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Everything You Need To Know About Cremation Ashes In Tattoo Ink

Modern Tattoo Lovers Are All Talking About Cremation Ashes In Tattoo Ink Commemoration Tattoos!

It is common for people to receive a tattoo to commemorate their relatives after they pass away and now there is a service by Cremation Ink ® where you can get your loved ones cremation ashes infused in with tattoo pigment. An ever expanding number of tattoo shops have begun offering these unique commemorative tattoos, with the help of Cremation Ink ®.

So if the idea of tattoo ink with ashes intrigues you, then read on for more details.

placing cremation ashes in tattoo ink

Putting cremation ashes in tattoo ink becomes an increasingly important modern ritual of remembering your loved ones, but the Cremation ink website is the place where you can put cremation ashes in tattoo ink professionally.

Ashes Tattoos In The Headlines.

We and our service have been featured multiple times over the years around the world for our service we provide. From the New York Times, to Hungarian and Australian main stream media, yet alone the multiple write ups in the main daily newspapers in the UK, we must be doing the right thing.

We have now taken the expertise we have gained over 10 odd years of being the experts in this bespoke field and are now making it available to you, where ever you live in the world. Cremation Ink ® clients range from young moms to widows and widowers and a forever growing group of pets owners, who want to commemorate their favorite pets after they have passed away.

After years in performing cremation tattoos for clients all over Europe, after continual requests to open this service up to the greater market, we can now give our world wide clients a professional service, backed by years of experience and giving them the high quality service their loved one deserved.

cremation ashes into tattooing ink

Cremation Ashes In Tattoo Ink, Is It Safe?

Cremation ashes tattoos can only safely be created with ink and ashes that have been processed by a professional service. They need to be sterilized and heavy metals and medicine remnants removed and the cremation ashes matched to the pigment molecules to make sure the tattoo ink performs well for the tattooist and the tattoo it self keeps vibrant for years to come.

With our strict protocols and de-contamination processes in place, add to that the multi layer sterilization processes and the high quality inks involved in making your Cremation Ink ®, yes we make ashes tattoos safe.

Modern memorials of our lost loved one's are returning more and more to us through visual memorials, that are more personal than a monument in a cemetery. People want to be permanently close to their lost loved one and for them to be with them forever, which can easily be achieved via the Cremation ashes in tattoo ink process supplied by Cremation Ink ®.

There is a point of obscurity in embracing your loved one with a far flung grave tomb or a plaque on a bench. Cremation ashes commemorative tattoos bring you and your loved one together in a unity that will be with you forever.

cremation ashes into tattoo ink

The experts conclude that there is no difference between a normal tattoo and the types of tattoos created when you use Cremation ashes in tattoo ink.

The only thing that should be avoided is the DIY ashes process; Just getting your local tattoo studio to put some ashes in to the ink is a health and safety nightmare, will clog the tattoo machines and the tattoo will have greatly reduced life span. This is why Cremation Ink ® is at the peak of the process. Professional and with all the risks removed, your going to get a high quality ink that your tattooist loves and is with you forever, just like you want your loved one to be.

The Cremation Ashes In Tattoo Ink Could Be Part Of Your Journey.

We have worked with a plethora of clients, commemorating every spectrum of the population. Our services are recommended by funeral directors to international tattoo artist. Some of the medical nurses on the final life wards in hospitals have recommended our service, what with the common acceptance of tattooing on whole. We are here to make your dream of keeping your loved one with you forever happen.

"For some people, it’s part of their journey through pain and allows them to keep going. It’s a crossover, a thing to help someone with, and we want the journey to be as easy as possible for them."

It means a lot to our customers, and it truly means a lot to us at Cremation Ink ®. The testimony of the bereaved customers has convinced us at Cremation Ink ® that cremation ashes in tattoo ink can be a healing and reassuring part of the grieving process, for many, its deeply personal on a multiple of levels.

cremation ashes in tattoo ink

One User Has To Say This About His Experience With Cremation Ashes In Tattoo Ink ;

"I tragically lost my son and as none of us do, I didn't see it coming.  The loss of my son took me to a painful place and after i got the cremation ashes back, i felt i wanted him closer than in a urn on the shelf.  My son loved tattoos and even though i never had one before, by far the best way to keep my son with me physically forever was with a cremation ashes tattoo.  Cremation Ink was the obvious choice for me, my son deserved the best, so i used the best people available.  I chose a portrait of him and my chosen artist did a fantastic job."  When using Cremation Ink ®, the results are exactly the same as with a normal tattoo". 

cremation ashes into ink

Conclusion on Cremation Ashes In Tattoo Ink

With our vast experience in this area and our commitment to customer attention, care, compassion and understanding, Cremation Ink is at the forefront of this bespoke service, so you can get the ultimate commemorative tattoo anywhere in the world.

We have years of experience in this field and always deliver safe and high quality tattoo pigment, truly infused with your beloved's ashes.

ashes in tattoo ink

Your loved one deserved the best, so get in contact with Cremation Ink ® if you have any questions and we will gladly answer them for you.

Tattoo Ink With Ashes

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