Ashes Into Tattoo Ink Safe?

Is Placing Ashes Into Tattoo Ink Safe And Sterile?

One of the common questions we get is;

Is Placing Cremation Ashes Into Tattoo Ink Safe?

Yes, they are with Cremation Ink ®. But first an over view, then we will explore more on the safety protocols in place to make sure that Cremation Ink ® tattoo ink is safe for use.

Tattoos are far more common in our society today than ever. Becoming more and more mainstream, the younger generation of the world is embracing tattoo culture in a more explosive way than ever. Celebrities and pop culture have had a prominent influence over this, making the possession of visible tattoos more widely accepted. Those within the industry claim that as social acceptance has risen, so has the motivation behind the ink. It is no longer just a fad, or a trend, or a statement of rebellious attitude, but is instead evolving into a very meaningful and personal experience and life decision.

According to professionals, the purpose has moved from a form of body transformation to a form of mental therapy. The decision to get a tattoo most often follows a traumatic, or significant moment in our lives for many. As symbolic personal mile markers, tattooing can give you a sense of control over these overwhelming emotions when initiated due to the loss of a loved one.

are ashes in tattoo ink safe

Cremation Ash Tattoo Memorial Tattoo

As we covered in the article tattoo ink with ashes, a Memorial Tattoo involves mixing a small amount of cremated remains with tattoo ink and then creating a getting a tattoo. Many people had already started to have tattoos, as a legacy to a loved one that they had lost, so just takes it a step further.

Cremation ink ® are professionals that specialize in incorporating the cremation ashes of your loved ones into tattooing ink. Cremation Ink is the world leading company when it comes to providing this bespoke service, with years of experience, knowledge and the demand for our services is growing everyday and on top of that, we do worldwide delivery for free for all our clients. We take dedicated pride in the respect and care of your loved ones ashes.

are ashes in tattoo ink safe

Why are cremation tattoos becoming more popular?

Tattoos are popular as of now due to the personal nature in which they work. Each person with a tattoo, got it for a different reason, so why can’t you get an even more personal tattoo?

Honestly, cremation tattoos are perhaps the most personalized and endeared tattoos a person can get, so it’s no wonder they are growing in popularity. Also, they are becoming more popular because people are more aware of them and artists feel more comfortable doing them, now that Cremation Ink ® handles the preparation of the ink.

Now with the availability of Cremation Ink ® the industry is changing. Some areas have geographical laws which stipulate that there is an issue with the tattooist handling the ashes. That is why most artists prefer to recommend our services. They can still fulfil your wishes and they understand the high level of service, the clients can expect from us. They get the ashes in a 100 percent workable ink, that’s high quality and sterile.

is putting cremation ashes into tattoo ink safe

How does a cremation tattoo work?

We first receive the ashes and assign one of our experienced staff to look after your loved one, throughout the whole process. We break down the molecular size of the ashes to match the size of the chosen ink pigment. They are then sterilized above hospital standards for surgery, then they are introduced to specialist machinery to remove and heavy metals, medicinal remnants and make the ashes completely inert.

They are then mixed with the molecular matched ink pigments and other vegan friendly ingredients that make up our high quality tattoo ink. Its is then sterilized again as a whole before we dispatch your Cremation Ink back to you.

Any ashes that are not placed in the tattoo ink, will always be send back to you at the same time we mail back your ink.

are ashes tattoo safe

Is the ash in the tattoo ink safe?

This is not a thing for your regular tattoo studio to do. As well as the fact, that due to the tendency to just place the ashes in the ink, the local tattoo studio will just leave the ashes in the bottom of the ink pot, which in most cases they will just place in the bin. The ashes need to be the same molecular size as the pigment to make sure your loved ones ashes are actually a part of the ink that is being tattooed in. There are also a few other reasons that this should be left to a professional service such as Cremation Ink ®

Due to the tendency of the body to reject impurities introduced into the system that are not inert and sterilized with heavy metal residue, medicinal remnants etc removed, tattoo ink mixed with cremation ash may be rejected as an impurity. At least this could lead to a fuzzy tattoo that may not be fixable. In the worst case, the ashes will cause an infection that can make you very ill or causes scarring in the tattooed area.

So, It is advisable to get this cremation ink tattoo from a trusted provider, Cremation ink ® are the professionals that specialize in incorporating the cremation ashes of your loved ones into tattooing ink safe and fine for use in tattoos.

ashes in tattoo ink safe

Cremation Ink ® : Preparing ashes for tattooing.

When a body is cremated, the residual bone matter will not be fine dust, but more like a sand-like substance. Cremation ink ® use state of the art machinery from the USA to reduce and copy the particle size of the ink pigment selected, to make sure that your loved ones ashes are truly integrated into the tattoo pigment and match when combined into the actual cremation tattoo ink.

At Cremation Ink ®, the cremated ashes are heated up to temperatures nearing 1,750 degrees Fahrenheit. It is important that the ashes must be properly handled in all cases and especially when mixed with the tattooing ink, so the process is carried out in a sterile environment. They are then passed through various systems to ensure the product is safe for tattooing.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in contact with us, we are here to help.

Tattoo Ink With Ashes

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