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Let us help you find your local tattoo shop open near you.

Searching For Open tattoo Studios?

If your scanning google maps for Tattoo Shops Open Near Me, we get the feeling your itching for a tattoo.  Is it spur of the moment, or you’ve finally plucked up courage to get that tattoo design you’ve always wanted?  What ever is driving your search, you should be able to find some tattoo shops near me that are exactly what your after. 

whats the best tattoo shops near me

Always remember every tattoo studio around the globe is different.  From style of the actual studio, ambience, tattoo work, location, even

the opening hrs, they are all different. 

Let’s examine some of the basics, coming from people who have owned multiple tattoo studios.

Tattoo Shop Location

You don’t see they on the direct high street very often as the rents too high. Okay we admit places like Camden in London, the high street it littered with them, but for the rest of the country, if they are based in town, they will usually be positioned just on the outskirts, down a side street or on the main entrance into the town. 

This way the location catches the eye of the potential customers, but the tattoo studio doesn’t get hammered by extortionate rents for the premises.

how do i find tattoo shops open near me

Tattoo Studio Styles

They all carry distinct aspects and design elements of the main tattooist. As an example, if the tattoo artist specializes in old school retro tattoos, then don’t’ be surprised by a overall retro feel to the place. Mobile tattoo studios set up in stately homes. Bank studios, where they have spaces set for each artist, their own little home to customize as they wish. When you walk in all you’ll see is a bank of tattoo beds and little environments per tattoo artist.

A walk down from Miami Ink in Miami and there are some incredible tattoo studios, where money isn’t an option. Salvation tattoo studio, some half a mile from Miami Ink, is one such high class bespoke studio.  The only thing to make sure is that if you’re after a tattoo shop open near me, it looks clean, is hygienic and you like their work.

Tattoo Artist Styles

When it comes to tattoo artist styles there a mixed bag.  A lot of artist nicknamed street artists are experienced in all formats of tattooing, what ever you bring to the they can do on you.  Portraits, a football club badge, you name it.  They get the nickname from working at busy town tattoo studios where all different types of tattoos come through the door.

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Specialist Tattoo Artists

Then there is the speciality style artists.  Some specialize in just one style, usually black and grey.  These artists are experts in just that field and are incredible at realism, utilizing the black and grey palette, the same as they would a pencil. 

Other tattoo artists concentrate on a style or different version of an image. There are tattoo artists who everyday do the same style of rose and just that, that’s what they are known for and so they fill their books with clients who track them down to get the particular style. 

A look over a tattoo’s studios social media or in shop portfolio, should give you a good example of what the artist likes to do and is very good at.

tattoo shops that are currently open near me

Opening Hrs

Most tattoo studios are closed on a Monday.  It a tradition that dates back to the days of heavy drinking and smoky tattoo rooms.  The tattooist in the 70’s spent most of the time being wrapped up in the social life, drinking etc, so Monday was always a day to rest from spending the weeks takings and recovering for the week ahead.

Talking To Your Tattooist

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