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Who Are We

Cremation Ink ® is an international company that uses a client lost loved one’s cremation ashes and infuse them into tattoo ink, so they can go to their local tattoo studio and using the Cremation Ink, get a commemorative tattoo done, to memorialize their lost love one forever.

cremation ink is the best

For many years before Cremation Ink ®, your everyday tattoo studio performing ashes tattoos had very hap hazard results.

This is due to multitude of factors and also under a false belief that due to the heat involved in a cremation, that there were no impurities within the remaining ashes.  Even though there were clients who wanted it done, tattoo studios moved away from doing them as the negative health and safety aspects were not worth the risk. 

The local tattoo studio were implementing crude concepts, that ultimately caused issues such as continual itching and depletion of the tattoo, as well as out right rejection. The ashes are crude in from and still heavily loaded with a multitude of impurities, hence the ongoing issues and in the end, globally, the tattoo studios stopped offering this service.

Safe Ashes tattoos

With Cremation Ink ®, we provide a safe service where your ashes are treated in a respectful manner by experts in infusing ashes into tattoo ink. With years of expereince in producing the best quality tattoo inks infused with your loved ones ashes, your in safe hands with Cremation Ink ®

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Let us now explain why the issues arise and why Cremation Ink ® gives you the ability to get a cremation commemorative tattoo in a safe and professional manner, which will cause no issues with tattoo depletion and the rest.  A professional, safe bespoke product.

Ashes Into tattoo Ink

The reasoning is simple and two-fold.  You can not place ashes into regular tattoo ink as this will act like a bulker and cause the tattoo ink to take on a mud form.  This ‘really thick’ ink will and did clog the tattoo machines and not disperse properly in the skin.  Extra overworking of the skin would be needed to get the ink into the dermis and in turn cause undue trauma to the skin.

The second aspect is the cremation process itself. A cremation will never and has never been orientated around sterilization and health protocols. A cremation is solely the process of reduction of the body, utilizing extreme temperature to achieve this. Once the body has been reduced, then they are placed in a pulveriser to reduce the bones to a more conforming size. Funnelled into a plastic bag, the ashes are ready for dispersal to either the person paying for the cremation or the funeral director.

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Removing Impurities

The issue lies with the impurities, yes, the cremation process will for the most part remove all trace DNA structure, but inside the honeycomb nature of the bone makeup and internals, the impurities cannot escape and be atomised by the heat and as the process does not induce an environment where the impurities can escape, then even when the ashes are returned to you there will be impurities still in the cremation ashes of your loved one. 

Your local tattooist cannot, even if they place the ashes in an autoclave, process the ashes to remove the impurities.  This can only be achieved with multiple pieces of specialist equipment.

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Cremation Ink, The Experts In Ashes Infused Tattoo Ink.

We make our own very high pigment tattoo ink which is excessive low in viscosity, which in its created state, could not be used for tattooing, but when the ashes are introduced (after they have been processed), then the bulking aspect of the ashes, brings the viscosity of the ink to the best working viscosity for tattooing. 

The ink is made be seasoned tattoo artists for this exact purpose, as not only do we want you to be happy with our product, we want to make sure the tattooist has a fantastic workable in that can be used for all aspects of design, whether that be packing, shading or lining.

Cremation Ink ®, Respect And Care

We are experts in this field, now making our expertise in creating ashes infused tattoo ink available anywhere around the world.


Safe Ashes And Safe Tattoos

The ashes go through a multitude of processing to make sure they marry up with the tattooing ink such a way that they match in molecular size and dispersion rates match the homogenised tattoo ink. We use state of the art machinery to extract the impurities from the ashes, catching them in filters, giving us in the end an inert organic ash. 

cremation ink is the best

Married with the chosen ink, then the product is perfect for the tattooist you choose and has no rejection rate and is safe for implementation in tattooing.  The ink is very high quality and sterile for use. 

This is why tattooist around the globe are now pointing clients to our service, as they know, they get a clean professional product, where the client’s safety is paramount and the tattooing ink itself is great to work with.

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