Cremation Ashes Tattoo Artist

If your trying to find out more details about a local cremation ashes tattoo artist, then this article will give you some great help and advice.

Cremation Ashes Tattoo Artists

Cremation Ashes tattoo artists are rare to find due to the complexity of the processes involved to make sure the tattoo is safe for the client.  The most internationally recognized tattoo studio for this service reside in Cheshire in the UK.

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Bubblegum Ink has gained notoriety around the globe for their dedication to this art and the respect and quality of the ashes infused tattoo they do for their clients. Featured in many main stream media sources, they gained attention when they tattooed the ashes of a grandad into two family members.  This brought about a lot of media attention and when they tattooed a bomb finding dog’s ashes into his handlers’ leg, this struck a chord with a lot of people and they have since then been dedicated to solely doing ashes tattoos for their clients.

International Cremation Ashes Tattoo Artist

But what if you not based in the UK.  Bubblegum Ink ® was inundated by people finding the possibility to get to the UK for their ashes tattoo, a real struggle.  This is why the team from Bubblegum Ink created Cremation Ink ®.

Who Are Cremation Ink ®

Cremation ink ® is a remote service, where you make an order and they send you a kit to get the ashes to them in a safe manner. Once they arrive back to them, they assign a technician to the set of ashes to follow through the whole process. 

As well as strict protocol measures, the ashes are reduced in molecular size for consistency and sterilized between each process.  The heavy metals and remnants of medicines, etc are removed.

Local Cremation Ashes Tattoo Artist

With Cremation Ink's fnatastic service, you cvan get your commemorative tattoo ink created that is safe to use and high quality and use your local tattoo studio to get your ashes infused tattoo.

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Commemorative Tattoo Inks.

They make their own high quality tattoo ink. As the combined tattooing experience of Cremation ink staff is over 45 years, we design a high quality, very low viscosity ink, that when the ashes are infused into them, they match the regular viscosity of normal tattooing ink. That’s why tattooist love it, the ink is easy to work with, able to be used a multitude of styles and is lightfast, meaning it is impervious to reaction from UV. 

  • High Quality
  • Bright
  • Great For Lining
  • Fantastic For Packing
  • Ashes Infused
  • Full SDS available
  • Awesome Colour Range

This is achieved by using very high quality and high-grade organic pigment colours.  Everything is combined and homogenised to marry everything together, producing the best ashes / tattoo ink possible.

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Cremation Tattoo Artists

So, it’s a really simple concept, if your based in the UK, you can use the services of Bubblegum Ink for your ashes tattoo, or shop around locally till you find a tattooist who’s work you really like. Order your Cremation Ink ® and start the process. Once you receive the ink, you can get booked in with your favourite artist and have them do you the commemorative tattoo you’ve always wanted.

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Searching For Cremation Ashes Tattoo Artists

Getting a memorial tattoo that has a part of your loved one in, lets you reconnect to your loved one.  Literally a part of them will be with you forever in your tattoo.  It can act as a part of the healing and grieving process for a lot of people. Your lost loved one deserved the best and by using either Bubblegum Ink or Cremation Ink, you’ll be getting the most respectful and best service available.

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