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Resomation - The new Eco Friendly 'Cremation'.

Can you use remains from the resomation process with our tattoo ink?, yes we work with this type of remains every week. We infuse your loved ones ashes into our high quality tattoo ink, so you can choose a local tattoo studio to get your memorial tattoo infused with your beloved. But what is Resomation?

Resomation, also known as biological cremation and also referred to as alkaline hydrolysis, is a final disposition process in which the human body is transformed into a liquid using an alkaline solution.

Cremation is considered an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional burial, as it eliminates the use of embalming chemicals and other harmful chemicals in the burial process. It is believed that Resomation, (biological cremation) will further reduce the environmental impact of final burial by reducing energy consumption and emissions from the cremation process and as an alternative to the use of embalming chemicals and other harmful chemicals in the burial process.

As with all new combustion technologies, biocombustion is not yet part of widespread practice, but this will change as more people embrace this environmentally responsible alternative to traditional practices.

Traditional burials pose an environmental threat, because chemicals such as formaldehyde are used in embalming fluids. Formaldehyde is a toxic chemical that eventually leaks out of the soil as the body decays. On the other hand, nothing toxic or harmful to the environment is used in biological cremation and resomation.

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Resomation - The Process

Water is used instead of fire, mixed with an alkaline solution of potassium hydroxide (KOH) to break down the body into bones. The body is placed in a special chamber where it is exposed to water, heat, pressure and potassium hydride. This whole process of biological cremation gives the body the stress of natural decomposition, using a balanced form of pressure of water and chemicals in the alkaline solution.

Resomation, (also known as a biological cremation, Aquamation or water cremation) is an alternative to cremation and one of the most popular methods for disposing of human and animal remains. It was first used in the early 2000s to dispose of human or animal remains in medical schools, but there is a push to make this type of green burial an option for everyone.

We wrote about how cremation has become more popular over the years, and resomation, bio-cremation and flameless cremation are just some of the buzzwords used. The scientific name for the process is alkaline hydrolysis, or AH, which is superimposed with alkalinity, the chemical by-product of hydrogen peroxide and hydrochloric acid.

In simple terms, Resomation is a water-based chemical dissolution process that uses a strong alkali to quickly break down the body into bone fragments. There are several reasons why people prefer alkaline hydrolytic cremations (AH) to flame-based cremation. It uses significantly less fuel, has a much lower price per kilowatt hour (kWh) than conventional cremation, and has the advantage of a lesser enviromental footprint on the whole.


Resomation For Your Loved One

Some people are afraid of fire and still want their bodies disposed of via cremation, seeing it as a good alternative or want it because they want it for other reasons, such as health or medical reasons.

Alkaline hydrolysis follows the standard cremation procedure, whereby the deceased is transported to a facility, the body is properly stored for cremation and the cremated remains are returned to the authorized agent at the end. After three hours, the process is completed and the machine is opened, which, similar to cremation, shows that the liquid remains no longer contain DNA, but that the remains can be disposed of as standard.

Resomation clients have, in addition to the lowered environmental impact, a general aversion to fire and much prefer the gentler methods of organic cremation. Water resomation have been shown to be less harmful to the environment because the process does not use fossil fuels.

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Conclusion on Resomation

There will always be alternatives that compete against traditional concepts in every field. But the cremation field has strong, up and coming opposition when it comes to Resomation, (Aquamation), as the result is still the same at the end, albeit with a much more uniformed coloured powder at the end when the body is processed with a water cremation.

The staff at Cremation Ink ® are used to handling this type of remains, as we have seem them being sent to us from all over the world, especially over the last two years. We still process them the same way and our clients get a high quality tattoo ink infused with their loved one. Getting their local tattoo studio to use the Cremation Ink ®, makes them feel more re-connected to the loved one they have loved.

If our infused tattoo inks interests you, then look around this site to find out more about Cremation Ink ®, or look below for more information on Aquamation.

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