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If your searching the search engines for a ' Memorial Tattoo Artist Near me ', then the help and advice in this article should help you make some informed decisions on getting the safest and best memorial tattoo.

Memorial Tattoos

Bubblegum Ink ® in the UK were many years ago recognised as having created a technique that would mean you can get ashes infused into your memorial tattoo and its be safe.  Recognized by the international media or ongoing occasions as the experts in this field, they developed and created Cremation Ink ®, and independent company using all of the techniques of Bubblegum Ink ®, so that they could open up the ability to get a safe memorial tattoo anywhere. Advanced techiques are used to make a long lasting ashes infused ink, that is lightfast, high quality and is the right viscoity for tattooists to implement any style they choose.

memorial tattoo artists near me

Finding A Memorial Tattooist

Before when you searched google for Memorial Tattoo artist near me, this would bring up a list of tattoo studio who would implement crude techniques to grind down the ashes and place them in the tattoo ink.  The result can be hit or miss due to non-vaporization of the contaminants contained in Cremation ashes. 

If the contaminants are placed in the tattoo then these will cause ongoing issues with your tattoo and are really not safe by the normal standards of tattoos. Cremation Ink's processes create a safe and high quality ashes infused tattoo ink, that heals fats and has no residual nasties left from the cremation ashes.

Memorial Tattoos

You don’t need to have ashes added to your tattoo ink when it comes to getting s standard memorial tattoo. By definition an ashes tattoo is a permanent reminder of a lost loved one. A huge percentage of tattoos are based on a memory. Either that relative to a lost loved one or a memory that is profound for the wearer. Common memorial tattoos are names, or love hearts, paw prints for a lost dog or cat, when it comes to the design, really you know what is best. 

Try and go for a design that inspires a happy memory.  In the depths of grief, getting a tattoo that reminds you of the dark days in someone’s passing, or a design that invokes a sad memory, are not constructive towards the healing and grieving process.

Memorial Tattoo Designs

There are many different memorial tattoo design availabe. A quick look around our site will find some good ideas. Remember though with the skills of a good tattoo artist, anything can be created, so talk to your tattoo artist if you feel you want something extra special.

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When you lose a beloved, if it’s a per or a human, there is a deep sadness attached to loss.  Grieving is a thing we have to go through and the worst part it, that we not only have to deal with the fact that they are no longer there, for some pet owners, there had to be tough decisions made, that can be compounded with feeling if it was the right choice or not.  Work colleagues etc do nothing by stating it’s just a dog, get over it.  Many people have stronger bonds with their dog than they do the rest of the human race.

Dis-Connection With Your Loved One

To get over the feelings of dis-connection form the one you’ve lost, some people get cremation ashes tattoos.  This is when the ashes are infused into tattoo ink and then they used these inks to get their tattoos done.  It brings a feeling of composure to them knowing that a true physical part of them will be with them forever.

tattoo artist for memorial tattoos near me

The Ultimate memorial Tattoo

  • When they mean that much to you, you know they deserve the best and so that’s why people choose Cremation Ink ®.  This cleans, processes and integrated your loved one’s ashes into very high-quality tattoo ink.  This you can then take to your local tattoo studio to get a memorial tattoo that’ll you’ll be proud of.
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