Cremation Ashes Tattoo Near Me

If you trying to track down a cremation ashes tattoo artist with the terms ' Cremation Ashes Tattoo Near Me ', then this article will give you some great help and advice.

Cremation Ashes Tattoo Artist Near Me

Getting a competent tattoo artist if your searching google for ‘Cremation ashes tattoo near me ‘ used to be very difficult. Even globally, there were very few tattoo studios that felt confident to do Cremation ashes tattoos competently. 

At the apex of the industry is a studio called Bubblegum Ink. They have been doing them with fantastic success for many years. To the point that they have been featured globally on multiple occasions as the experts in the commemorative tattoo industry.

If your based in the UK, then Bubblegum ink is for you, for international clients wanting a cremation ashes tattoo, then Cremation Ink ® are the experts.

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But first off, what is a cremation ashes tattoo and how does it differ from, say, a regular memorial tattoo?

Commemorative Tattoos

When people lose a loved one, its quite common for them to get a tattoo to commemorate their loved one.  These go by various names, such as a memorial tattoo, a memory tattoo or a commemorative tattoo.

  • Commerative Tattoo
  • Memorial Tattoo
  • Ritual Tattoo
  • Rememberance Tattoo
  • Ashes Tattoo
  • Cremains Tattoo
  • Memory Tattoo

The addition of cremation ash to the tattoo pot by your local tattoo studio with out the ashes being properly professionally processed, was a brief affair that tattooists years ago tried, as tattoos done with the ashes integrated in this way, will force the tattoo to reject due to the impurities in the ashes.  Never getting them to be able to settle down and the client left with a bad patchy tattoo, so the art form disappeared.

Cremation Ashes Tattoo Experts

Only one tattoo studio took the time and did the research to refine the technique to be able to do cremation ashes tattoos, that caused no issues with the client and were safe to use, the only problem ? Bubblegum Ink ® are based solely in the UK and Bubblegum Ink ® had permanent packed appointment books for getting a commemorative tattoo.

This is the underlying principle on why Cremation Ink ® was founded.  Ongoing emails and correspondence from around the world, requesting for us to make this service available around the world.  So, we did.

Cremation Ashes Tattooist

So, if you’re struggling on google with search terms such as commemorative ashes tattoo near me, you’ve found the solution.

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Cremation Ashes Tattoo Near You

What Cremation Ink offers is a remote service, where you order the ink colour of your choice.  You then get sent a kit to get the ashes back to us in safe manner. 

Once we get them back, we take them through various processes which will result in reduced molecular sized ash particles, that are inert by nature and are completely free of all contaminants. 

We then homogenise tattoo pigment to match the molecular size of the ashes, process them through some refining stages and then integrate them together to create an ashes tattoos ink where your loved one is infused into it.

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When you get it back (and any of the ashes you sent that were not used in the process) you can use your local tattoo studio to get the ashes tattoo you want.

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Cremation Ashes Tattoo Anywhere

What’s even better, is the tattoo / ash ink is created by tattooist, so we make sure to blend the ink to be perfect for you tattoo artist to use. They can use it for all techniques, shading, lining and even colour packing, with fantastic results and as it goes in the skin really easy, there no need to overwork the skin, so healing is a real simple process.

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