White Cremation Tattoo Ink

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30ml / 1oz White cremation ashes infused tattoo ink.


When you order, we will send you an ashes return kit to place your loved ones ashes in and return back to us to start making your unique tattoo ink.  We only need a tablespoons worth of ashes per bottle ordered.

All our tattoo inks are compliant with the REACH European regulations.


This colored ink can be lined, color packed and shaded with.


The versatility of the tattoo ink comes from the high micro dispersed quality of the sterile tattoo ink.

Even with the high amount of ashes impregnated into the ink, its free flowing and easy to use, made for tattoo artists by tattoo artists.

Homogenized for better ink flow and it keeps its color bright after healing.


Manufactured in clean room conditions, utilizing the highest quality pigments and sterile cremation ashes, suspended in sterile water and ethanol.  Only the best conditions and materials are used in the production of this ink.

Ingredients codes;

Sterile Distilled Aqua


Pigment: Titanium Dioxide White PW6

Love Ones Ashes


All tattoo pigments are vegan friendly.



White Safety Data Sheet For Tattoo Studio Compliance


All our tattoo inks are compliant with the REACH European regulations, REF;

COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) 2020/2081 of 14 December 2020
amending Annex XVII to Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 of the European Parliament and of the Council concerning the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) as regards substances in tattoo inks or permanent make-up

Cremation Ink ®
is a Registered UK Company.

Company number 11501627

Registered company office address
88 Hill Village Road, Sutton Coldfield,
West Midlands, United Kingdom, B75 5BE.

Tech Data

White Technical Data – Ref Heavy Metal Data Sheet


12 reviews for White Cremation Tattoo Ink

  1. Jocelyn

    I tattooed my partner’s nickname in white ink on the left side of my chest, near my heart. The pain is still there, will always be, but now I have him with me forever…

  2. Erica

    My Buttercup died in 2016 and only in September I had the strength to adopt a new dog. I got her initial tattooed in December with white ink, that way its not as noticable and plan to do the same for my other dogs when the time comes to get at least some closure.

  3. Makayla

    Thanks for all your hard work, my tattooist says the quality of the ink is perfect!

  4. Daniel Hernandez

    Got your package just before Christmas so I waited until mid January for a free slot at my local tattoo parlor. The quality of the ink is everything it should be. I decided for a smaller tattoo in the end so now I have some leftover ink. Can I use it for my next tattoo, most likely in summer?

    • Cremation Ink ®

      Yes, of course you can.
      Cremation Ink ®

  5. Victoria

    This was the first time using white ink and it looks lovely!

  6. James

    The ink worked well, there was zero visible residue in it. Thanks for returning the unused ink, I was afraid it might be too much.

  7. Claire

    My cat was everything to me and when she passed I was unconsolable… My sister was the one that suggested tattoo ink and now I’m so happy I contacted you. The ink arrived yesterday, will update my review after I get the tattoo.

  8. Evelyn

    Bought white and black for a small tattoo, I’m beyond pleased with your services. This was intended to be a matching tattoo and the ink was more than enough.

  9. Katherine

    Love you guys and love what you do!

  10. Nevaeh

    I wanted to have a minimal hummingbird design tattooed on my neck in memory of my mom and the one you provided looks excellent on my dark skin. Thanks for providing excellent service!

  11. Isabella

    I went back and forth, I wanted to commemorate my dad but I wasn’t sure a tattoo was the right way. I’ve been vegan since 2012 so when I noticed that you went to the trouble of making this ink vegan too I knew it was a sign. I can’t put into words just how happy I am for doing this!

  12. Ella

    Now my daughter will be a part of me forever! I am speechless!!!

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