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Tattoos with ashes: are they accepted in our society?

For a very long time people wanted to commemorate their loved ones that just passed away in a unique, creative way. A new technique encourages people to get tattoos with ashes. Cremation tattoos can now finally be performed with safety, hygiene, as well as respect in mind, thanks to Cremation Ink ®.

tattoos with cremation ashes

Why should you get a tattoo with ashes?

After a person is cremated, their ashes are usually handed to their loved ones. They can either be stored in a family grave, at home, a special location and so on. This will differ based on what the loved one decides and what approach they take. But most of the time it will be one of those 3 things we mentioned earlier.

However, tattoos with ashes are bringing in a next level to this whole thing. It might be a great way for you to remember your loved one and always keep them with you forever. They say that death separates people, but thanks to the concept of tattoos with ashes that doesn’t seem to be a problem anymore. All you need is to be open to this idea and actively focus on finding the right people that will be able to make your dream tattoo a reality. Your reading this. so your staring with the professionals.

Thankfully, there are many tattoo studios that are working with creating tattoos with ashes, thanks to Cremation Ink ®. Once we have processed your loved ones ashes, ( we only need a tablespoon's worth per bottle), then you can choose your own local tattoo studio. You can choose whatever design you want and the entire tattoo process is exactly the same as with a standard tattoo. If you havn't yet decided on tattoo design, we do have a small selection of common design on this webiste, feel free to loo them over after the article.

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Are tattoos with ashes accepted in our society?

Ever since people started to tattoo their body centuries ago, everyone was divided regarding this idea. We feel this holds firm for the whole concept of tattoos. Even just 10 years ago, a small percentage of the population didn't like tattoos, where as now, tattoos are everywhere and no one takes any offense to them unless the tattoo by design is offensive.

You also need to remember that the older generation, still see a certain amount of possible issues with tattoos on a whole. Very religious older folk still consider it a sacrilege, a bad way for you to showcase who you are. People will have an opinion in life on anything, so it comes to you.

Your tattoo is just that, yours, so the best thing that you can do is to just enjoy your time and actively focus on what you want to do, the way you want to do it. Results will be extraordinary either way if you want to create your own tattoos with ashes and express yourself that way.

In regards to tattoos with ashes, people are even more reticent. Some consider it a sweet thing, some find it deeply connecting and endearing. If this is what you want to do and it’s the best way to express your life and your devotion to your loved one, then you should totally do it. You will be joining a forever growing client list from around the world, who honor their love for their lost one in such a beautiful way.

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How Do Tattoos With Ashes Work?

In many ways the tattoos with ashes are created via a similar process to that time when you are getting a regular tattoo. The artist will use the Cremation Ink ® and because of the quality of the ink pigments involved, they can use every artistic ability they have, to make your desired tattoo design, permanent and stunning.

When you order from us, we will ship you a small kit for you to send us back your loved one's ashes in a safe manner. We only need a tablespoons worth of ashes per bottle ordered. You post it back to us and when we get it, we will assign one technician to follow the ashes through the whole treatment, ensuring that they only deal with your order. The ashes goes through various processes, including the removal of all heavy metals, medicine remnants and other contaminants, as well as multi layer sterilization protocols. The ashes are matched to the molecular size of the tattoo pigment you've selected and this means that when the ashes and tattoo ink are combined, your loved ones ashes will be truly infused in the tattoo ink. Then we send your infused ink back to you, with any ashes you sent that were not used in the process.

tattoo with cremation ashes

Find The Right Artist

We recommend you to work with vetted tattoo professionals that have a lot of experience in the tattoo industry when you pick your artist for your actual tattoo artist. Make sure they have a good portfolio, any proud tattoo artist will be more than willing to show off their work and read reviews on the tattoo studio to hear the general opinion on their work ethics. Find the right tattoo artist and you’ll be amazed at what they can create to immortalize your loved one with you forever.

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Can you have more than one tattoo with ashes?

