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Explaining Cremation Tattoo Ink and helping understand the mission statement of the Company.

What Is Cremation Tattoo Ink ?

Many people pay homage to their lost loved ones by having a tattoo to commemorate their passing and as a permanent reminder of them.  Common designs are the name of the departed, the dates from birth and passing, love hearts and many more designs.  Some people dedicate whole areas to their lost loved one, an armpiece embellished with varying aspects and designs that remind them of happy times with their beloved.

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Where ever your commemorative tattoo is, is one of the most connecting things one can do, when someone has lost a loved one.

The Foundation Of Crematioon Ink ®

Approximately 12 years ago, a tattoo studio called Bubblegum Ink, in Cheshire in the UK, took a professional step in developing a technique to incorporate a lost loved one’s ashes into the tattoo ink itself. 

The technique guaranteed no issues with healing and was safe for use for their clients.  International fame and enquires poured in over the years, with the team finally making the decision to set up the service on an international remote basis, calling the company Cremation Ink ®. 

We now have the ability to supply you with a cremation tattoo ink which utilizes techniques honed from years of being recognised as at the apex of the cremation ashes tattoo industry. Cremation Tattoo ink ® is now used around the globe by international tattoo artists, but what’s the process?

Getting Cremation Tattoo Ink

Once the client makes an order, a kit is swiftly sent out to them for them to send the ashes back to us in a professional and safe manner. We only need a teaspoons worth to work with and please not any of the ashes you send that are not incorporated into the actual tattoo ink will be send back to you at the same time as we return your ashes infused ink.

When we get the ashes back on our side, we assign one of our technicians to the ashes and they follow them through all the processes involved.  A more detailed description of what is involved in the process is explained on further pages on Cremation Ink’s website, but the fundamentals are that we match both the ashes and the tattoo pigment on a molecular basis, this ensures that the ashes and tattoo ink will fundamentally come together.

Cleaning The Ashes

All heavy metals and medicinal and environmental remnants are removed from the ashes, as well as other processes to ensure a safe and high quality ashes infused tattoo ink..

cremation tattoo inks

Don’t think that because the ashes have gone through the extreme temperatures of a cremation that they are in fact sterile and free from contaminants.  They are not.  We make everything safe and hygienic, process and produce the tattoo ink and amalgamate them together.

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High Quality Ashes Infused Ink

The infused ink is very high quality and as the director as well as the team all come from the tattooing industry, we make sure that our cremation tattoo ink, is not only fantastic for you, but also is easy to use and tattoo with for the artist themselves.  The cremation tattoo ink is very high in pigment, so can be used for all aspects of tattooing and it sub techniques.  Especially diverse to be able to be used for lining, shading as well as packing. We then return it to you and you can use it with your local tattoo artist.  The inks come with safety data sheets for the artists and peace of mind for you.

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