It has become very popular to have a tattoo done in memory of someone who has died, a memorial tattoo, but you can now get tattoo ink that actually contains the ashes of the loved one. Tattooists now use Cremation Ink ® to create a unique commemorative tattoo that will keep someone always close to you.

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So that means where every you are based around the globe, you can use your local tattoo artist to do your ashes infused tattoo, knowing your tattoo ink with ashes is safe and will make for a fantastic tattoo. Bright, vibrant and always keeping its colour, whilst keeping your loved one with you at all times.

What Else Can I Do With Cremation Ashes?

As well as having your loved one’s ashes infused into tattoo ink by Cremation Ink ®, you can also other things with the ashes. 

Placing some of the ashes into a rocket and launching a part of your loved one into the heavens, is a very fitting send off.  Having the ashes incorporated into oil paintings is another one and a fantastic way to immortalize your loved one.

  • Fireworks
  • Oil Paintings
  • Glass Sculptures
  • Diamonds
  • Vinyl Records
  • Ammunition
  • Pottery

Even though it is a very expensive exercise, having your loved one’s ashes reduced and formed into a diamond, is a direction some financially well-off clients venture towards as well.

Instead of scattering their loved one’s ashes or leaving them in an urn, many people place small parts of ashes in specially made jewellery that they wear all the time. This makes for a lovely keepsake and also something intrinsic to pass on down the family tree.

Cremains Tattoos

While some people wear jewellery to keep their loved ones with them, while some have their ashes mixed with tattoo ink to create a cremation tattoo. The difference between a "cremation" tattoo and a commemorative tattoo is that the tattooist use Cremation ink ®, which is infused with your loved one’s ashes to create the tattoo to dedicate the lost love of your life.

Once you’ve decided to use the expertise of Cremation Ink ®, after that it’s time to find your chosen artist.  Make sure the hold a strong portfolio and make sure to see any of their work if possible once it has healed.  This will give you a great understanding on the quality of the tattoo work they produce.

Ashes Tattooists Close To Me

With Cremation Ink ®, getting an ashes tattoo done is easy, with professional experienced processing, we produce an ashes infused tattoo ink with your loved one ashes that is safe and free of all contaminants that still reside in the cremation ashes and then you can goto your local tattoo artist to get the memorial tattoo you always wanted.

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From just a small tattoo to a large one, with cremation ink our prices include enough ink to tattoo all around the whole of your forearm and with it being in a professional tattoo ink bottle and with the discretion of your chosen tattooist, the bottle can be used for a multitude of family members, just the same as a tattooist uses their tattoo ink over several clients.

Ashes Tattoos, Keeping Your Lost Love One Near You.

Many people cope with deep grief by finding ways to feel connected to the deceased. One of the most popular methods is to honour the loved ones you have lost while still feeling close to them.

Many people use Cremation ink ® to create tattoos for their passed away pets and deceased relatives who are close to them and still feel connected to the deceased.

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Will They Be With me Forever With An Ashes Tattoo ?

As a tattoo is permanent and with Cremation Ink, the ashes and the tattoo pigment are molecularly matched in size, then when infused, when you look at your tattoo, your loved one is with you at all time.  The ink we produce is strong and vibrant and handles the UV rays better, so your lost loved one will be with you forever.

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Why Cremation Ink ®

This true sense of connection is why Cremation Ink are at the Apex of this bespoke service and work with clients from all around the world, bringing them and their lost loved one back together, forever.

Our service makes sure the ashes and tattoo pigment are intune with each other on a molecular level. Binding them together to ensure that your tattoo truly contains your loved ones ashes.

Cremation Ink

J Monroe - NZ - "Thank you for looking after my father ashes and keeping me informed every step of the way, it has meant a lot "

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