That depends on what you expect and how many tattoos you want to get. It also depends on the ashes and what amount you want to keep and how many tattoo designs you have in mind. For the most part people will want just a single tattoo, others will want way more than one. You are the only one in control here and you really have to figure out what to do and what to expect from all of this. It can totally be worth it if you want to go through with this. Your Ashes infused tattoo ink is bottled in a sterile bottle similar to standard tattoo ink. This keeps the ink and ashes inside in their sterile state and it will arrive, ready for your tattoo artist to use straight away.

As an example from a long term tattooist, the 30ml bottle supplied by Cremation Ink ® is enough to color in nearly every part of the whole of your forearm. Unless your designing a whole sleeve, one bottle per color should easily be enough.

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Are Tattoos With Ashes Safe?

Safety is a concern when it comes to any tattoo. And it’s even more so when we are talking about tattoos with ashes. The thing that you do need to keep in mind here is that cremated ashes are burned at a temperature of around 1750 degrees Fahrenheit, but they are not 'clean'. That is why people flock to our service. We make sure all contaminants are removed, ( the list of contaminants still in cremation ashes after leaving the intense heat of the cremation chamber is large ), don't worry we remove them all, clinical tests showing our procedures produce an inert, safe and sterile ink that is perfect for use in your tattoo.

Thankfully, since our ink will not cause any form of infection, all you have to make sure is that the tattoo equipment in your chosen tattoo studio is sterilized. So yes, tattoos with ashes are actually very safe when combined with the services of Cremation Ink ®.

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What about tattoo complexity? 

When you think about tattoos with ashes, may feel that the ink would be thicker, so the ability of artistic design is smaller.  With our specialist ashes infused ink, the end result viscosity is exactly the same as normal tattoo ink. This means there is no restriction on creativity and your tattooist will love working with it. 

You are free to choose whatever design you want without that much of a problem. It certainly works great and you can adapt and adjust everything to suit your needs.  Your tattooist can line, shade and color pack with our inks, what ever color you choose.  The inks are rich in color and specifically developed to stay bright and not fade in the sun.  This way your loved one is with you for ever.

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You can go with a complex design, or you can go with something a bit simpler. Considering the fact that you want a tattoo with ashes, it’s a much better idea to go with a simple design. But if you have something very complex in mind and you believe that it works great, then you should totally do that. Remember, quality and value matter a lot here, and that’s what you want to get at all costs!

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How quickly can you heal?

As we mentioned earlier, there will be some itchiness when it comes to any new tattoo, so you have to expect a few things to happen along the way as the tattoo heals. Will the ashes infused ink affect how fast the tattoo heals? Obviously not, there might be a few other things that increase or decrease the healing process time, but the fact that you are using cremated ashes is not one of them.

It’s important to keep that in mind because a lot of people do believe it will affect them. But the reality is that it won’t when processed by Cremation Ink ® and that’s exactly what really matters in a situation like this. Use a good anti-bacterial cream such as the nappy cream Bepanthen and if your tattoo itches or feels dry, then apply the Bepanthen. You can’t over Bepanthen a tattoo, whether its a tattoo with ashes or just a standard new tattoo.

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Are tattoos with ashes expensive?

The cost we charge is applicable to the amount of work and technology involved in the process we use, as well as tracked and signed for postage for the return of your unused ashes and your ashes infused ink. With regards to you getting charged more for a tattoo artist to perform a cremation ashes tattoo using our specialist ink, we have never come across this. The tattoo is the same and we have found most tattoo artists around the world that use our products are quite humbled to be part of the life changing experience for you.

tattoo with cremation ashes

Should you get tattoos with ashes?

Yes ! There are obvious challenges when it comes to getting any tattoos, and once you take your time and study and find your chosen artist, you will be fine. That being said, there are no downsides as these are pretty much regular tattoos with very high quality ink with ashes in them.

Your loved departed one deserved the best and by using Cremation Ink ® they will be getting the best.

Tattoo With Ashes

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