Making Tattoos With Cremation Ashes

Understanding Making Tattoos With Cremation Ashes

Making Tattoos With Cremation Ashes Is Indeed A Safe Practice

With the help of Cremation Ink ®, making tattoos with cremation ashes is finally safe and always results in fantastic, bright and vibrant tattoos. Where as before a local tattoo shop, just plonking in some cremation ashes, usually resulted in bad tattoo results, skin irritation and infections, now cremation Ink ® uses processes and protocols that make that a thing of the past.

Experienced in this bespoke service, we make sure that not only is your loved ones ashes respected, but the tattoo ink from Cremation Ink ®, is 100 % safe and sterile and free from all contaminants. No more bad results from us processed ashes, Cremation Ink ® are the experts at making tattoos with cremation ashes. Read on to find out more...

making tattoos with human ashes

The Tattoo Process

With ongoing support from dermatologists to ensure a perfect product every time, Cremation Ink ® are at the pinnacle in supplying this service all around the world. When you order, we send you a kit, so you safely send over your loved ones ashes. Once we receive them, we assign one of our expert members of staff, who will treat your loved ones ashes with the respect and care they deserve.

Once assigned to one of our staff, that member of staff will be with your loved one's ashes all the way through, only working on your ashes, through the whole process. We remove all the heavy metal and medicinal contaminants, as well as all the other variants that are still including in cremation ashes. Then with multi-layer sterilization and molecular matching of both the ashes and the pigment, we finally combine the ashes with the high quality tattoo pigment and make you a bottle of your chosen color tattoo ink with your loved ones ashes in, that is vibrant, bright and keeps your loved one with you forever.

making tattoos with human ashes

The Cremation Ink Experts ® On Safety In Making Tattoos With Cremation Ashes.

As before when we talked about Tattoo with ashes, we explained the contaminants that are still held in your loved ones ashes, here we will expand a bit more.

Even though your loved ones body was subjected to extreme temperatures within the cremation process, the ashes are still loaded with contaminants. Heavy metals, that have soaked into the bones over years of exposure are still present, as are medicinal remnants from a life of medicine taking. If your loved one was taking a lot of medicines before their demise, this will all be present in trace amounts in the cremation ashes.

There are other varying contaminants that remain and obviously all must be removed before the ashes can be safely implanted into a person in a tattoo. Cremation Ink ® has special machinery which does all this and more. We produce a contaminant free tattoo ink, combined with your loved one's ashes, that is sterilized multiple time to ensure the ashes infused tattoo ink of your loved one is safe to use and produces a fantastic, bright, long lasting tattoo.

making tattoos with pet cremation ashes

The Motivation Behind The Cremation Tattoos

Making tattoos with cremation ashes is a method by which the tattoo procedure pays tribute to your loved one and is encapsulated in a tattoo design that sparks your imagination on the loved you have for your departed. This is one of the only things you can rely on which will keep you and your loved one together for the rest of your life.

Why intern your loved on in a remote graveyard or scatter them in a field, when you can keep a part of them with you forever. That's the fantastic service that Cremation Ink ® provide to the world. With clients embracing the service from all over the world, we are professionals at the care and respect that your loved one deserved.

making ashes tattoos

The Use Of A Respected Artist Are Always The Best Option

"When the cremation ashes have been processed correctly, de-contaminated and sterilized, then they are as organic in nature and as clean as the tattoo pigment used in standard tattoo pigments"

, says an expert with years of experience in body art, health policies and evaluation.

Some commemorate a favorite animal or pet with ashes infused tattoo ink. Human or not, a specialist comments, those details do not matter. “Ashes are indeed ashes,” he explains. “Everything is pretty consistent.” He said the most important thing was to make sure the remains are processed properly by a professional service.

As well as getting an ashes infused tattoo, there are other ways to also commemorated your loved one. Get them turned into a diamond and make some bespoke jewellery, turn them into a firework to light up the sky or even get them placed in oils paints. Once you open yourself up to the possibilities of creativity with your loved ones ashes, then they will be more a part of not only you, but your life and environment.

making tattoos with cremation ashes

Tattoos With Cremation Ashes Are A Permanent Reminder

A user says there is nothing greater and deeper than a lasting memory on the skin. According to this client, her very last experience with ashes infused ink was “a different sensation than any other tattoo she has ever had. I mean, I a part of my loved one with me forever, she says. “I think the fact that i know i have my grans ashes in my tattoo bring me closer to my grandmother on so many levels.” 

Oviedo embraced this type of tattooing the minute she found out about it:

When she decided to get her beautiful seventh tattoo, she wanted to add something special to commemorate her recently deceased grandmother.  She affirmed, I actually heard and known much about this type of ashes tattoo from Lois, my friend, who got cremation ashes in her own tattoo with inks from Cremation Ink, therefore I knew what exactly I wanted to do with a part of my grandmother’s ashes, she tells me via email. Oviedo brought her processed ashes infused ink of her grandmother’s ashes to her local favorite tattoo studio, where her artist used it to represent a purple flower of gladiola, her loved grandmother’s favorite flower.

making tattoos with cremation ashes

Conclusion On Making Tattoos With Cremation Ashes.

Bringing your lost loved on and yourself closer together forever is now a simple process with the use of the services of Cremation Ink ®. Making tattoos with cremation ashes is now safe and is available anywhere in the world, delivered directly to your door. Before this service was available this was a difficult and grey process.

Now, with over 10 years of experience in this bespoke service now being available to the world with Cremation Ink ®, it's now a fantastic way, to not only keep safe, show the respect and love you have for your lost loved one and also have a bright vibrant and forever tattoo with a tattoo artist of your choice.

Tattoos With Ashes

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